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18 Feb 2000
I just bought a computer and this is where I spend 95% of my time. I do not know of any where else. I have read a few good books on u boats and visited some off shore. On L. I. and NC FLA. the facts are great and accurate. Pretty soon the Captain's and the crews will be gone but there history will remain. Don't stop yet. There are a lot more storiess out there.
  Don Chiodo

23 Aug 1997
Just wanted to let you guys know that this is a superb page. I was very impressed with the maps page of which gives positions and details of various sinkings/captures. Very sad to see the amount of U-boats lost with all hands. Thanks and keep up the great work.
  James Cranston
  New Zealand

22 Apr 1999
Excellent site
Like many other comments I keep on returning to your site not only because my father was on the Scharnhorst then transferred to U-517 [...]. Keep up the excellent work.
  Reiner Rieger

14 May 1999
Hi. Just a note to say how much I enjoy accessing your web page on U-boats. As an ex submariner I find that the amount of detail concerning the U-boat war in WW2 absolutely fascinating. I have many books on submarines but still not the amount of data that you have collected. A tremendous achievement! All the very best wishes.
  Harry Summerton

8 Jul 1997
I commend you on a MOST INTERESTING web site as a complete history source for those interested in the subject of U-boats. Congratulations on your dedicated effort.
  Fred Chapman

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