Allied Warships

The Italian Navy

The Caio Duilio class battleship IT Andrea Doria.

Ships of the Italian Navy

   Submarines (29)
   Torpedo boats (24)
   Corvettes (19)
   Minesweepers (17)
   Destroyers (14)
   Light cruisers (9)
   Battleships (5)
   Minelayers (2)
   Sloop (1)

120 warships of 9 types.

Important info regarding the Italian Navy listed here
We only show the Italian ships that entered allied service in late 1943 and afterwards - not ships in action against the Allies earlier in the war (unless they witched sides). This is why some Italian ships are missing from this list.

War losses
According to our files the Italian Navy lost 7 warships during WWII (5.83%). See them all here.