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American steam passenger ship

Photo courtesy of Rich Turnwald Collection

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam passenger ship Cherokee.

Aboard Cherokee when hit on 16 Jun 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Adams, Charles A., US ArmyPassenger (1st Sgt)Cherokee
Adams, Miguel, Merchant Marine35DishwasherCherokee
Alston, Joseph, USN21Armed GuardCherokee
Alvarez, Marcelino, Merchant MarineCookCherokee +
Amelio, Patsy, USNR29Seaman Second ClassCherokee
Archer, Dudley, Merchant Marine38Baker and HelperCherokee
Armstrong, Noble, Merchant MarineAble SeamanCherokee +
Arnamann, Michael, Merchant MarineCrew memberCherokee
Arrington, Samuel Maurice, USNR18Radioman Second ClassCherokee
Arroyo, Perfecto, Merchant Marine22ScullionCherokee
Aviles, Ernesto F., Merchant MarineMessmanCherokee +
Babbs, Douglas, Merchant MarineStewardCherokee +
Baltasar, Mabuel, Merchant MarineFireman/WiperCherokee +
Bayonet, Jose A., Merchant MarineBellboyCherokee +
Bayron, Phillippe, Merchant Marine32Room StewardCherokee
Bedell, Matthew G., US Army33Passenger (TSgt)Cherokee
Bermudas, Simon, Merchant Marine48Able SeamanCherokee
Bess, Ernest, Merchant MarineCookCherokee +
Bird, Alfred, Merchant Marine40Boatswain (Bosun)Cherokee
Bodine, George, US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Cherokee
Boex, Richard F., US Army28Passenger (Cpl)Cherokee
Bolkov, Anatoli Ivanovich, Soviet NavyPassenger (Officer)Cherokee
Bonet, Juan V., Merchant MarineWaiterCherokee +
Boula, James Albert, US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Cherokee
Brown, Twiggs E., Merchant MarineMasterCherokee
Buck, Arthur E., Merchant Marine56Admiralty PilotCherokee
Burton, Morgan F., Merchant Marine24Night WatchmanCherokee
Busick, Benjamin J., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Cherokee
Carns, Andy Merrick, US ArmyPassenger (1st Sgt)Cherokee
Carter, Alonzo M., Merchant MarineRadio OperatorCherokee +
Case, Vernon Clark, USNR27Seaman Second ClassCherokee
Castillo, Pedro, Merchant Marine37Glory Hole StewardCherokee
Causey, Harold N., USNArmed GuardCherokee
Clark, Joseph A., Merchant MarineChief ElectricianCherokee
Corckos, Kirlios C., Merchant MarineRadio OperatorCherokee +
Costain, John J., Merchant MarineBakerCherokee +
Coughlin, John A., US Army24Passenger (Cpl)Cherokee
Couts, Henry George, US ArmyPassenger (Sgt)Cherokee
Cuevas, Juan, Merchant MarineOilerCherokee
Davis, Henry Dean, USNR19Seaman Second ClassCherokee
De Vito, Ameillo, Merchant MarineCrew memberCherokee
DeAcosta, Luis, Merchant MarineWatertenderCherokee
Deeran, Harry, Merchant MarineUtilityCherokee +
DeJesus, Gerado M., Merchant MarineAble SeamanCherokee +
Delaney, James L., Merchant MarineStorekeeperCherokee +
Delaney, John F., Merchant MarineOrdinary SeamanCherokee +
Delgado, Adalbert F., Merchant MarineSecond StewardCherokee
Dieppa, Samuel, Merchant Marine24Able SeamanCherokee
DiLorenzo, Antonio, Merchant MarineWaiterCherokee +
Ditmore, Ralph L., Merchant MarinePurserCherokee +
Duhaine, Joseph H., Merchant Marine38Bath Steward and MessmanCherokee
Echevarria, Henry, Merchant MarineFiremanCherokee, Coamo +
Erausquin, Florian, Merchant MarineButcherCherokee +
Falvey, Carl E., Merchant MarineFireman/WiperCherokee +
Faneite, Hipolito, Merchant MarineAble SeamanCherokee +
Felida, John, Merchant MarineAble SeamanCherokee +
Fernandez, Sergio, Merchant MarinePorterCherokee +
Figueroa, Francisco, Merchant MarineUtilityCherokee +
Finley, Benjamin, Merchant MarineAble SeamanCherokee
Flores, Viera F., Merchant MarineGalleymanCherokee +
Forsberg, John M., Merchant Marine50QuartermasterCherokee
Francis, George James, US ArmyPassenger (Sgt)Cherokee
Gilet, Max, Merchant MarineStewardCherokee +
Gines, Eduvigis, Merchant MarineWaiterCherokee +
Glassmeyer, Richard, US Army22Passenger (Cpl)Cherokee
Godfrey, Calvin S., Merchant MarineAble SeamanCherokee +
Goerke, Hugo H., Merchant MarineLinenkeeperCherokee +
Gonzalvez, Agustine, Merchant Marine30Steward and WaiterCherokee
Gould, William Frederick, Merchant Marine51Senior Third MateCherokee
Graham, James, Merchant MarineWaiterCherokee +
Greenberg, Irving, Merchant Marine35Night WatchmanCherokee
Grommisch, Fred, Merchant MarinePantrymanCherokee +
Hammel, Pat, Merchant Marine34WiperCherokee
Hance, Nicholas, Merchant MarineMessmanCherokee +
Hickman, George C., US ArmyPassenger (1st Sgt)Cherokee
Hoard, George Paul, Merchant Marine28Second CookCherokee
Holland, James Allen, USN23Seaman Second ClassCherokee
Hood, Deagel, Merchant MarineCrew memberCherokee
Hulme, William James, US Army24Passenger (Cpl)Cherokee
Jacobsen, Alfred P., Merchant MarinePurserCherokee +
Kalina, Walter G., US ArmyPassenger (SSgt)Cherokee
Keillor, George D., US Army28Passenger (SSgt)Cherokee
King, Columbus, Merchant MarineCookCherokee +
Kleven, Goodell G., Merchant MarineSurgeonCherokee +
Kohcialov, Eugin, Soviet NavyPassenger (Officer)Cherokee
Kremer, Edwin, Merchant Marine20Third MateCherokee
Lane, George A., Merchant MarineWaiterCherokee +
Laubriel, Manuel, Merchant Marine32ButcherCherokee
Leoncio, Jacinto, Merchant MarinePorterCherokee +
Lewis, Moses, Merchant MarineUtilityCherokee +
Lloyd, William H., Merchant MarineDeck WatchCherokee +
Lopez, Pedro, Merchant MarineGalleymanCherokee +
Love, Henry Stewart, USNSeaman Second ClassCherokee +
Lucas, Charles, Merchant MarineStewardCherokee +
Lux, George Leonard, US ArmyPassenger (SSgt)Cherokee
Mallea, Juan, Merchant Marine24General UtilitymanCherokee
Martinez, Juan, Merchant Marine22Chief MessmanCherokee
Masdeu, Jose, Merchant MarineGalleymanCherokee +
Mason, Robert D., Merchant MarineWiperCherokee +
Mavas, Emilio, Merchant MarineMessmanCherokee +
Mayoral, Raul, Merchant MarineUtilityCherokee +
Merlino, James F., US Army20Passenger (Cpl)Cherokee
Meylemans, Jacob F., Merchant MarineBakerCherokee +
Moates, Merrion F., Merchant MarineFirst Assistant EngineerCherokee +
Montanez, Ramon, Merchant MarineWatchmanCherokee, Henry R. Mallory +
Moore, Don, US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Cherokee
Morino, John, Merchant MarineStorekeeperCherokee +
Norris, George B., USN24EnsignCherokee
Pasols, Jorge, Merchant MarineUtilityCherokee +
Patti, Paul L., US Army26Passenger (2nd Lt)Cherokee +
Paulson, Paul, Merchant Marine45Third Assistant EngineerCherokee
Penndorf, Alexander, Merchant MarineDeck EngineerCherokee +
Peterman, Bernard L., USNR23Seaman Second ClassCherokee
Poirier, Robert J., Merchant MarineWaiterCherokee +
Poston, Karl C., Merchant Marine35Second Assistant EngineerCherokee
Price, Victor A., Merchant MarineDeck WatchCherokee +
Quinn, Joseph B., Merchant Marine44OilerCherokee
Raap, Carl A., Merchant MarineUtilityCherokee +
Rabinowitz, Lazar, Merchant MarineWaiterCherokee +
Reinosa, Juan Jose, Merchant Marine20Second ButcherCherokee
Reyes, John Bautista, Merchant Marine56Able SeamanCherokee
Rivera, Felipe, Merchant MarineOrdinary SeamanCherokee +
Rivera, Jose, Merchant MarineCrew memberCherokee
Robertson, Everett W., Merchant MarineChief EngineerCherokee +
Roddick, James, Merchant Marine34Pantry HelperCherokee
Rodriguez, Antonio, Merchant MarineOilerCherokee +
Rojas, Antonio, Merchant MarineWaiterCherokee +
Rusch, Willy, Merchant MarineUtilityCherokee +
Sadler, James E., Merchant MarineWaiterCherokee +
Samuels, William, US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Cherokee
Segaro, Fidel, Merchant MarineCrew memberCherokee
Skoglund, Ivan M., Merchant Marine46OilerCherokee
Slocum, Albert, Merchant MarineWiperCherokee +
Smithey, Thaddeus Roselvin, US ArmyPassenger (SSgt)Cherokee
Stegall, H., Merchant MarineChief MateCherokee
Stein, Joseph, US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Cherokee
Stem, Levere H., US Army24Passenger (Sgt)Cherokee
Stewart, Ralph D., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Cherokee
Strength, William L., US Army29Passenger (TSgt)Cherokee +
Stuart, William, Merchant MarineCrew memberCherokee
Suarez, Alfredo, Merchant MarineFireman/WiperCherokee +
Swanson, Arthur Richard, Merchant Marine24OilerCherokee
Thomas, John H., Merchant Marine34Able SeamanCherokee
Torres, Tomas, Merchant MarineUtilityCherokee +
Valentine, Sherman A., Merchant Marine35QuartermasterCherokee
Van Den Heuvel, Hendrik, Merchant Marine43UtilitymanCherokee
Vila, Ramon, Merchant MarineWaiterCherokee +
Villegas, Jose, Merchant MarineMessmanCherokee +
Wachsman, Herman, Merchant MarineWaiterCherokee +
Waite, Frank, Merchant Marine46Second MateCherokee
Watkins, Thomas Clarence, USNR19Seaman Second ClassCherokee

151 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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