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William C. Gorgas

American steam merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam merchant William C. Gorgas.

Aboard William C. Gorgas when hit on 11 Mar 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
AmericanAlderman, William Wallace, Merchant Marine25Able SeamanWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanAnderson, James Buckley, Merchant Marine35StewardWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanAversa, Dominic John, USNR21Seaman First ClassWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanBaker, Walter Burford, USNR23EnsignWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanBarton, Estol, Merchant Marine42Deck MaintainerWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanBoyter, Preston, Merchant Marine32OilerWilliam C. Gorgas
AmericanBreaux, John Brannan, Merchant Marine27Radio OperatorWilliam C. Gorgas
AmericanBrown, Lyle V., USNRSeaman Second ClassWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanChalk, William Edward, Merchant Marine27Junior Third MateWilliam C. Gorgas
AmericanChambless, Arthur, Merchant Marine21Ordinary SeamanWilliam C. Gorgas
AmericanCordua, James Sinclair, Merchant Marine21Deck CadetWilliam C. Gorgas +, HMS Harvester (H 19) +
AmericanCorkern, Sheldon Ellis, Merchant Marine29Fireman/WatertenderWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanCrawley, William Jefferson, Merchant Marine28Able SeamanWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanDaugherty, James Pearson, USNR20Seaman First ClassWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanDean, John Franklin, Merchant Marine28Chief MateWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanDegrasso, Michael, USNR20Seaman First ClassWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanDembinski, Leopold, USNR25Seaman First ClassWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanDePaola, Frederick Harold, USN26Seaman First ClassWilliam C. Gorgas, HMS Harvester (H 19)
AmericanDobson, Tilden Austin, USNR19Seaman First ClassWilliam C. Gorgas, HMS Harvester (H 19)
AmericanDorn, John Henry, USNR21Seaman First ClassWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanDrain, Elmer Evert, USNR28Seaman First ClassWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanDubey, Louie John, Merchant Marine23Third Assistant EngineerWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanElder, Marvin Eugene, USNR20Seaman First ClassWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanEllis, James Calvin, Merchant Marine46MasterWilliam C. Gorgas +, HMS Harvester (H 19) +
AmericanFerguson, Paul Edward, USNR20Seaman First ClassWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanFilbert, Floyd Franklin, USNR20Seaman First ClassWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanFinkeldie, Warren William, USNR21Seaman First ClassWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanGedman, Oliver Stephen, Merchant Marine19Able SeamanWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanGiblin, Allen J., Merchant Marine34SailorWilliam C. Gorgas
AmericanGibson, James William, USNSeaman Second ClassWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanHaddox, Mervin Enoch, Merchant Marine29UtilityWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanHall, Yancey Novel, Merchant Marine29First Assistant EngineerWilliam C. Gorgas, HMS Harvester (H 19)
AmericanHallenbeck, George Wesley, Merchant Marine33Boatswain (Bosun)William C. Gorgas +
AmericanHanrahan, Andrew Nicholas, Merchant Marine46CookWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanHanzik, Edwin, Merchant Marine21Deck CadetWilliam C. Gorgas +, HMS Harvester (H 19) +
AmericanHatfield, Robert Henry, USNR19Seaman First ClassWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanHaug, Robert Jessie, USNR18Seaman First ClassWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanHayes, Victor Leon, USNSeaman First ClassWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanHewett, Ralph Allen, Merchant Marine22Fireman/WatertenderWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanJackson, Richard Wellington, USNR32Seaman First ClassWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanKloskowski, Stanley John, Merchant Marine28OilerWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanLayton, William Joseph, Merchant Marine28Second MateWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanMadden, Rex L., USN17Seaman First ClassWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanMartel, Robert Paul, Merchant Marine29MessmanWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanMcCallen, Frank Dugald, Merchant Marine39Fireman/WatertenderWilliam C. Gorgas
AmericanMcEvoy, Heywood Aden, Merchant Marine24Second Assistant EngineerWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanMcEvoy, William David, Merchant Marine28WiperWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanMcGinnis, William Kenneth, Merchant MarinePurserWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanMoon, James Oscar, Merchant Marine19Engine CadetJeremiah Wadsworth, William C. Gorgas +, HMS Harvester (H 19) +
AmericanMoralis, Manuel Madison, Merchant Marine28CookWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanNix, Milton Elliott, Merchant Marine22MessmanWilliam C. Gorgas
AmericanPacetti, William Mathew, Merchant Marine30MessmanWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanPaul, Harry Saul, Merchant Marine35MessmanWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanPerlis, Morris, Merchant Marine25Fireman/WatertenderWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanReed, Holloway William, Merchant Marine26Able SeamanWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanRhodes, Herbert James, Merchant Marine32MessmanWilliam C. Gorgas +
Puerto RicanRivera, Rafael Ramirez, Merchant Marine21Third MateWilliam C. Gorgas +, HMS Harvester (H 19) +
AmericanRutherford, Mark, Merchant MarineCookWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanSteadham, George Lindsay, Merchant Marine34Chief EngineerWilliam C. Gorgas +, HMS Harvester (H 19) +
AmericanWestover, Harold Fuller, Merchant Marine27WiperWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanWhite, Thor Stanley, Merchant Marine33Ordinary SeamanWilliam C. Gorgas +
AmericanWiggin, Edwin Parslow, Merchant Marine18Deck CadetWilliam C. Gorgas +, HMS Harvester (H 19) +

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