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John D. Gill

American steam tanker

Photo courtesy of Arco Marine

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam tanker John D. Gill.

Aboard John D. Gill when hit on 13 Mar 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Atherholt, William Lawrence, Merchant Marine20Oiler John D. Gill +
Avestruz, Felimon, Merchant Marine48Messman John D. Gill +
Borjo, Peter A.J., Merchant MarineCook John D. Gill
Bradley, Jay Gilbert, Merchant Marine33Fireman John D. Gill
Bright, Otto H., Merchant Marine59Chief Engineer John D. Gill
Carreon, Benjamin, Merchant Marine37Pantryman John D. Gill +
Chandler, Virgil Edgar, Merchant Marine23Able Seaman John D. Gill
Cheney, Edwin Fox, Merchant Marine24Quartermaster John D. Gill
Cochrane, John W., Merchant MarineAble Seaman John D. Gill
Cox, Joe Carl, Merchant MarineWiper John D. Gill
Cristobal, Federico Corpus, Merchant Marine30Galley Boy John D. Gill +
De Michael, Anthony Richard, Merchant Marine21Ordinary Seaman John D. Gill +
Defibaugh, Allen Bernard, Merchant Marine21Second Radio Operator John D. Gill
Dugan, Frank, Merchant MarineOrdinary Seaman John D. Gill
Eckman, Alan Merritt Thorpe, Merchant Marine33Chief Mate John D. Gill +
Eskind, Herman Paul, Merchant Marine22Fireman John D. Gill, Hahira
Fetterman, Sterling Stanley, Merchant Marine38Ordinary Seaman John D. Gill
Flores, Sixto Degollado, Merchant Marine42Steward John D. Gill +
Gardner, Herbert L., Merchant Marine22Wiper John D. Gill
Gaskins, Harry Russell, Merchant Marine37Third Assistant Engineer John D. Gill +
Geier, William Joseph, Merchant MarineDeck Maintainer John D. Gill +
Gurtov, Robert, Merchant Marine28Boatswain (Bosun) John D. Gill +
Hagerty, Joseph, Merchant MarineThird Mate John D. Gill +
Hutchins, Robert Bucks, USNR26Ensign John D. Gill
Jiminez, Henry Anthony, Merchant Marine23Fireman/Wiper John D. Gill +
Kimball, Charles Percy, Merchant Marine48Second Mate John D. Gill +
Koch, Curtis Herman, USNR22Seaman Second Class John D. Gill +
Lefflar, Jacob, Merchant Marine23Oiler John D. Gill +
Lewis, Vincent Harold, Merchant Marine31Pumpman John D. Gill +
Lunn, David Martin, USN21Coxswain John D. Gill +
Mihlos, George, Merchant Marine51Fireman John D. Gill
Oakley, Arthur Elwood, USNRSeaman Second Class John D. Gill +
Perona, Bernard, Merchant Marine36Saloon Messman John D. Gill
Potts, Garfield Collier, USN17Seaman Second Class John D. Gill
Pryal, William, Merchant MarineAble Seaman John D. Gill
Rappaport, David Walter, Merchant Marine31First Assistant Engineer John D. Gill +
Ready, Floyd Eugene, USN18Seaman Second Class John D. Gill
Ritchie, Alfred, Merchant MarineQuartermaster John D. Gill
Robinson, William H., Merchant MarineOiler John D. Gill
Schasney, Paul Peter, Merchant Marine22Deck Maintainer John D. Gill +
Senter, Asa Bob, USN21Seaman Second Class John D. Gill +
Short, Willard, Merchant MarineOiler John D. Gill
Sitnick, Israel, Merchant Marine24Second Assistant Engineer John D. Gill +
Tardiff, Raymond Louis, Merchant MarineFirst Radio Operator John D. Gill
Tingzon, Catalino, Merchant Marine44Messman John D. Gill +
Tucker, Allen Delmar, Merchant Marine56Master John D. Gill
Wegscheider, Clayton Erwin, Merchant Marine19Ordinary Seaman John D. Gill
Wilmer, Benjamin Oscar, Merchant Marine22Quartermaster John D. Gill
Zaengle, Joseph, Merchant Marine23Wiper John D. Gill

49 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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