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Wade Hampton

American steam merchant

Photo courtesy of William F. Hultgren

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam merchant Wade Hampton.

Aboard Wade Hampton when hit on 28 Feb 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
Anderson, Henry, USN21Armed GuardWade Hampton
Anderson, Leland Boerhaave, Merchant Marine21Engine CadetWade Hampton
Bacon, Richard McKee, Merchant Marine20MessmanWade Hampton
Bailey, Herbert Strange, Merchant Marine24OilerWade Hampton
Barrs, Bert Henderson, USNR27Seaman First ClassWade Hampton
Bennett, Carl Eugene, USNR17Seaman First ClassWade Hampton +
Blackwelder, David Winfield, USN19Seaman First ClassWade Hampton
Breslin, Russell Michael, Merchant Marine43OilerWade Hampton
Brown, Robert, USN19Armed GuardWade Hampton
Buchser, Ernest Joseph, Merchant Marine19Deck MaintainerWade Hampton
Burch, George Allen, Merchant Marine22Able SeamanWade Hampton
Carr, Charles Ray, Merchant Marine21Third MateWade Hampton
Chandler, Warsham Scott, Merchant Marine45Chief EngineerWade Hampton
Chism, Edward James, Merchant Marine34Fireman/WatertenderWade Hampton
Clark, John W. , Merchant Marine23Chief MateWade Hampton
Cram, Kendall Hutchinson, USNR29EnsignWade Hampton +
Dickey, Rexford Edwin, Merchant Marine40Able SeamanWade Hampton
Dolomanuk, Alexander, Merchant Marine20UtilityWade Hampton
Duffy, William, USNR18Seaman First ClassWade Hampton
Francis, Flournoy B., Merchant Marine22Ordinary SeamanWade Hampton
Gagnon, Alfred, USNR19Seaman First ClassWade Hampton
Garofalo, Frank, USN21Seaman First ClassWade Hampton
Gerdes, Henry Conrad, Merchant Marine40Chief StewardWade Hampton
Gombas, John, Merchant Marine21WiperWade Hampton
Grabowski, Victor Stanley, USNR22Seaman First ClassWade Hampton
Grazicsi, Michael, USN17Armed GuardWade Hampton
Griggs, John Elmer, USN28Boatswain’s Mate First ClassWade Hampton
Hansen, Kaj Enok, Merchant Marine26Able SeamanWade Hampton
Harris, Jerome Ellsworth Charles, Merchant Marine19UtilityWade Hampton
Hartje, Lynn Dean, USNR18Seaman First ClassWade Hampton
Hoffman, James, Merchant Marine18Engine CadetWade Hampton
Johnson, Eugene, USNR22Seaman First ClassWade Hampton
Kaskell, Edward Thomas, Merchant Marine19WiperMinotaur, Wade Hampton
Keene, Cullen Harwood, USN30Armed GuardWade Hampton
Kennedy, Sam D., USNRCoxswainWade Hampton
Kerr, Kenneth W., Merchant Marine30ClerkWade Hampton
Lee, Hugh Everett, Merchant Marine18Able SeamanWade Hampton
Logie, Kenneth Gordon, Merchant Marine30Second MateWade Hampton
Lohnes, Arnold Eugene, Merchant Marine35Able SeamanMinotaur, Wade Hampton
Long, Albert Edward, Merchant Marine51Second Assistant EngineerWade Hampton
Miles, Edward, Merchant Marine31Chief CookWade Hampton
Miller, George Carter, Merchant Marine19Deck CadetWade Hampton +
Milligan, Paul Leslie, Merchant Marine20Deck CadetWade Hampton
Murphy, Charles H., Merchant Marine57First Assistant EngineerWade Hampton
Parramore, Clarence, USNR25Seaman First ClassWade Hampton +
Rechsteiner, Joseph Harry, Merchant Marine19WiperWade Hampton
Reynolds, John Lloyd, Merchant Marine49MasterWade Hampton
Ricketts, James F., USN19Seaman First ClassWade Hampton
Rodgers, Herbert Charles, Merchant Marine39Deck EngineerWade Hampton
Rodgers, Marion Marle, USNSeaman First ClassWade Hampton
Rogers, James Henry, Merchant Marine20Ordinary SeamanWade Hampton
Ross, Arthur, USN31Armed GuardWade Hampton
Sandova, John, Merchant Marine33Boatswain (Bosun)Wade Hampton +
Schanoski, Matthew Joseph, USN19Seaman First ClassWade Hampton
Sconza, Edgar Joseph, Merchant Marine25OilerWade Hampton
Serafinski, Joseph, Merchant Marine28Ordinary SeamanWade Hampton
Sharpe, Jefferson Burdette, Merchant Marine40Fireman/WatertenderWade Hampton
Smearman, Clarence Milo, USNR20Seaman First ClassWade Hampton
Sokolosky, Eugene, Merchant Marine29Third Assistant EngineerWade Hampton
Somogyi, Charles Keith, USNR20Seaman First ClassWade Hampton +
Terrien, Bernard P., Merchant Marine29Deck MaintainerWade Hampton
Thorsson, Karl Frederik E., Merchant Marine27Second CookWade Hampton
Waller, Edward Easley, Merchant Marine25Radio OperatorWade Hampton
Walter, William Mann, USN17Seaman First ClassWade Hampton
Wayson, John William, Merchant Marine23Ordinary SeamanWade Hampton +
Williamson, Dock C., Merchant Marine26Fireman/WatertenderWade Hampton
Wilson, Daniel, USNSeaman First ClassWade Hampton +
Woodford, Richard Irving, USNR24Seaman First ClassWade Hampton
Wright, Clifton Lee, USN17Seaman First ClassWade Hampton
Yalshevec, Joseph, USNR19Gunner’s Mate Third ClassWade Hampton
Yeager, Raymond Edward, USNR20Seaman First ClassWade Hampton

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