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14 May 2000
How do you get so much information?! Your site is the BEST for anything with U-Boats. Thank you very much for all the time you have put into this amazing website. I hope you continue to update in the future so that everyone can experience such a huge amount of great information.
  Craig Daste

14 Apr 1999
Just a quick note to say thank you for such a great web site. Its certainly helped to get my TV documentary research off to a coherent start. Keep up the good work,
  Dominic Gribbin

7 Aug 1999
Thanks a lot, I was doing, or am doing, a research assignment on U-boats in WWII and was by far the best source on the web, no web site or book rivals it in any way. So thanks again.
  Antony Tirtaatmadja

21 Oct 1999
I would just I am very pleased with the quality of your work, I´ve been interested for the WWII for several years on a small scala, but it is seldom that you see the quality of work and commitment as you have shown. Keep up the good work.
  Martin Rasmussen

1 Oct 1998
Gudmundur's "U-boat Net" is one of the most extensive references to WW2's Battle of the Atlantic anywhere on the World Wide Web. It presents only the hard-researched facts regarding both the U-boats and the ASW forces, straining away the chaff from over 50 years of legends and myths. It is truly the definitive Battle of the Atlantic archive on the Net.
  WR Harris

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