Naval Warfare Movies

Haie und Kleine Fische, Frank Wisbar
Horst Felmy, Sabine Bethmann, Wolfgang Preiss, Heinz Engelmann
1957, Germany, 117 min.
WWII, Feature

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Although this feature preceded Das Boot by more than two decades, it similarly portrays submariners as ordinary men forced to fight a war and the harships they undergo, both at sea and on shore in wartime Germany.


English translation: Sharks and Little Fishes. Based on the novel by Wolfgang Ott, who also wrote the script for this movie. Erich Topp acted as naval and technical advisor during the filming. The Sharks of the title refer to the German leaders who "consumed" the Little Fishes (U-boats) by continuing to send them into battle against increasingly poor odds. Reflecting the 1950s mood in Germany, the hero questions the reasons behind the war and concludes that it is better to die than to fight for the Nazi cause.

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