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200,000 Miles Aboard the Destroyer Cotten, Robinson, C. Snelling, 1999,
374th Troop Carrier Group 1942-1945, Imparato, Edward T., 1998,
7th U-Boat Flotilla, Konstam, Angus and Mallmann Showell, Jak, 2002,

A Sailor's Tale, Moss, Richard, 2013,
Abandon Ship!, Newcomb, Richard F., 2000,
Abandoned Military Installations of Canada, Ozorak, Paul, 1998,
Action This Day, Smith, Michael and Erskine, Ralph, 2001,
Admiral Dan Gallery, Gilliland, C. Herbert and Shenk, Robert, 1999,
Adolf Hitler: A Portrait, FitzGerald, Michael, 2006,
Advance Force - Pearl Harbor, Burlingame, Burl, 2002,
Afridi to Nizam – British Fleet Destroyers 1937 – 43, English, John, 2003,
Air war over the nore, Jonathan Sutherland, 2010,
Aircraft Carriers of the Royal & Commonwealth Navies, Hobbs, David, 1996,
All at Sea, Harlan, Louis R., 2002,
Allied Coastal Forces of World War II, Lambert, John, 1994,
Allied Coastal Forces of World War II, Vol 2, Lambert, John, 1994,
The Allied Convoy System 1939-1945, Hague, Arnold, 2000,
Allied Secret: The Sinking of Hmt Rohna, Jackson, Carlton, 2002,
Allied Submarine Attacks of World War Two, Rohwer, Jürgen, 1997,
American and British Aircraft Carrier Development, 1919-1941, Hone, Thomas and Norman Friedman, Mark David Mandeles, 1999,
American PT Boats in World War II, Chun, Victor, 1997,
American Submarine War Patrol Reports: U.S.S. Wahoo (SS-238), McDaniel, J.T. (editor), 2003,
Anatomy of the Nuremberg Trials, Taylor, Telford, 1992,
Andrew Jackson Higgins & the Boats That Won World War II, Strahan, Jerry E., 1994,
Another Place, Another Time, Hirschmann, Werner, 2011,
The ANZAC Squadron, Ashworth, Norman, 1994,
The Approaching Storm, Chewning, Alpheus J., 1994,
Arctic Convoy PQ8, Michael Wadsworth, 2010,
The Arctic Convoys 1941-1945, Woodman, Richard, 1994,
Argyll Shipwrecks, Moir, Peter and Crawford, Ian, 1994,
Ark Royal, Poolman, Kenneth, 2000,
Athenia Torpedoed, Francis M. Carroll, 2012,
The Atlantic Battle Won, May 1943-May 1945, Morison, Samuel Eliot, 2001, (translations)
Atlantic Jeopardy, Lund, Paul, 1992,
Atlantic Odyssey, Thwaites, Michael, 1999,
Atlantic Roulette, Beckman, Morris, 1996,
Attack and Sink!, Edwards, Bernard, 1995,
The Attack on Taranto, Lowry, Thomas P., 2000,
Axis Submarine Successes of World War Two, Rohwer, Jürgen, 1998,

Bacalao, McDaniel, J.T., 2004,
Back from the Deep, LaVO, Carl, 1998,
Battle Beneath the Waves, Stern, Robert C., 1999,
The Battle for Norway, Geirr H. Haarr, 2010,
The Battle of St. Lawrence, Greenfield, Nathan M., 2004,
Battle of Surigao Strait, Anthony P. Tully, 2009,
The Battle of Tassafaronga, Russell Syndnor Crenshaw, 2010,
Battle of the Atlantic, Milner, Marc, 2002,
Battle of the Atlantic, Nesbit, Roy C., 2002,
Battle of the Atlantic, Black, Wallace B. and Blashfield, Jean F., 1991,
Battle of the Atlantic, Nesbit, Roy C., 2002,
Battle of the Atlantic, Black, Wallace B. and Blashfield, Jean F., 1991,
Battle of the Atlantic, Milner, Marc, 2002,
The Battle of the Atlantic 1939-1945, Howarth, Stephen and Law, Derek (eds.), 1994,
The Battle of the Atlantic and Signals Intelligence, Syrett, David, 1999,
The Battle of The Atlantic, Williams, Andrew, 2002,
The Battle of the Atlantic, N/A, 1993,
The Battle of the Atlantic, Bailey, Chris Howard (ed.), 1994,
The Battle of The Atlantic, Williams, Andrew, 2002,
The Battle of the Atlantic, N/A, 1993,
The Battle of the Atlantic, Bailey, Chris Howard (ed.), 1994,
Battle of Wits, Budiansky, Stephen, 2000,
Battle Surface!, Jenkins, David, 1992,
Battle to Save the Houston, Miller, John Grider, 2000,
Battles and Honors of the Royal Navy, Thomas, David A., 1999,
The Battleship Fuso : Fuso, Skulski, Janusz, 1999,
Battleship Musashi, Yoshimura, Akira, 1999,
Battleship Oklahoma BB-37, Phister, Jeff, 2008,
The Battleship Warspite, Watton, Ross, 2002,
The Battleship Yamato, Skulski, Janusz, 1998,
Battleships of the Bismarck Class, Koop, Bernard and Klaus-Peter Schmolke, Geoffrey Brooks, 1998,
Battleships of the Scharnhorst Class, Koop, Gerhard and Schmolke, Klaus-Peter, 1999,
Battleships of World War Two, Whitley, M. J., 1999,
Battlestations, Veronico, Nicholas A., 2001,
Bering Sea Escort, Johnson, Robert Erwin, 1992,
Between Human and Machine, David A. Mindell, 2002,
Beware Raiders!, Edwards, Bernard, 2001,
The Big E, Stafford, Edward Peary, 2002,
Bismarck, Zetterling, Niklas, 2009,
The Bismarck Chase, Winklareth, Robert J., 1998,
Bitter Victory, Olson, Wesley, 2000,
Black Flag, Paterson, Lawrence, 2009,
Black May, Gannon, Michael, 1998, (translations)
The Black Pit ... and Beyond, Mumford, J. Gordon, 2000,
Blimps & U-boats, Vaeth, J. Gordon, 1992,
Blind Man's Bluff, Sherry Sontag, 1998,
Blood on the Sea, Parkin, Robert Sinclair, 1996,
Bloody Biscay, Goss, Chris, 1997,
Bloody Winter, Waters, John M., 1994,
A Blue Water Navy, WAB Douglas, R. Sarty, M. Whitby et al., 2007,
Boarding Party, Leasor, James, 1995,
The Boat, Buchheim, Lothar-Günther, 1999,
Boffin, Brown, R. Hanbury, 1991,
Bombers Versus Battleships, Hamer, David J., 1999,
Bombs, Torpedoes and Kamikazes (Air Combat Photo History Series), Lambert, John W., 1997,
Bring Back My Stringbag, Kilbracken, John, 1997,
British Aircraft Carriers 1939-45 (New Vanguard), Angus Konstam, 2010,
British and Commonwealth Merchant Ship Losses to Axis Submarines, 1939-1945, Tennent, Alan, 2001,
British and Empire Warships of the Second World War, Lenton, H.T., 1998,
British battleships 1939-45 (1), Konstam, Angus, 2009,
British battleships 1939-45 (2), Konstam, Angus, 2009,
British Battleships of World War One, R. A. Burt, 2012,
British Battleships, 1919-1945, Revised Edition, R. A. Burt, 2012,
British destroyers & frigates, Norman Friedman, 2006,
British Submarines 1939-45, Innes McCartney, 2006,
British Warships of the Second World War, Roberts, John, 2001,
Building American Submarines, 1914 - 1940, Weir, Gary E., 1991,
Business in Great Waters, Terraine, John, 1997,

Cadillac of Destroyers, Barrie, Ron and Macpherson, Ken, 1996,
Can Do!, Huie, William Bradford, 1997,
Canada and the Battle of the Atlantic, Sarty, Roger Flynn, 1998,
The Canadian Naval Chronicle 1939-1945, Darlington, Robert and McKee, Fraser M., 1998,
Canadian Submarine Service in Review, Perkins, J. David, 2000,
Canadian Warship Names, Freeman, David J., 2001,
Cape Hatteras, Lloyd, Keith Warren, 2008,
The Captain Class Frigates in the Second World War, Collingwood, Donald, 1999,
Capturing Enigma, Harper, Stephen, 2000, (translations)
Carrier Clash, Hammel, Eric M., 1997,
Carrier Operations in World War II, Brown, J.D., 2009,
Carrier Strike, Hammel, Eric M., 2000,
Carrier Warfare in the Pacific, Wooldridge, E.T. and John B. Conally, 1999,
Cayman Gold, Hankins, John, 1996,
Champagne Navy, Nolan, Brian, 1991,
Children of the Benares, Barker, Ralph, 2003,
Chronology of the War at Sea 1939-1945, Rohwer, Jürgen and Hümmelchen, Gerhard, 1992,
Churchill's Gold, Follett, James, 1993, (translations)
Clash of the carriers, Barrett Tillman, 2006,
Clash of Titans, Boyne, Walter J., 1997,
Clear The Bridge!, O\'Kane, Richard, 1997,
Coastal convoys 1939 - 1945, Hewitt, Nick, 2009,
Coastal Forces at War, Jefferson, David, 1996,
The Code Book, Singh, Simon, 1999,
Code Name Caesar, Jerome Preisler, 2012,
Combat Carriers, Sommers, Sam, 1997,
Combined Fleet Decoded, Prados, John, 2001,
Commanders Winn and Knowles, Kohnen, David, 1999,
The Commerce War, Taylor, Carl T., 1999,
The Comprehensive Guide to Shipwrecks of the North East Coast, Volume 2, Young, Ron, 2000,
The Comprehensive Guide to Shipwrecks of the North East Coast, Volume1, Young, Ron, 2000,
Conflict over Convoys, Smith, Kevin, 2002,
Conflict over the Bay, Franks, Norman, 1999,
Convoy, Kaplan, Philip and Currie, Jack, 1998,
Convoy PQ 13, Mills, Morris O., 2000,
Convoy!, Kemp, Paul, 2000,
Convoys to Russia 1941-1945, Ruegg, Bob and Hague, Arnold, 1992,
Coral Sea Midway and Submarine Actions, Morison, Samuel Eliot, 1996,
The Corvette Navy, Lamb, James B., 2000,
Corvettes of the Royal Canadian Navy, 1939-1945, MacPherson, Ken and Milner, Marc, 2001,
Count Not the Dead, Hadley, Michael, 1995, (translations)
The Court-Martial of Ensign Mason, Nash, Edgar M., 2001,
Covering the Approaches, Quinn, John, 1996,
Crash Dive, Dickison, Arthur, 1999,
Crisis in the Pacific, Astor, Gerald, 1996,
Crooked Cross Factor, Hart, Derek, 2002,
Crossing the Line, Kernan, Alvin B., 1994,
The Cruel Sea, Monsarrat, Nicholas, 1999, (translations)
Cruise Books of the United States Navy in World War II, Mawdsley, Dean, 1993,
Cruise of the Lanikai, Tolley, Kemp, 2002,
Cruisers for Breakfast, Mansfield, John G., Jr., 1997,
Cruisers of World War Two, Whitley, M. J., 1996,
Cryptonomicon, Stephenson, Neal, 1999,

D-Day Ships, Buffetaut, Yves, 1994,
The Damned Don't Drown, Sellwood, Arthur V., 1996,
Danger's Hour, Kennedy, Maxwell Taylor, 2008,
The Dardanelles disaster, van der Vat, Dan, 2009,
Dark Seas Above, Gibson, John Frederick, 2000,
Dark Sky, Deep Water, Franks, Norman, 1997, (translations)
Darkest before dawn, John Peterson, 2011,
DD 522 : Diary of a destroyer, Surels, Ron, 1996,
Deadly Seas, Bercuson, David Jay and Herwig, Holger H., 1997, (translations)
Death at a Distance, Michael Sturma, 2006,
Death in the Irish Sea, Stokes, Roy, 1998,
Death on the Hellships, Michno, Gregory F., 2001,
Decoding History, Gardner, W. J. R., 2000,
The Deep Atlantic, Dillon, Peter, 2009,
Deep Their Grave, Gyles, Tony, 2000,
The Defeat of the Enemy Attack on Shipping, Grove, Eric J. (ed.), 1997,
The Defeat of the German U-boats, Syrett, David, 1994,
Derailing the Tokyo Express, Jack D Coombe, 1991,
The Design & Construction of British Warships 1939-1945, Brown, David K., 1996,
Destined for Glory, Wildenberg, Thomas, 1998,
Destroyer Escort Sailors, Destroyer Escort Sailors Assn., 1997,
Destroyer Escorts in Action, Adcock, Al, 1997,
Destroyer Escorts of World War Two, Walkowiak, Thomas F., 1996,
Destroyer Squadron 23, Jones, Ken, 1997,
Destroyers of World War Two, Whitley, M. J., 2000,
The Devil's Device, Gray, Edwyn, 1991,
Different Battles, Johnson, Rody, 1999,
Dive into History, Keatts, Henry C. and Farr, George C., 1994,
Diving stations, Peter Dornan, 2011,
Dog Boats at War, Lord Lewin, 2000,
DONITZ, U-BOATS, CONVOYS, Jak P. Mallmann Showell, 2013,
The Dover Patrol 1914-18, Humphreys, Roy, 1998,
Down to the Sea, Henderson, Bruce, 2008,
A Drowning War, Winton, John, 1992,
Dönitz and the Wolf Packs, Edwards, Bernard, 1999,

E-Boat Alert, Tent, James F., 1996,
East Coast Corvette, Monsarrat, Nicholas, 2001,
Echoes of War, Lovell, Sir Bernard, 1991,
Eclipse of the Big Gun, Gardiner, Robert and Brown, David K., 1992,
Eight Survived, Douglas A. Campbell, 2010,
Either Way Dead, Gyles, Tony, 2002,
Encounter at Sea and a Heroic Lifeboat Journey, Matsunaga, Ichiro, 1994,
The Encyclopedia of U-Boats, Müller, Eberhard, 2006,
Endurance, Jay, Alwyn, 1996,
The Enemy On Our Doorstep, Neary, Steve, 1994,
The Enemy We Killed, My Friend, Jones, David C., 1999, (translations)
Engage the Enemy More Closely, Barnett, Correlli, 1991,
Enigma, Sebag-Montefiore, Hugh, 2001,
Enigma, Harris, Robert, 1996, (translations)
Enigma, Sebag-Montefiore, Hugh, 2001,
Enigma, Harris, Robert, 1996, (translations)
Enigma U-Boats, Showell, Jak P. Mallmann, 2000,
Ensor's Endeavour, Orange, Vincent, 1994,
Enterprise, Barrett Tillman, 2012,
Erich Raeder: Admiral of the Third Reich, Bird, Keith, 2006,
Escape from the deep, Kershaw, Alex, 2008,
Escort, Rayner, D. A., 1999,
Every Other Day, Lucas, George Blanchard, 1995,

The Face of Naval Battle, Reeve, John and Stevens, David (ed), 2003,
Fatal Decisions, Blandford, Edmund, 1999,
Fatal Dive, Peter F. Stevens, 2012,
Fatal Voyage, Kurzman, Dan, 2001,
FIGHT FOR THE SEA, John Frayn Turner, 2013,
Fight for the Sea, Turner, John Frayn, 2001,
FIGHT FOR THE SEA, John Frayn Turner, 2013,
Fighting Admirals, Stephen, Martin, 1991,
Fighting Amphibs, Ball, Donald L., 1997,
The Fighting Captain, Burn, Alan, 1993,
The Fighting Commodores, Burn, Alan, 1999,
Fighting Destroyer, Connell, G. G., 1994,
The Fighting Liberty Ships, Hoehling, Adolph A., 1996,
Fighting Merchantmen, Goodman, Sydney, 2001,
The Fighting Tenth, Wingate, John, 1991,
Final Dive, Cline, Rick, 2001,
Find and Destroy, Messimer, Dwight, 2001,
Fips - Legendary U-boat Commander, Brooks, Geoffrey, 2000,
First Sailing of the S.S. Smith Thompson, Miller, Steve, 2011,
The First Team and the Guadalcanal Campaign, Lundstrom, John B., 1993,
First U-Boat Flotilla, Paterson, Lawrence, 2002,
Flag 4, Pope, Dudley, 1999,
Fleets of World War II, Worth, Richard, 2002,
Flower Class Corvette Agassiz, McKay, John and Harland, John, 1993,
The Forgotten Fleet, Madsen, Daniel, 2000,
Forgotten Tragedy, Jackson, Carlton, 1997,
The Forth at War, Hendrie, William F., 2002,
Fortress 3: U-boat Bases and Bunkers 1941-45, Williamson, Gordon and Ian Palmer, 2003,
The Fourth Service, Slader, John, 1997,
Fremantle's Secret Fleets, Cairns, Lynne, 1995,
French Battleships 1933-1970, Wayne Scarpaci, 2009,
Friend or Foe, Kemp, Paul, 1997,
Frigates of the Royal Canadian Navy 1943-1974, MacPherson, Ken, 1998,
From Maine to Mexico, Keefer, Louis E., 1997,
Fuehrer Conferences on Naval Affairs, 1939-1945, Showell, Jak P. Mallmann, 1991,
The Führer Led But We Overtook Him, Durham, Phil, 1996,

Gallipoli, Rudenno, Victor, 2008,
Galloping Ghosts of the Brazilian Coast, Carey, Alan C., 2005,
The Gatecrashers, Fullerton, Alexander, 1992, (translations)
German Capital Ships of the Second World War, Siegfried Breyer, 2012,
German Capital Ships of World War Two, Whitley, M. J., 2001,
German Commerce Raider vs British Cruisers (Duel), Robert Forczyk, 2010,
German Destroyers of World War Two, Whitley, M. J., 1992,
German Headgear in World War II, Moran, Pat and Maguire, Jon A., 1997,
The German Invasion of Norway, Geirr H. Haarr, 2009,
German Light Cruisers of World War II, Koop, Gerhard and Schmolke, Klaus-Peter, 2002,
German Naval Code Breakers, Jak P Mallmann Showell, 2003,
The German Navy 1939-1945, Bekker, Cajus, 1997,
German Navy at War, Breyer, Siegfried and Koop, Gerhard, 1991,
German Navy at War, 1939-1945, Breyer, Siegfried and Koop, Gerhard, 1991,
The German Navy Handbook: 1939-1945, Showell, Jak P. Mallman, 1999,
The German Navy in World War II, Jackson, Robert, 1999,
German Raiders in the Pacific, Waters, S. D., 2008,
German Seaman 1939-45, Williamson, Gordon and White, John, 2001,
German Submarine Warfare 1914-1918 in the Eyes of British Intelligence, Koerver, Hans Joachim, 2010,
German U-Boat Bunkers Yesterday and Today, Schmeelke, Karl-Heinz and Schmeelke, Michael, 1999,
German U-boat Commanders of World War II, Busch, Rainer and Röll, Hans-Joachim, 1999,
German U-Boat Crews 1914-45, Williamson, Gordon, 1996,
German U-Boat Losses During World War II, Axel Niestlé, 2014,
German U-Boat Losses During World War II, Niestle, Axel, 1998,
German U-Boat Losses During World War II, Axel Niestlé, 2014,
German U-Boat Losses During World War II, Niestle, Axel, 1998,
German U-Boat Type XXI, Breyer, Siegfried, 1999,
German Warships 1815-1945, Gröner, Eric and Mickel, Peter, 1991,
German Warships of World War I, Friedman, Norman and Gardiner, Robert, 1992,
Germany's Last Mission to Japan, Scalia, Joseph M., 2000, (translations)
The Giving Years, Irvine, James W., 1991,
A Glorious Way to Die, Spurr, Russell, 1995,
The Golden Horseshoe, Robertson, Terence, 2000, (translations)
The Golden U-boat, Henrick, Richard P., 1996,
Good Shipmates The Story of the Restoration of the Liberty Ship John W. Brown, Ernest F. Imhoff, 2006,
Graveyards of the Pacific, Ballard, Robert D., 2001,
A Great Fleet of Ships, Heal, S.C., 2000,
Great World War II Battles in the Arctic, Evans, Mark Llewellyn, 1999,
Grey wolf, David Huffman, 2009,
Grey Wolf, Williamson, Gordon, 2001,
Grey wolf, David Huffman, 2009,
Grey Wolves, Philip Kaplan, 2014,
The Grey Wolves of Eriboll, David M. Hird, 2010,
Grey Wolves of the Sea, Nowarra, Heinz J., 1992,
Guadalcanal: Decision at Sea, Hammel, Eric M., 1999,

H.M. Corvette, Monsarrat, Nicholas, 2001,
The Hand-me-down ships, Ken Reed, 1993,
Hatteras Blue, Poyer, D.C. (a.k.a David Poyer), 1992,
The Heavy Cruiser Takao, Skulski, Janusz, 1994,
Heavy Cruisers of the Admiral Hipper Class, Koop, Gerhard and Klaus-Peter Schmolke, 2001,
Hell Above, Deep Water Below, Russel, Dale, 1995,
Hellcats, Peter Sasgen, 2010,
Hellions of the Deep, Gannon, Robert, 1996,
Hero of the Upholder, Allaway, Jim, 1991,
Heroes in Dungarees, Bunker, John, 1995,
Hirschfeld, Brooks, Geoffrey told by Wolfgang Hirschfeld, 1996,
His Majesty's Submarines, N/A, 1991,
History of United States Naval Operations in World War II 15 Volume Set, Morison, Samuel Eliot, 2001,
Hitler's Battleships, Gray, Edwyn, 1992,
Hitler's Last Gasp, Krutein, Manfred, 1995,
Hitler's Elite Guards, Madej, W.Victor, 1994,
Hitler's Grey Wolves, Paterson, Lawrence, 2004,
Hitler's Secret Pirate Fleet, Duffy, James P., 2001,
Hitler's U-boat Bases, Showell, Jak Mallmann, 2002,
Hitler's U-Boat Fortresses, Bradham, Randolph, 2003,
Hitler's U-boat War, Blair, Clay, 1996,
Hitler's U-boat War, Vol II, Blair, Clay, 1998,
HMAS Sydney, Frame, T.R., 1993,
HMCS Haida: Battle Ensign Flying, Gough, Barry M., 2001,
HMCS Swansea, McKee, Fraser M., 1994,
HMS Drake. Rathlin Island Shipwreck., Wilson, Ian, 2011,
Hms Hood: Pride of the Royal Navy, Norman, Andrew, 2001,
HMS Perseus Death Escape, Giatropoulou, Rena and Thoctarides, Kostas, 2000,
HMS Trenchant, Hazlett, Arthur, 2001,
An Honorable German, Charles McCain, 2009,
Hood and Bismarck, Mearns, David and White, Rob, 2001,
Hospital Ships, Goodman, R. D., 1992,
How I Captured a U-boat, and More, Johns, C. H., 1998,
Hunt and Kill, Savas, Theodore, 2004,
Hunters in the Shallows, Nelson, Curtis L., 1998,
The Hunting Submarine, Trenowden, Ian, 1994,
HX72 First Convoy to Die, O\'Brien, David, 1999,

Illustrated Data Guide to Battleships of World War II, Chant, Christopher (compiler), 1997,
Illustrated Data Guide to Maritime Attack Aircraft of World War II, Chant, Christopher, 1997,
Illustrated Data Guide to Submarines of World War II, Chant, Christopher, 1997,
An Illustrated History of the Navies of World War II, Preston, Antony, 1998,
In Great Waters, Dunmore, Spencer, 2000,
In Harm's Way, Stanton, Doug, 2001,
In Nazi Uniform, Born, Siegfried, 1997,
In Peril on the Sea, Graves, Donald E., 2003,
In Peril on the Sea, Kane, James S., 1994,
In Peril on the Sea, Graves, Donald E., 2003,
In Some Foreign Field, Naisawald, L. VanLoan, 1997,
In which they served, Brian Lavery, 2008,
Inside Room 40, Gannon, Paul, 2010,
Instantaneous Echoes, Smith, Alastair Carrick, 1994,
Invasion, Macksey, Kenneth, 1999,
The Invasion Before Normandy, Hoyt, Edwin Palmer, 1999,
Iron Coffin, Mannock, John, 2004,
Iron Coffins, Werner, Herbert A., 2002,
The Iron Time, Previtera, Stephen Thomas, 1999,
Italian Battleships 1928-1957, Wayne Scarpaci, 2009,

Jane's Naval History of World War II, Ireland, Bernard, 1998,
Jane's World War II Warships, Ireland, Bernard, 1999,
Japanese Cruisers of the Pacific War, Lacroix, Eric and Linton, Ii Wells, Linton Wells II, 1997,
Japanese Naval Vessels at the End of World War II, Fukul, Shizuo (Compiler), Christian W. Beilstein (Editor), 1992,
The Japanese Submarine Force and World War II, Boyd, Carl, 1996,
Jutland 1916, London, Charles, 2000,

K Boat Catastrophe, N.S. Nash, 2009,
The K Boats, Everitt, Don, 1999,
The Kaiser's Pirates, Walter, John, 1994,
The Kaiser's U-Boote, Histoire & Collections, 2009,
The Kellys, Langtree, Christopher, 2002,
Killing Ground, Reeman, Douglas, 1991,
King George V Class Battleships, Tarrant, V. E., 2000,
Kleber's Convoy, Trew, Anthony, 2002, (translations)
Knights of the Reich, Fraschka, Günter, 1994,
Knight's Cross Holders of the U-boat Service, Kurowski, Franz, 1995,
Knight's Cross, Volume I, Lyne-Gordon, David, 1999,
Knight's Cross, Volume II, Lyne-Gordon, David, 1999,
Kriegsmarine U-boats 1939-45 Vol 2, Williamson, Gordon, 2002,
Kriegsmarine U-Boats 1939-45 Volume 1, Williamson, Gordon, 2002,

The Land That Time Forgot, Burroughs, Edgar Rice, 1999,
The Last Big-Gun Naval Battle, Sauer, Howard, 1999,
Last Dive, Chowdhury, Bernie, 2000,
The Last Patrol, Holmes, Harry, 2001,
The Last Voyage of the SS Henry Bacon, Alotta, Robert I., 2002,
The Last Voyage, Amborski, Leonard E., 2001,
Last Year of the Kriegsmarine, Tarrant, V.E., 1994,
Left for dead, Pete Nelson, 2003,
The Lexington Goes Down, Hoehling, A. A., 1994,
The Liberation of the Philippines, Morison, Samuel Eliot, 2001,
Liberty, Elphick, Peter, 2001,
Liberty Ship, Cooper, Sherod, 1997,
Liberty Ships Eastward, Elliott, George, 1995,
Life Line, Elphick, Peter, 1999,
Lifeboat #6, Kevin Gomm, 2014,
Liners in Battledress, Williams, David, 1997,
The Little Giants, Y\'Blood, William T., 1999,
Little Ship, Big War, Stafford, Edward P., 2000,
Little Wolf at Leyte, J. Henry, Jr Doscher, 1996,
Local Heroes, Neil Carlsen, 2010,
Lone Wolf, Mulligan, Timothy P., 1993, (translations)
The Longest Battle, Hough, Richard, 2001,
The Longest Battle, Harbron, John D., 1993,
The Longest Battle, Hough, Richard, 2001,
The Longest Patrol, Owen, Gregory L., 2009,
The Loss of the Bismarck, Rhys-Jones, Graham, 1999,
Lost Patrols, McCartney, Innes, 2003,
The Lost Ships of Guadalcanal, Ballard, Robert D., 1993,
Lucky Lady, Jackson, Steve, 2002,
The Lusitania, Butler, Daniel Allen, 2000,

Making Shore, Sara Allerton, 2011,
The Man Who Never Was, Montagu, Ewen, 2001,
Martial Justice, Whittingham, Richard, 1997,
Maru Killer, Bouslog, Dave, 2002,
Master of Sea Power, Buell, Thomas B., 1995,
Mediterranean Mtbs at War, Morgan, Sir Giles, 2000,
Memoirs, Dönitz, Karl, 1997,
Men of Poseidon, Graves, Richard W., 2000,
Men of War, Howarth, Stephen, 1992,
Midget Submarines of the Second World War, Kemp, Paul, 1999,
A Midshipman's War, Wade, Frank, 1994,
Midway: The Battle that Doomed Japan, the Japanese Navy's Story, Fuchida, Mitsuo, 2001, (translations)
Military Errors of World War Two, Macksey, Kenneth, 1998, (translations)
The Milk Cows, John F White, 2009,
Minesweeper, Melvin, Michael J., 1992,

The Naked Warriors, Francis Douglas, Cdr. Fane, 1995,
Narvik, Dickens, Peter and Grove, Eric J., 1996,
The Naval Air War 1939-1945, Miller, Nathan, 1991,
Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, Grace, James W., 1999,
Naval Firepower, Norman Friedman, 2013,
Naval Officers Under Hitler, Rust, Eric C., 1991,
Naval Power in the Twentieth Century, Rodger, N.A.M., 1996,
The Naval War in the Mediterranean 1940-1943, Greene, Jack and Massignani, Alessandro, 1999,
Naval Warfare in the Eastern Mediterranean, 1940-1945, Koburger, Charles W., 1993,
Navies of World War II, Taylor, Mike, 1998,
The Navy Times Book of Submarines, Harris, Brayton, 1997,
Neither Sharks nor Wolves, Mulligan, Timothy P., 1999, (translations)
Nelson to Vanguard, Brown, David K., 2000,
Neptunus Rex, Prados, Edward F., 1998,
Neutral Shores, Mark McShane, 2012,
A Night before Christmas, Sanders, Jacquin, 1996,
Nightmare in Bari, Reminick, Gerald, 2001,
No Higher Honor, Nesmith, Jeff, 1999,
No ordinary war, Prag, Christian, 2009,
North atlantic run, Milner. Marc, 2006,
Not Really What You'd Call a War, Hampson, Norman, 2001,
Nothing Friendly in the Vicinity, Conner, Claude, 1999,

The Odyssey of a U-Boat Commander, Topp, Erich. Translated by Eric C. Rust, 1992,
Of Ice and Steel, D. Clayton Meadows, 2006,
The Official Chronology of the U.S. Navy in World War II, Cressman, Robert J., 1999,
Oil Slick, Myers, Jack A., 2000,
The Omega Deception, Bayer, John F., 2000,
On seas contested, Vincent O\'Hara, 2010,
On The Triangle Run, Lamb, James B., 2000,
One Common Enemy, McLoughlin, Jim, 2006,
Operation Drumbeat, Gannon, Michael, 1991, (translations)
Operation Storm, John Geoghegan, 2013,
An Operational Necessity, Griffin, Gwyn, 1999, (translations)
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