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Kota Tjandi

Dutch motor merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Dutch motor merchant Kota Tjandi.

Aboard Kota Tjandi when hit on 30 Apr 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
Aarts, Franciscus Hubertus Cornelis, Merchant Navy30Third OfficerKota Tjandi +
Abu Bakar, , Merchant NavySeamanKota Tjandi +
Achmad, , Merchant Navy33StewardKota Tjandi
Adam Dawood, , Merchant NavySeamanKota Tjandi
Allufdeen Amir Baz, , Merchant NavyFiremanKota Tjandi
Badrudin Cassum, , Merchant NavySeamanKota Tjandi
Bassoo Ackookhan, , Merchant NavyTindalKota Tjandi
Bieling, Peter Johannes, Merchant Navy21Fourth OfficerKota Tjandi
Biroo Fathey Bher, , Merchant NavyGreaserKota Tjandi
Boxman, Johannes Bertus, Merchant Navy24Fourth Engineer OfficerKota Tjandi, Dempo
Cassum Abdul Goolly, , Merchant NavySeacunnyKota Tjandi
Cassum Dawood, , Merchant NavySeamanKota Tjandi
Dakip, , Merchant Navy43BakerKota Tjandi
Dawood Abdul Gully, , Merchant NavySeamanKota Tjandi
Dawood Ahmed, , Merchant NavySecond TindalKota Tjandi
Dawood Mohammed, , Merchant NavySeacunnyKota Tjandi
Dee, Cornelis, Merchant Navy35Third Engineer OfficerKota Tjandi
Dijk, Jan van, Royal Dutch Army24DEMS gunnerKota Tjandi
Din Mohammed, , Merchant NavySeamanKota Tjandi
Doeladji, , Merchant Navy34StewardKota Tjandi
Ebrahim Hoosein, , Merchant NavySeamanKota Tjandi
Esmail Ebram, , Merchant NavyFirst TindalKota Tjandi
Fackeer Cassum, , Merchant NavySeamanKota Tjandi
Faqir, , Merchant NavyCassabKota Tjandi +
Giel, Nicolaas, Merchant Navy47Chief Engineer OfficerKota Tjandi
Heijmans, Cornelis Johannes, Merchant Navy42Chief StewardKota Tjandi
Hoosein Facheer, , Merchant NavySeacunnyKota Tjandi
Hooseinbhoy M., , Merchant NavySeamanKota Tjandi
Imandin Allufdeen, , Merchant NavyFiremanKota Tjandi
Ismail, , Merchant Navy42StewardKota Tjandi
Ismail, , Merchant NavyBhandaryKota Tjandi +
Jongman, Pieter, Merchant Navy42Male NurseKota Tjandi
Keulen, Izaak van, Merchant Navy23Fourth Engineer OfficerKota Tjandi
Kickhefer, Jan Cornelis, Merchant Navy29First Radio OperatorKota Tjandi
Kikkert, Daniel Cornelis, Merchant Navy23Fifth Engineer OfficerSitoebondo, Kota Tjandi
Klaver, Pieter, Merchant Navy24Second Radio OperatorKota Tjandi
Kleindrik, , Merchant Navy33StewardKota Tjandi
Knook, Adriaan, Merchant Navy45Chief OfficerKota Tjandi, Dempo
Kootboodeen Allarakkan, , Merchant NavySeamanKota Tjandi
Manga, , Merchant NavyGreaserKota Tjandi
Manora Hirjivan, , Merchant NavyTopassKota Tjandi
Matrawie, , Merchant Navy45StewardKota Tjandi
Mohammed Acoojee, , Merchant Navy47Deck SerangKota Tjandi
Mohammed Fandi, , Merchant NavyGreaserKota Tjandi
Mohammed Hoossein, , Merchant NavySeamanKota Tjandi
Mohammed Walayat, , Merchant NavyFiremanKota Tjandi
Muller, Jan, Royal Dutch Army30DEMS gunnerKota Tjandi
Nana Bhai, , Merchant NavySeamanKota Tjandi +
Neuville, L. van, Merchant Navy39GunnerKota Tjandi
Noor Ahmed Gulandin, , Merchant NavyCassabKota Tjandi
Nur Muhammad, , Merchant NavySeamanKota Tjandi +
Oekar, , Merchant Navy29LaundrymanKota Tjandi
Oosman Fackeer, , Merchant NavySeamanKota Tjandi
Oss, Johannes Theodorus van, Royal Dutch Army32DEMS gunnerKota Tjandi
Poot, Jacob, Royal Dutch Army37Sergeant (DEMS gunner)Kota Tjandi
Rombi, , Merchant Navy28StewardKota Tjandi
Rooy, Cornelis de, Merchant Navy43Able Seaman/GunnerKota Tjandi
Saan, , Merchant Navy30LaundrymanKota Tjandi
Sadak Mange, , Merchant NavyFiremanKota Tjandi
Saida Roshankhan, , Merchant NavyGreaserKota Tjandi
Sakhi Mohammed Nealoo, , Merchant NavyGreaserKota Tjandi
Salimo, , Merchant Navy41StewardKota Tjandi
Sanders, Gerrit, Royal Dutch Army24DEMS gunnerKota Tjandi
Sasmo, , Merchant Navy36Cook’s MateKota Tjandi
Sher Calla, , Merchant NavyBhandaryKota Tjandi
Sleman, , Merchant Navy30StewardKota Tjandi
Smit, Geert Gerardus, Royal Dutch Army24DEMS gunnerKota Tjandi
Sultan Moolla, , Merchant NavyEngine Room SerangKota Tjandi
Swart, Johannes Bertus, Merchant Navy45Second Engineer OfficerKota Tjandi
Tabri, , Merchant Navy24StewardKota Tjandi
Tching Ah Tchos, , Merchant Navy27Crew memberKota Tjandi
Teffer, Gerardus Marinus, Royal Dutch Army25DEMS gunnerKota Tjandi
Tendijck, Karel Simon Joseph, Merchant Navy50MasterKota Tjandi
Vermaas, Johannes, Merchant Navy45CookKota Tjandi
Werf, Eltjo van der, Merchant Navy23Fourth OfficerKota Tjandi
Wijn, Willem Nicolaas de, Merchant Navy40Second OfficerSitoebondo, Kota Tjandi
Yusoof Mea Aboobakar, , Merchant NavySeacunnyKota Tjandi
Zaman Allee F. Tababhan, , Merchant NavyFiremanKota Tjandi
Zuidweg, Jan, Merchant Navy33Third Engineer OfficerKota Tjandi

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