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17 Apr 1999
I have NEVER seen such a well organised website anywhere else. This is superb and you should take great pride in it.
  Charles Gruchy

10 Sep 2005

Hello Captain and Crew,

You have a very well researched site, full of a lot of detailed information. I cam across your site while looking for information about a British Merchant Navy vessel lost during WW2. You give more details than what I already had. You have all put a lot of work into it!

  Joseph Ritson

24 Dec 1997
Just a short note to compliment you on the excellent content of the Web site. If only more so-called "information" sites on the Web were like this! Not only is the data comprehensive and seemingly well-researched, but the format is logical and easy to use. I particularly like the focus on U-Boat crew experiences, which makes the whole subject come alive by the insight it gives into true life stories.
  John Hart

27 Sep 1999
Absolutely fantastic and a precious help for any searcher, historian or writer! is definitely no 1. on the matter.
  Yves Dufeil

18 Aug 1999
Complimenti !!!

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