WWII U-boat Successes

Ships hit by U-203

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Date Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. Convoy
24 Jun 1941Rolf Mützelburg Soløy4,402nwHX-133
24 Jun 1941Rolf Mützelburg Kinross4,956brOB-336
27 Jul 1941Rolf Mützelburg Hawkinge2,475brOG-69
28 Jul 1941Rolf Mützelburg Lapland1,330brOG-69
28 Jul 1941Rolf Mützelburg Norita1,516swOG-69
26 Sep 1941Rolf Mützelburg Avoceta3,442brHG-73
26 Sep 1941Rolf Mützelburg Varangberg2,842nwHG-73
26 Sep 1941Rolf Mützelburg Lapwing1,348brHG-73
3 Nov 1941Rolf Mützelburg Empire Gemsbuck5,626brSC-52
3 Nov 1941Rolf Mützelburg Everoja4,830brSC-52
15 Jan 1942Rolf Mützelburg Catalina632pt
17 Jan 1942Rolf Mützelburg Octavian1,345nw
21 Jan 1942Rolf Mützelburg North Gaspe (d.)888ca
10 Apr 1942Rolf Mützelburg San Delfino8,072br
11 Apr 1942Rolf Mützelburg Harry F. Sinclair, Jr. (d.)6,151am
12 Apr 1942Rolf Mützelburg Stanvac Melbourne (d.)10,013pa
14 Apr 1942Rolf Mützelburg Empire Thrush6,160br
26 Jun 1942Rolf Mützelburg Putney Hill5,216br
26 Jun 1942Rolf Mützelburg Pedrinhas3,666bz
28 Jun 1942Rolf Mützelburg Sam Houston7,176am
9 Jul 1942Rolf Mützelburg Cape Verde6,914br
11 Jul 1942Rolf Mützelburg Stanvac Palembang10,013pa
29 Oct 1942Hermann Kottmann Hopecastle5,178brSL-125
30 Oct 1942Hermann Kottmann Corinaldo7,131brSL-125

21 ships sunk (94,270 tons) and 3 ships damaged (17,052 tons).

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(d.) means the ship was damaged.

Below is a map showing the locations of the attack(s) in question:

ship sunk or total loss (21). ship damaged (3).

In some cases the exact positions of losses are not known, those are not shown.

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