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Dutch steam merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Dutch steam merchant Serooskerk.

Aboard Serooskerk when hit on 6 Dec 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Abdul Aziz, , Merchant NavyPantryman Serooskerk +
Abdul Aziz, , Merchant NavyCassab Serooskerk +
Abdul Gaffoor, , Merchant NavyLascar Serooskerk +
Abdul Ghani, , Merchant NavyGeneral Servant Serooskerk +
Abdul Hamid, , Merchant NavyGeneral Servant Serooskerk +
Abdul Jalil, , Merchant NavySeaman Serooskerk +
Abdul Karim, , Merchant NavyDeck Bhandary’s Mate Serooskerk +
Abdul Razaq, , Merchant NavyChief Cook Serooskerk +
Abdul Razaq, , Merchant NavyCook Serooskerk +
Abdul Rub, , Merchant NavyFireman Serooskerk +
Abdur Rahman, , Merchant NavyCassab Serooskerk +
Afaz-Ud-Din, , Merchant NavySeaman Serooskerk +
Amir Ullah, , Merchant NavyFireman Serooskerk +
Amir-Ud-Din, , Merchant NavySeaman Serooskerk +
Anfar Ullah, , Merchant NavyWinchman Serooskerk +
Anwar Ullah, , Merchant NavySeacunny Serooskerk +
Anwyl, John Lloyd, Merchant Navy33Passenger (Second Officer) Serooskerk +
Arfan Ali, , Merchant NavyFireman Serooskerk +
Armas Ali, , Merchant NavySeaman Serooskerk +
Bodu, , Merchant NavySeaman Serooskerk +
Boer, Doekele de, Merchant Navy43Master Zuiderkerk, Serooskerk +
Boju Mian, , Merchant NavyTrimmer Serooskerk +
Bolland, Johann, Merchant Navy37Second Officer Jagersfontein, Serooskerk +
Browne, Bernard George, CivilianPassenger Serooskerk +
Clark, William Arthur, RNAble Seaman (DEMS gunner) Serooskerk +
Clements, Harold, RN26Able Seaman (DEMS gunner) Serooskerk +
Croucher, Frank Edward, British Army24Bombardier (DEMS gunner) Serooskerk +
Darban Ali, , Merchant NavyTrimmer Serooskerk +
Daroga Ali, , Merchant NavySeaman Serooskerk +
Dulk, Arie den, Merchant Navy20Assistant Engineer Serooskerk +
Dulk, Leonard Diederik den, Merchant Navy22Assistant Engineer Serooskerk +
Durga, , Merchant NavyTopass Serooskerk +
Dyson, Joseph, British Army22Gunner (DEMS gunner) Serooskerk +
Ensor, John Pitt, RNVR36Passenger (Lieutenant-Commander) Serooskerk +
Entaz Ali, , Merchant NavyFireman Serooskerk +
Faiz Ali, , Merchant NavyFireman Serooskerk +
Farman Ullah, , Merchant NavyFireman Serooskerk +
Forbes, David Kenneth, RNVR33Passenger (Lieutenant) Serooskerk +
Gabriëlse, Johannes, Merchant Navy40Chief Officer Serooskerk +
Gillitt, Anthony Robert, Merchant Navy16Passenger (Cadet) Serooskerk +
Guasco, Ernest, CivilianPassenger Serooskerk +
Habib Ullah, , Merchant NavySecond Tindal Serooskerk +
Habib Ullah, , Merchant NavySeaman Serooskerk +
Hamid Ullah, , Merchant NavyTrimmer Serooskerk +
Harmuz Ullah, , Merchant NavyFireman Serooskerk +
Hasan Ali, , Merchant NavyDeck Serang Serooskerk +
Hashmat Ali, , Merchant NavyTindal Serooskerk +
Henrick, Douglas Haig Nivelle, British Army25Gunner (DEMS gunner) Serooskerk +
Hills, Fredrick William, British Army23Gunner (DEMS gunner) Serooskerk +
Iman Ali, , Merchant NavyFireman Serooskerk +
Jaban Ullah, , Merchant NavyGreaser Serooskerk +
Jafar Ullah, , Merchant NavyTrimmer Serooskerk +
Jakar-Ud-Din, , Merchant NavyLascar Serooskerk +
Jobse, Gerrit, Merchant Navy52Chief Steward Serooskerk +
Kabir Ullah, , Merchant NavyTrimmer Serooskerk +
Kala Mian, , Merchant NavyTrimmer Serooskerk +
Kalisvaart, Jacob, Merchant Navy23Fourth Officer Jagersfontein, Serooskerk +
Korte, Cornelis de, Merchant Navy19Assistant Engineer Zuiderkerk, Serooskerk +
Krispijn, Dirk, Merchant Navy46Chief Engineer Officer Zuiderkerk, Serooskerk +
Lukman Husain, , Merchant NavySeaman Serooskerk +
Macilwaine, Gordon, Merchant Navy34Passenger (Third Officer) Serooskerk +
Mak, Johannes, Merchant Navy30Third Officer Serooskerk +
Maqbul Ahmad, , Merchant NavySeaman Serooskerk +
Masmut Allee, , Merchant NavyLascar Serooskerk +
Mehar Ullah, , Merchant NavyTrimmer Serooskerk +
Monu, , Merchant NavyGeneral Servant Serooskerk +
Muhabbat Ullah, , Merchant NavyFireman Serooskerk +
Muhammad, , Merchant NavyBhandary Serooskerk +
Muhammad Aksir, , Merchant NavyFireman Serooskerk +
Muhammad Ismail, , Merchant NavyFirst Tindal Serooskerk +
Muhammad Qasim, , Merchant NavySeaman Serooskerk +
Muhammad Rauf, , Merchant NavyGeneral Servant Serooskerk +
Muhammad Shafi, , Merchant NavyGeneral Servant Serooskerk +
Muhammad Yusuf, , Merchant NavySeaman Serooskerk +
Muklas Ali, , Merchant NavyDonkeyman Serooskerk +
Muntaz Ali, , Merchant NavyFireman Serooskerk +
Nawab Ali, , Merchant NavySeaman Serooskerk +
Nazir Ali, , Merchant NavySeacunny Serooskerk +
Newman, Charles John, CivilianPassenger Serooskerk +
Olmen, Karel David van, Merchant Navy29Third Engineer Officer Paulus Potter, Serooskerk +
Patu, , Merchant NavyTopass Serooskerk +
Poster, Robert Egbert, Merchant Navy21Deck Apprentice Serooskerk +
Qadir Ali, , Merchant NavyBhandary Serooskerk +
Rahim Ullah, , Merchant NavyFireman Serooskerk +
Ramzan Ali, , Merchant NavyFireman Serooskerk +
Rangila Mian, , Merchant NavyTrimmer Serooskerk +
Razib Ullah, , Merchant NavyGreaser Serooskerk +
Roshan Ali, , Merchant NavyBhandary Serooskerk +
Rosi Ullah, , Merchant NavySerang Serooskerk +
Rugg, James, RN20Able Seaman (DEMS gunner) Serooskerk +
Safar Maluk, , Merchant NavySeacunny Serooskerk +
Safat Ullah, , Merchant NavyFireman Serooskerk +
Samruz Ali, , Merchant NavyDonkeyman Serooskerk +
Scheur, Roelof van der, Merchant Navy24Radio Operator Serooskerk +
Sheikh Panchu, , Merchant NavyButler Serooskerk +
Sikandar Ali, , Merchant NavySeaman Serooskerk +
Sikandar Ali, , Merchant NavyTrimmer Serooskerk +
Slarmuz Ullah, , Merchant NavyLascar Serooskerk +
Tayab Mian, , Merchant NavyGreaser Serooskerk +
Tayab Ullah, , Merchant NavyFireman Serooskerk +
Tinge, Willem, Merchant Navy29Assistant Engineer Jagersfontein, Serooskerk +
Usman Ullah, , Merchant NavyFireman Serooskerk +
Vickers, Walton, RNAble Seaman (DEMS gunner) Serooskerk +
Waji Din, , Merchant NavySeacunny Serooskerk +
Whitcombe, Frederick Harold, RM42Sergeant (DEMS gunner) Serooskerk +
Wilberding, Franz Gerhard, Merchant Navy42Second Engineer Officer Zuiderkerk, Serooskerk +
Williams, Stuart John Quare, Merchant Navy17Passenger (Cadet) Serooskerk +
Zamir, , Merchant NavyTopass Serooskerk +

108 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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