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HMS Audacity (D 10)

British escort carrier

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British escort carrier HMS Audacity (D 10).

Aboard HMS Audacity (D 10) when hit on 21 Dec 1941

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NameAgeRankServed on
BritishAnderson, James Henderson, RN24Ordinary SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishArchibald, John Bethone, RN26Ordinary SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishBage, Albert, FAA30Air Mechanic (E) 1st ClassHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishBaker, William Nelson, NAP41Chief CookHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishBedwell, Stanley Robert, FAAAir Mechanic (O) 1st ClassHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishBennett, Dennis John, FAA23Air Mechanic (O) 1st ClassHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishBlackman, Alfred Thomas, FAA23Air Mechanic 2nd ClassHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishBolton, William Ernest, RN30Ordinary SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishBrown, Eric Melrose, FAA22Sub-LieutenantHMS Audacity (D 10)
BritishBrown, Ernest John, NAPAssistant StewardHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishCameron, John, FAA22Air Mechanic (L) 1st ClassHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishCarden, John Rory, RN26LieutenantHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishCarline, George Albert, RN33Lieutenant CommanderHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishCasterton, Thomas Bertram, RNStoker 1st ClassHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishClark, William Raymond, RN28Ordinary SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishClays, Charles Eric, RN32Ordinary SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishCocks, Howard George, NAP37Storekeeper 1st ClassHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishCooper, George William, RN29Ordinary TelegraphistHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishDaniell, Conrad Stuart, RN32Ordinary CoderHMS Audacity (D 10) +
IrishDuggan, John, RNStoker 1st ClassHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishDuncan, David, FAA23Air Mechanic (O) 1st ClassHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishEdwards, Thomas Walter Albert, RN44Leading TelegraphistHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishFisher, Frank, RN27Leading TelegraphistHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishFisher, George Edward, RN33Ordinary SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishFlynn, William John, NAP51PainterHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishGardner, Ellis Raphael, FAA21Air Mechanic (O) 1st ClassHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishGrant, Alexander Milne, RNOrdinary SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
IrishGray, Joseph John, RN23Able SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishGreen, Trevor Curzon, FAA23Sub-LieutenantHMS Ark Royal (91), HMS Audacity (D 10)
BritishGreenlee, Thomas, NAP29GreaserHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishGrey, Gilbert Henry, RN23Leading SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishHann, Harry, NAPLeading StewardHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishHeale, Henry Gordon Treby, RNR33Sub-Lieutenant (S)HMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishHealey, Henry Saith, RNOrdinary SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishHodgson, James Raven, RN34Ordinary SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishHulme, Robert, RN23Able SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishHutchinson, John Charles, FAA24Leading Air Mechanic (A)HMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishJohnson, Thomas, NAPAssistant StewardHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishKemp, Reginald Percival Victor, RNChief Petty Officer TelegraphistHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishKnowles, James Penkeyman, NAP62Chief StewardHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishLang, Andrew Scally, NAP24Junior EngineerHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishLangtree, Joseph, RN33Ordinary SignalmanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishLewis, Peter Kenneth, RN25TelegraphistHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishLloyd, Trevor, RN26Sub-LieutenantHMS Camito (F 77), HMS Audacity (D 10)
BritishMacKendrick, Douglas William, RN40CommanderHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishMacrae, Alexander Duncan, RN28Ordinary SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishMason, William, RNAble SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishMcCready, William John, NAP26Assistant BakerHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishMesser, Charles William, FAA32Leading Air Fitter (L)HMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishMoore, Anthony David Walter, RN29LieutenantHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishNew, Edgar, NAAFI26Canteen ManagerHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishNoden, John, RNOrdinary CoderHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishPatterson, Norris Henry, RNSub-Lieutenant (A)HMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishPhillips, Stanley William, FAA30Leading Air Fitter (O)HMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishPrescott, James, NAP30Assistant StewardHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishReynolds, Henry John, RN41Able SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishRice, William Andrew, RNAble SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10)
BritishRitchie, Alastair Robert Simpson, RN32Ordinary CoderHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishRoberts, Hector Macdonald, RN43Yeoman of SignalsHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishRobertson, Stuart Nicholson, RNVR44Lieutenant (E)HMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishRussell, James Cameron, RN38Petty OfficerHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishSanger, Leonard Robert, FAA24Air Mechanic 1st ClassHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishSherringham, John, RN31Ordinary SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishStead, Ronald, RNOrdinary SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishStewart, Ronald, RNVR25Surgeon LieutenantHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishStrickland, Harold, RN41GunnerHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishSunnucks, Frank James, NAP23Assistant StewardHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishTweed, William James, RNOrdinary SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishWatson, Leslie Henry George, RN30Ordinary SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishWebber, William Whitley, RN30Ordinary SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishWhite, Frederick George, RN33Ordinary SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishWhitty, Edward Richard, RN21Able SeamanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishWildman, Ronald, RN30Ordinary CoderHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishWilliamson, Percival Harold, FAA25Air Mechanic (O)HMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishWoolard, Thomas Allen, RN35WriterHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishWynne, John Sidney, RNVR26SignalmanHMS Audacity (D 10) +
BritishYoung, Thomas, FAA23Air Mechanic (A) 1st ClassHMS Audacity (D 10) +

77 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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