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11 Jul 1999
I am an avid fan/follower of WWII facts, stories and recovery of armaments/artifacts. About two years ago I had been searching the internet for information on u-boots and I came to your site and was quite impressed by your work . Now, I decided to investigate again and was glad to rediscover your tremendous site. It is always a pleasure to encounter web sites such as yours that demonstrate the incredible amount of data available on the Internet. Once again I would like to thank you for a great job and hope to see more of it. If you were to charge a fee to gain access to your data I would gladly be in favour, as this would probably be only a minor recompense for the very time consuming and exhausting work you have performed. Thanks again.
  Louis Pico

23 Apr 2002
Fantastic, beautiful, magnificent, I can't find enough words to praise this site. Of all the WWII related sites I have come across so far, this has got to be the best by far!

Thanks for giving this information to us at no cost! Those submariners of WWII were the bravest of the brave!
  Kobus Erasmus
  South Africa

21 Dec 1997
May I add my congratulations to the many you have already received on your fabulous site.

Beautifully presented , with such high quality images, it is without doubt one of the best sites on the entire Net, on ANY subject and is certainly THE site for anyone interested in the U-boats. I will without doubt be a regular visitor!
  Gordon Williamson
Author ;
 Aces of the Reich,
 Knights of the Iron Cross,


1 Oct 1998
Gudmundur's "U-boat Net" is one of the most extensive references to WW2's Battle of the Atlantic anywhere on the World Wide Web. It presents only the hard-researched facts regarding both the U-boats and the ASW forces, straining away the chaff from over 50 years of legends and myths. It is truly the definitive Battle of the Atlantic archive on the Net.
  WR Harris

29 Apr 1999
Simply the best I have ever seen.

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