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29 Feb 2004
You must have put in a LOT of work to compile all this information. Impressive work. And the site is well made, too ! You have every reason to be proud of the result. Antwerp

18 Jan 2002
Too bad I didn't visit this site before. A real source of reading pleasure for sub fans. I will certainly tell my friends about it and hope that they too will help you financially. Keep up the good work.
  Lode Mortier

12 Dec 1999
I have never seen a site so well done and kept with so much love, the work you have done is marvelous, is a part of history not to many people really know. What you have done here is very special and I hope the entire world could see your work.

I really enjoy visiting this site to read as much as I can, you have a museum to which people can come and "learn" about history I really hope future generations will benefit from your work.
  Juan Courville

19 Oct 1997
Just found your site AGAIN. I am surprised at the information you have and have spent the better part of the night (3 hours) on it. Please try to find some insignia for the boats if you can. Thanks.

1 Feb 1998
Very fascinating! Found site a few months ago before crash. Glad to see it again. Data is profound.
  Frank A. McCann

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