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City of Cairo

British steam passenger ship

Photo courtesy of Allan C. Green Collection

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British steam passenger ship City of Cairo.

Aboard City of Cairo when hit on 6 Nov 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Abdul Hamid, , Merchant Navy34General ServantCity of Cairo +
Abdul Karim, , Merchant Navy20SeamanCity of Cairo +
Ahmad Muhammad, , Merchant Navy23FiremanCity of Cairo +
Ali Jan Bhulla, , Merchant Navy30FiremanCity of Cairo +
Ansar Husain, , Merchant Navy52FiremanCity of Cairo +
Antonio, Antonio, Merchant Navy40General ServantCity of Cairo +
Baba Faqir Sahib, , Merchant Navy49DonkeymanCity of Cairo +
Babu Khan, , Merchant Navy37General ServantCity of Cairo +
Badr-Ud-Din Baba, , Merchant Navy61Fireman's SerangCity of Cairo +
Baptista, Damia, Merchant Navy45General ServantCity of Cairo +
Barnes, Sydney Herbert, Merchant Navy46StewardCity of Cairo +
Bashir Hasan, , Merchant Navy28TrimmerCity of Cairo +
Boundy, Leslie, Merchant NavySecond OfficerCity of Cairo
Britt, Sidney Ernest Dennis, Merchant Navy41Chief OfficerCity of Cairo +
Castelino, Vincent W., Merchant Navy27General ServantCity of Cairo +
Chandar, , Merchant Navy42Butcher's MateCity of Cairo +
Couch, Annie, Merchant Navy64StewardessCity of Cairo +
Crichton, Marshall Dilworth, Civilian57PassengerCity of Cairo +
D'Silva, R., Merchant Navy34General ServantCity of Cairo +
Dobson, Albert Robert Carl, Merchant Navy48QuartermasterCity of Cairo +
Edmead, John Cheetham, Merchant NavyThird StewardCity of Cairo
Estrocio, Nazareth, Merchant Navy45CookCity of Cairo +
Faulds, Robert Allison, Merchant NavyChief Engineer OfficerCity of Cairo
Fernandes, Joao Xavier, Merchant Navy47General ServantCity of Cairo +
Ferrao, A.F., Merchant Navy39General ServantCity of Cairo +
Ghulam Rahman, , Merchant Navy42General ServantCity of Cairo +
Ghulam Rasul, , Merchant Navy42General ServantCity of Cairo +
Ghulam Rasul, , Merchant Navy44BarkeeperCity of Cairo +
Gomes, Baboo, Merchant Navy39CookCity of Cairo +
Gomes, Pocha, Merchant Navy51CookCity of Cairo +
Gomes, William, Merchant Navy41CookCity of Cairo +
Gordon, Crawford Jamieson, Civilian47PassengerCity of Cairo +
Gordon, Margaret Hope Maberly, CivilianPassengerCity of Cairo
Green, James Bennett, Civilian64PassengerCity of Cairo +
Green, Thomas Gerard, Merchant NavyPassenger (Chief Officer)City of Cairo
Humphreys, Thomas Alfred Vaughan, Merchant Navy25Second Radio OfficerCity of Cairo +
Husain Ibrahim, , Merchant Navy44FiremanCity of Cairo +
Ibrahim, , Merchant Navy24TrimmerCity of Cairo +
Inayat Ullah, , Merchant NavyBoyCity of Cairo +
Inayat Ullah, , Merchant Navy49FiremanCity of Cairo +
Ironside, Robert James, Merchant Navy29QuartermasterCity of Cairo +
Jarman, Diana, Civilian21PassengerCity of Cairo +
Kalu, , Merchant Navy20General ServantCity of Cairo +
Karim Hasan, , Merchant Navy25FiremanCity of Cairo +
Khalil Rahman, , Merchant Navy27TrimmerCity of Cairo +
Lakhu Ram, , Merchant Navy25Assistant StewardCity of Cairo +
Lane, Harry, Civilian32PassengerCity of Cairo +
Little, Robert, Civilian61PassengerCity of Cairo +
Lukha, , Merchant Navy56TopassCity of Cairo +
MacDonald, Angus William Dewar, Merchant NavyQuartermasterCity of Cairo
MacNeil, Patrick, Merchant NavyQuartermasterCity of Cairo
Magale, , Merchant Navy42BoyCity of Cairo +
Marr, Francis Alleyne, Civilian49PassengerCity of Cairo +
McCall, Thomas Dunlop, Merchant Navy44MasterCity of Cairo +
McGaffney, Lawrence, Civilian38PassengerCity of Cairo +
McGregor, William, Merchant Navy27Third Engineer OfficerCity of Cairo +
McLean, Rev. Lauchlan, Civilian56PassengerCity of Cairo +
McNeill, Daniel A., Civilian60PassengerCity of Cairo +
McQuone, Francis Baker, Merchant Navy49PurserCity of Cairo +
Mohi-Ud-Din, , Merchant Navy21TrimmerCity of Cairo +
Muhabbat Jin Khan, , Merchant Navy44FiremanCity of Cairo +
Muhammad Ali, , Merchant Navy28General ServantCity of Cairo +
Muhammad Ishaq, , Merchant Navy26General ServantCity of Cairo +
Muhammad Sidiq, , Merchant Navy27TrimmerCity of Cairo +
Napier, George Emmerson, Merchant Navy32Chief StewardCity of Cairo +
Noble, David Dow, Merchant Navy23Fifth Engineer OfficerCity of Cairo +
Nuttall, John, Merchant Navy28ButcherCity of Cairo +
Oakley, John Thomas, Civilian57PassengerCity of Cairo +
Pahari, , Merchant Navy39TopassCity of Cairo +
Panchu, , Merchant Navy42ButcherCity of Cairo +
Panja Charam Singaram, , Merchant Navy44Deck TopassCity of Cairo +
Peever, Harry, Merchant Navy49First Radio OfficerCity of Cairo +
Pirrie, William Towers, Merchant Navy27Fourth Engineer OfficerCity of Cairo +
Powell, Frederick George Charles, Merchant Navy25Third Engineer OfficerCity of Cairo +
Qadir Ismail, , Merchant Navy50DonkeymanCity of Cairo +
Quantrill, Douglas Walter, Merchant NavyShip’s SurgeonCity of Cairo
Rahim Bakhsh, , Merchant Navy53General ServantCity of Cairo +
Ramayya Senayya, , Merchant Navy20Deck TopassCity of Cairo +
Rasul Zaman, , Merchant Navy38BhandaryCity of Cairo +
Richardson, Kate Sarah, Civilian78PassengerCity of Cairo +
Rogerson, William Alexander, Merchant NavyMasterCity of Cairo
Rozario, B., Merchant Navy36CookCity of Cairo +
Rozario, Francis, Merchant Navy18CookCity of Cairo +
Sajila Babu, , Merchant Navy30General ServantCity of Cairo +
Samuel, , Merchant Navy70CookCity of Cairo +
Sayid Pir Mian, , Merchant Navy40FiremanCity of Cairo +
Sharif-Ud-Din, , Merchant Navy38GreaserCity of Cairo +
Sheikh Abdul Rahim, , Merchant Navy43CassabCity of Cairo +
Sheikh Ali, , Merchant Navy34DonkeymanCity of Cairo +
Sheikh Ayub, , Merchant Navy36FiremanCity of Cairo +
Sheikh Baba, , Merchant Navy32SeamanCity of Cairo +
Sheikh Babu, , Merchant Navy46Head WaiterCity of Cairo +
Sheikh Husain, , Merchant Navy42SeamanCity of Cairo +
Sheikh Husain, , Merchant Navy45FiremanCity of Cairo +
Sheikh Ismail, , Merchant Navy43TrimmerCity of Cairo +
Sheikh Naim-Ud-Din, , Merchant Navy38CookCity of Cairo +
Sheikh Rajab, , Merchant Navy25SeamanCity of Cairo +
Sheikh Taju, , Merchant Navy21ScullionCity of Cairo +
Shenton, Herbert, Merchant Navy48Engineer OfficerCity of Cairo +
Solomon, William Charles, Civilian31PassengerCity of Cairo +
Stobbart, Frank, Merchant Navy26StorekeeperCity of Cairo +
Sulaiman, , Merchant Navy32SeamanCity of Cairo +
Sultan Khan, , Merchant Navy39BakerCity of Cairo +
Tagg, John, Merchant NavySecond OfficerCity of Cairo +
Taggart, Ada Alexandra, Merchant Navy50Chief StewardessCity of Cairo +
Taju, , Merchant NavyFiremanCity of Cairo +
Tamiz-Ud-Din, , Merchant NavyFireman and TrimmerCity of Cairo +
Tasker, Ronald Henry, Civilian50PassengerCity of Cairo +
Tingle, Wilfred Benson, Merchant Navy44MasterCity of Cairo +
Umed Mahbode, , Merchant Navy23FiremanCity of Cairo +
Usher, Gladys Francis Marion, Merchant NavyPassengerCity of Cairo
Watkins-Ball, Basil Ralph, Civilian28PassengerCity of Cairo +
Watts, Robert Henry, Civilian30PassengerCity of Cairo +
Whyte, James Alister, Merchant Navy24Third OfficerCity of Cairo, City of Pretoria +

114 persons found.

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