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During the Battle of the Atlantic in the early years of World War II, the German U-Boats were sinking allied merchant ships at an alarming rate. Unless more ships were built to replace those sunk, the war effort would grind to a halt. Cargo ships would have to be replaced faster than the U-Boats could sink them. In May 1941, the rate of German sinkings of merchant ships was more than three times the capacity of British shipyards to replace them, and more than twice the rate of combined British and American shipyard output at the time.

One of the most effective way to defeat the German tonnage-war was to build more ships than the Germans could sink.

The Wartime Shipbuilding Program

Read about this massive program designed to defeat the tonnage war and supply the continued and expanding war effort. It lists the many types of ships needed to build.

Black Pit ... and Beyond, The

Mumford, J. Gordon

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