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21 Dec 1997
Your site is the most educational and informative site I have ever visited. Since seeing the movie "Das Boot" I have become interested in U-boats.
  Shawn Malone

30 Aug 1997
My compliments on the excellent work, arrangement and materials contained on your web site. It is both comprehensive and informative. Best wishes.
  Glenn Shiveler

12 Dec 1997
Fantastic Site!
Unbelievable! Marvelous! Fascinating! Words cannot describe the awesome depth and complexity of Helgason's I have been interested in these machines and the gallant men who served on them, survived them, and died in them. My first visit lasted two hours! Keep up the exceptional work
  Robert Jackson Jr.

29 Sep 1999
A great job, You all are great!

17 Nov 1997
I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to your very interesting pages about the submarines. You wouldn`t find more information in any books about submarines!

Create more of this brilliant webs!!
  Matthias Hess

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