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27 Aug 1999
"SUPERB" I never new a thing about the history of U-boats beyond 'Das Boot' before I stumbled upon your fantastic site. I have now made it my quest to read every piece of information you have. Not only have built one of the most informative and interesting sites on the net you have made a lasting tribute to the bravery and courage of the men who served in U-boats. You are to be congratulated sir.
  Garry Cane

30 Apr 1999
This site is outstanding! Becoming a member of the U-Boat Archive in Cuxhaven through this site, I've since been fortunate enough to have contacted Erich Topp and Reinhard Hardegen personally in recent months. This site deserves all the support you can give it, and I would additionally recommend joining the Archive (Mr. Horst Bredow, Director), in order to keep U-Boat history alive!
  Craig McLean

6 Jul 1999
This would have to be one of the best sites on the net. Wonderfully researched and a great tribute to the men who fought and died in the "Iron Coffins".
  Roger Hayward
  New Zealand

4 May 1999
Your web site is like a U boat encyclopaedia to me. I am amazed at the information it contains. All the best to your site
  Richard MacKay

18 Sep 1999
You`ve got me hooked, what a well presented, informative site--excellent.
  Peter Richardson

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