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Irénée Du Pont

American steam merchant

Photo courtesy of the Mariners Museum, Newport News VA

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam merchant Irénée Du Pont.

Aboard Irénée Du Pont when hit on 17 Mar 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
Ask, Janne Bruno, Merchant Marine50Able SeamanIrénée Du Pont
Ballantine, Hugh, Merchant Marine23Able SeamanIrénée Du Pont
Barbosa, Atilano, Merchant Marine32MessmanIrénée Du Pont
Bennett, Richard Ray, Merchant Marine35Chief MateCatahoula, Irénée Du Pont
Bernhart, Victor Robert, Merchant Marine56CarpenterIrénée Du Pont
Borgeson, Martin Eugelbert, USNR24Seaman First ClassIrénée Du Pont +
Bruenler, Carl, Merchant Marine35MessmanIrénée Du Pont +
Cruise, Richard James, Merchant Marine34Able SeamanIrénée Du Pont
Davis, Lenford Gossell Austin, Merchant Marine37Second CookIrénée Du Pont +
Downing, Daniel, Merchant Marine38Radio OperatorIrénée Du Pont
Dunne, Michael, Merchant Marine22Fireman/WatertenderIrénée Du Pont
Ellard, Frank H., Merchant Marine19Ordinary SeamanIrénée Du Pont
Filippo, John Armand, Merchant Marine28Able SeamanIrénée Du Pont
Floriani, Frank Gerard, Merchant Marine31PurserIrénée Du Pont
French, John Edwin, Merchant Marine39Third Assistant EngineerIrénée Du Pont
Funk, Robert Harding, Merchant Marine22Junior Third Assistant EngineerIrénée Du Pont
Gatrel, Marion Albert, Merchant Marine23Able SeamanIrénée Du Pont
Gaynor, Samuel Austin, Merchant Marine45Chief CookIrénée Du Pont +
Gordon, Robert Love, Merchant Marine42Able SeamanIrénée Du Pont
Gorman, Richard Edward, Merchant Marine23UtilityIrénée Du Pont
Green, Leroy M., Merchant Marine18UtilityIrénée Du Pont
Green, Willie, Merchant Marine25MessmanIrénée Du Pont +
Hagley, Joseph A., Merchant Marine28Second Assistant EngineerIrénée Du Pont
Horne, Frank B., Merchant Marine41Fireman/WatertenderIrénée Du Pont
Howard, Robert, Merchant Marine39MessmanIrénée Du Pont
Howell, Robert Lee, USNSeaman First ClassIrénée Du Pont
Hunnicutt, Milton Reese, Merchant Marine38StewardIrénée Du Pont
Jones, Thomas John, Merchant Marine42Maintenance OilerIrénée Du Pont
Kuder, Reid Gottlieb, Merchant Marine20Engine CadetIrénée Du Pont
Lord, Francis J., Merchant Marine29OilerIrénée Du Pont
Lorenzo, Serafin, Merchant Marine50Deck MaintainerIrénée Du Pont
Mason, Thomas Baker, Merchant Marine17WiperIrénée Du Pont
McKnight, Timothy, Merchant Marine26MessmanIrénée Du Pont
Moreto, Louis Eugene, Merchant Marine38Second MateIrénée Du Pont
Murphy, William Henry, Merchant Marine26First Assistant EngineerIrénée Du Pont
Norris, Ezekiel Boyce, USNR33EnsignIrénée Du Pont +
O'Keefe, Nicholas John, Merchant Marine18Able SeamanIrénée Du Pont
Owen, John Edward Crewe, Merchant Marine44Able SeamanIrénée Du Pont
Pilling, Frank, USNPassenger (Ensign)Irénée Du Pont
Priscu, Nicholas, Merchant Marine28Fireman/WatertenderIrénée Du Pont
Rebfield, Frank P., Merchant Marine30Junior Third MateIrénée Du Pont
Rivera, Jaime Laureano, Merchant Marine28MessmanIrénée Du Pont +
Romano, Louis Joseph, Merchant Marine28OilerIrénée Du Pont
Sanguinedo, Ricardo, Merchant Marine22OilerIrénée Du Pont +
Schwinn, Henry Homberg, USNR19Seaman First ClassIrénée Du Pont +
Sheppard, Howard Conrow, Merchant Marine55Chief EngineerIrénée Du Pont
Simonsen, Christian Boel, Merchant Marine37MasterIrénée Du Pont
Sjorberg, William, Merchant Marine20Fireman/WatertenderIrénée Du Pont
Soule, David L., Merchant Marine34ElectricianIrénée Du Pont
Stringer, Maurice Edward, USNR24Seaman First ClassIrénée Du Pont +
Sugarman, Peter, Merchant Marine18Ordinary SeamanIrénée Du Pont
Trsek, Robert John, USNR18Seaman First ClassIrénée Du Pont +
Valdes, Juan Francisco, Merchant Marine31Ordinary SeamanIrénée Du Pont +
Vispy, William, Merchant Marine24Ordinary SeamanIrénée Du Pont
Willis, Hull Birdie, Merchant Marine43Boatswain (Bosun)Irénée Du Pont
Woods, George Everett, USNR28Gunner’s Mate Third ClassIrénée Du Pont +
Zeno, Ramon Boria, Merchant Marine29Able SeamanIrénée Du Pont

57 persons found - for all attacks on this ship (2).

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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