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28 Jul 2000
Just wanted to let you know that I found your site to be very interesting and well done. Keep up the good work.
  Christian Kretschmer

24 Jul 1999
Best site I've seen.
This site is almost as good as my own library. I'm also seeing material I don't have myself, keep up the brilliant work, I hope the site gets bigger.
  John Foster-Dobson
  New Zealand

6 Jun 2000
I would just like to say what a really great website this is. I have a great interest in U-boats and your web-site provides a really interesting and in-depth database. I love the personnel file of the week. Thanks.
  Ciaran Moloney

7 Dec 1998
This website just has to be the "place to be" if you are an U-boat enthusiast. I served onboard the USS James Madison SSB(N) G from 1970-1975, so I am well familiar with the sunny, balmy North Atlantic Ocean. I have also been an ardent reader of U-boat books, articles, etc for many years. This website has it all. Personnel profiles, technical data on weapons, etc, food supplies, plus volumes on the submarine of all submarines, the Type VII-C. I heartily recommend this website to anyone who has an interest in submarines. And from a sentimental point of view, this website stands as a testimonial to all those brave German lads who gave their lives for the German nation. Right or wrong, they steadfastly obeyed their orders and fought honourably to the bitter end. The Kriegsmarine gave their best. Three out of four U-boat sailors never made it home. Rest in peace!
  Mac Hayes
ex-MT1 (SS)

20 Sep 1998
Information obtained from U-Boat Net has enabled me to contact one of the survivors of U-715, which our aircraft engaged in 1944. Yours is a truly exceptional page which improves with every visit.
  James M McRae

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