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Empire Sky

British steam merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British steam merchant Empire Sky.

Aboard Empire Sky when hit on 6 Nov 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
BritishAppleby, Eric, Merchant Navy21Third OfficerEmpire Sky +
IrishBrowne, Thomas Joseph, British Army27Gunner (DEMS gunner)Empire Sky +
BritishBurgess, Stanley Frederick, RN20Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Empire Sky +
BritishBushen, Edgar William, Merchant Navy27Chief OfficerDayrose, Empire Sky +
BritishButler, Arthur, Merchant Navy31SailorEmpire Sky +
BritishButler, John George, Merchant Navy32Donkeyman and GreaserEmpire Sky +
BritishCarr, James, Merchant Navy39FiremanEmpire Sky +
BritishChatfield, Ernest, Merchant Navy16Galley BoyEmpire Sky +
BritishConn, Terence, Merchant Navy27Second StewardEmpire Sky +
BritishDonner, Charles Henry, Merchant Navy63Donkeyman and GreaserEmpire Sky +
BritishEllams, Douglas Francis, British Army23Gunner (DEMS gunner)Empire Sky +
BritishEmeny, Heston Jack, RN20Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Empire Sky +
BritishFinkle, Charles Henry, Merchant Navy23Second Radio OfficerEmpire Sky +
BritishFoster, Leonard, Merchant Navy43Boatswain (Bosun)Empire Sky +
BritishGant, Gordon William, Merchant Navy22Second Cook and BakerEmpire Sky +
BritishGirdley, Herbert, Merchant Navy33Able SeamanEmpire Sky +
BritishGlossop, Reginald David, RN19Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Empire Sky +
BritishGowshall, James Henry, Merchant Navy28Able SeamanEmpire Sky +
BritishGravell, Clifford Newton, Merchant Navy27Second OfficerEmpire Sky +
BritishGreen, Edward Leslie, Merchant Navy42Able SeamanEmpire Sky +
BritishHales, Phillip, Merchant Navy16Mess Room BoyEmpire Sky +
BritishHall, Robert, Merchant Navy46FiremanEmpire Sky +
BritishHayes, John, British Army29Gunner (DEMS gunner)Empire Sky +
BritishHenchcliffe, Leonard William, RN23Petty Officer (DEMS gunner)Empire Sky +
AustralianHodges, Percy Vivian Charles, Merchant Navy31Fireman and TrimmerEmpire Sky +
BritishJarvis, Robert Frank, RN19Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Empire Sky +
BritishJones, Alexander, Merchant Navy39Ordinary SeamanEmpire Sky +
BritishJones, William McConnell, Merchant Navy53Second Engineer OfficerEmpire Sky +
BritishLeneghan, Daniel, British Army33Bombardier (DEMS gunner)Empire Sky +
BritishMariner, Alfred, RN21Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Empire Sky +
BritishMason, Alan, Merchant Navy16Cabin BoyEmpire Sky +
BritishMcInally, Charles, RN25Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Empire Sky +
CanadianMcNeil, Ignatius, Merchant Navy34Fireman and TrimmerEmpire Sky +
BritishMoat, Roy, Merchant Navy39Ordinary SeamanEmpire Sky +
BritishMorley, Thomas, Merchant Navy51MasterEmpire Sky +
IrishMurray, John, Merchant Navy24FiremanEmpire Sky +
BritishNewman, Leslie, Merchant Navy33CarpenterEmpire Sky +
BritishO'Neill, Patrick, RN21Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Empire Sky +
BritishOsborne, Arthur Stanley, British Army26Gunner (DEMS gunner)Empire Sky +
BritishParkinson, Walter Overton, Merchant Navy64Donkeyman and GreaserEmpire Sky +
BritishPhillips, George William, Merchant Navy32Chief CookEmpire Sky +
BritishRead, George Fulcher, Merchant Navy33Chief StewardEmpire Sky +
BritishRedgrave, Eddie, Merchant Navy28Fireman and TrimmerEmpire Sky +
BritishRedshaw, Tom, Merchant Navy27Third Engineer OfficerEmpire Sky +
BritishRhodes, George, Merchant Navy17Cabin BoyEmpire Sky +
BritishRushton, John Hartley, Merchant Navy21Third Radio OfficerEmpire Sky +
BritishRussell, John, RN24Leading Seaman (DEMS gunner)Empire Sky +
BritishSheppard, Jack Donald, Merchant Navy24Fireman and TrimmerEmpire Sky +
BritishStevenson, Gibbon William Gordon, Merchant Navy34Fireman and TrimmerEmpire Sky +
BritishStoackley, Edgar Edmund, British Army30Serjeant (DEMS gunner)Empire Sky +
BritishTaylor, Charles Brown, Merchant Navy31Fireman and TrimmerEmpire Sky +
BritishTrott, Charles Henry, Merchant Navy34Able SeamanEmpire Sky +
BritishTurner, John Snowden, Merchant Navy24First Radio OfficerEmpire Sky +
BritishVaughan, Stephen, Merchant Navy51Able SeamanEmpire Sky +
BritishWear, Edward, Merchant Navy33Fireman and TrimmerEmpire Sky +
BritishWhite, Albert, Merchant Navy49Chief Engineer OfficerEmpire Sky +
BritishWhyles, Edward, Merchant Navy28Able SeamanEmpire Sky +
BritishWilcock, Henry Charles, British Army21Lance Bombardier (DEMS gunner)Empire Sky +
BritishWilliams, William, British Army42Gunner (DEMS gunner)Empire Sky +
BritishWillis, Sidney Vernon, British Army20Gunner (DEMS gunner)Empire Sky +

60 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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