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Doris (Q 135)

French submarine

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the French submarine Doris (Q 135).

Aboard Doris (Q 135) when hit on 9 May 1940

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NameAgeRankServed on
FrenchAndré, Joseph, French Navy20Matelot TorpilleurDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchAzémar, Guy Antoine, French Navy19Matelot TorpilleurDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchBarvec, François Louis, French Navy35Maître TorpilleurDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchBétaille, Marcel, French Navy23Quartier Maître MécanicienDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchBordet, Jean Louis Henri, French Navy19Matelot TimonierDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchBovery, Georges Joseph, French Navy18Matelot ÉlectricienDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchBrès, Louis Elie Emile, French Navy24Quartier Maître MécanicienDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchBressot, Jean Marie, French Navy26Second Maître MécanicienDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchBurr, Joseph, French Navy18Quartier Maître FusilierDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchCabon, Michel Joseph Marie, French Navy25Quartier Maître TorpilleurDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchChabaud, Georges Adolphe, French Navy19Matelot MécanicienDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchChevalier, Edmond Bernard Raymond, French Navy19Matelot CuisinierDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchCicchi, René Henri, French Navy20Quartier Maître MécanicienDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchCloâtre, Claude Louis Marie, French Navy26Quartier Maître ÉlectricienDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchDe Dieuleveult, Jacques Arthur Marie Émile, French Navy30Enseigne De VaisseauDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchDucrocq, Edouard Jean, French Navy20Matelot Maître D'HôtelDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchFavreul, Jean Ernest Marie, French Navy41Capitaine de CorvetteDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchFitamant, Jean Marie, French Navy27Quartier Maître CanonnierDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchGallineau, Joseph, French Navy24Quartier Maître ÉlectricienDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchGaudu, Emile, French Navy32Premier Maître TimonierDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchGauthier, Louis Honoré, French Navy19Matelot CuisinierDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchGourtay, Jean Guillaume, French Navy20Quartier Maître ÉlectricienDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchHugot, Jean Victor, French Navy24Matelot ÉlectricienDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchKauffmann, René Laurent, French Navy28Matelot ÉlectricienDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchKraemer, Helmut, French Navy20Quartier Maître TimonierDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchLadonne, Maxime Erasme Pierre, French Navy30Lieutenant de VaisseauDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchLe Philippe, Emile Marie, French Navy35Maître MécanicienDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchLe Sceller, Maurice Joseph, French Navy36Premier Maître MécanicienDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchLustig, Marcel, French Navy18Matelot MécanicienDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchMadec Cousin, Jean Yves, French Navy30Second Maître RadiotélégraphisteDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchMaissa, Jean, French Navy21Quartier Maître RadiotélégraphisteDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchMarchois, Paul Ernest, French Navy20Matelot TorpilleurDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchMathiot, Jacques René Edouard, French Navy19Matelot MécanicienDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchMenguy, Marcel Théodore, French Navy25Quartier Maître MécanicienDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchMuracciole, Pierre François, French Navy20Quartier Maître MécanicienDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchPérachon, Marcel Joannès, French Navy40Maître ÉlectricienDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchPotard, Jean Marie, French Navy29Second Maître ÉlectricienDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchReboute, Georges Raymond, French Navy29Second Maître MécanicienDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchRegnier, Charles Abel, French Navy22MatelotDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchReverso, Marcel Joseph, French Navy23Quartier Maître MécanicienDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchRoche, Lucien Casimir Eugène, French Navy28Enseigne De VaisseauDoris (Q 135) +
BritishSales, Charles James, RFR40TelegraphistDoris (Q 135) +
FrenchValette, Robert Alban Henri, French Navy19Quartier Maître RadiotélégraphisteDoris (Q 135) +
BritishWestmacott, Richard Evelyn, RNLieutenantDoris (Q 135) +
BritishWilson, Harry Clue, RNYeoman of SignalsDoris (Q 135) +

45 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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