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British landing ship

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British landing ship HMS LST-362.

Aboard HMS LST-362 when hit on 2 Mar 1944

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NameAgeRankServed on
BritishAddis, John Howard, RN23Able SeamanHMS LST-362 +
BritishAithwaite, Frederick, RN19Able SeamanHMS LST-362 +
BritishAllnutt, Ronald V., RNPetty OfficerHMS LST-362
BritishAndrews, Joseph John, British Army32Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishArrandale, Ronald, British Army29Passenger (Corporal)HMS LST-362 +
BritishAtkiss, John, British Army31Passenger (Private)HMS LST-362 +
BritishBailey, Tom, British Army38Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishBaiment, A., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishBall, Leonard, British Army32Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishBaulch, Walter Ernest, British Army25Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishBearman, Sidney Clifford, British Army21Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishBeighton, Stanley, British Army31Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishBertrand, S., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishBoon, Frederick, British Army27Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishBoughton, Sidney John, British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishBowden, Richard, British Army36Passenger (Lance Corporal)HMS LST-362 +
BritishBowden, William Thomas, RNStoker 1st ClassHMS LST-362 +
BritishBoyd, A., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishBrannan, George Leonard, British Army25Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishBrimble, Gordon Kenneth, RN24Leading StokerHMS LST-362 +
BritishBrown, Thomas, British Army21Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishBurton, Frederick James, RN21Able SeamanHMS LST-362 +
BritishBush, Kenneth Albert, British Army22Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishBush, Roland, British Army27Passenger (Private)HMS LST-362 +
BritishByass, Robert Henry, British Army32Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishCanning, R., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishCarlisle, Winston Thomas, British Army31Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishCollins, Stanley Frank, British Army30Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishComfort, Percival Ronald, British ArmyPassenger (Corporal)HMS LST-362 +
BritishCook, Jack, British Army38Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishCraddock, G., British ArmyPassenger (Lance Corporal)HMS LST-362
BritishCreevy, Douglas, British Army21Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishDelves, Joseph Edward, RNLeading StokerHMS LST-362
BritishDenton, Charles Arthur, British Army33Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishDickman, Frederick Sydney Edwin, British Army26Passenger (Serjeant)HMS LST-362 +
BritishDoward, Charles, RN29Able SeamanHMS LST-362 +
BritishDunlop, William M., RNOrdinary TelegraphistHMS LST-362
BritishDyson, Fred, British Army33Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishEglin, Edmund Buckle, British Army37Passenger (Private)HMS LST-362 +
BritishEvans, Frederick W., RNLeading SignalmanHMS LST-362
BritishFinn, T., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishFleming, George, British Army27Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishFloyd, John Francis, British Army40Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishFox, A., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishGlaister, J., British ArmyPassenger (Lance Corporal)HMS LST-362
BritishGledhill, J., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishGooding, Ernest Edward, British Army33Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishGoold, W., British ArmyPassenger (Corporal)HMS LST-362
BritishGraham, T., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishGreen, Sydney George, British Army22Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishGrieve, Ronald James Douglas Clerk, RNVRLieutenantHMS LST-362
BritishGuthrie, D., British ArmyPassenger (Lance Serjeant)HMS LST-362
BritishHancock, Thomas Victor Reginald, British Army33Passenger (Private)HMS LST-362 +
BritishHardacre, John, British Army41Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishHartwright, C.G., British ArmyPassenger (Lieutenant)HMS LST-362
BritishHarwood, Sidney George, British Army23Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishHeard, R., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishHewson, John Errington, British Army25Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishHolmes, Ashley, RNAble SeamanHMS LST-362
BritishHooper, J., British ArmyPassenger (Serjeant)HMS LST-362
BritishHulme, H., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishJohnson, Cyril William, British Army29Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishJones, Leslie Thomas, British Army40Passenger (Lance Corporal)HMS LST-362 +
BritishJones, Samuel Joseph, British Army30Passenger (Corporal)HMS LST-362 +
BritishKenyon, George, RNAble SeamanHMS LST-362
BritishLacey, John William, British Army37Passenger (Private)HMS LST-362 +
BritishLambert, John Archie, British Army24Passenger (Private)HMS LST-362 +
BritishLiddle, George David, RNVRLieutenant (E)HMS LST-362
BritishLinacre, John Henry, British Army25Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishLloyd, Harry, RN39Petty Officer Cook (S)HMS LST-362 +
BritishLoft, E., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishLowther, F.R., British ArmyPassenger (Staff Serjeant)HMS LST-362
BritishMaguire, Victor, British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishMaloney, E., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishMarshall, H., British ArmyPassenger (Private)HMS LST-362
BritishMawer, Charles, British Army36Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishMawhinney, H., British ArmyPassenger (Lance Corporal)HMS LST-362
BritishMayos, C.G., British ArmyPassenger (Corporal)HMS LST-362
BritishMcKinley, D., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishMeyrick, Benjamin, RNLeading StewardHMS LST-362 +
BritishMills, Arthur, British Army32Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishMills, W., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishMitchell, William George, British Army36Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishMorgan, Frederick Howard, RN21Stoker 1st ClassHMS LST-362 +
BritishMustion, C., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishNelson, Alfred, British Army37Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishNewins, A., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishNewman, N., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishNewton, Robert William, RNRLieutenantHMS LST-362
BritishNicol, William Milne, British Army33Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishNoond, Douglas Kenneth, RN21Able SeamanHMS LST-362 +
BritishNorthen, E., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishOliver, Richard Davidson, British Army26Passenger (Private)HMS LST-362 +
BritishO’Flanagan, Francis, RN43Petty OfficerHMS LST-362
BritishPalmer, Thomas Paton, RNVRLieutenantHMS LST-362
BritishParker, Ernest Thomas, British Army27Passenger (Lance Corporal)HMS LST-362 +
BritishPemberton, John Kenneth, British Army21Passenger (Lance Corporal)HMS LST-362 +
BritishPibworth, E., British ArmyPassenger (Serjeant)HMS LST-362
BritishPitson, E., British ArmyPassenger (Corporal)HMS LST-362
BritishPreston, Hugh De Grave Westburn, British Army36Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishQuinn, V., British ArmyPassenger (Private)HMS LST-362
BritishRamsay, A., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishReagan, Joseph Henry, RNChief Petty OfficerHMS LST-362
BritishReed, Alfred Ernest, RN22Petty Officer Motor MechanicHMS LST-362 +
BritishReeves, G., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishReid, Andrew McFarlane, British Army25Passenger (Serjeant)HMS LST-362 +
BritishRichards, Leslie George Noel, British Army31Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishRiddle, Fred, British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishRoberts, John, British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishRose, Louis Edward, RN29Leading SeamanHMS LST-362 +
BritishRossiter, Terence Patrick, British Army23Passenger (Lance Corporal)HMS LST-362 +
BritishRowlands, Frank Lewis, British Army24Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishSaunders, A.C., British ArmyPassenger (Serjeant Major)HMS LST-362
BritishScorey, Richard Norman, RN35Able SeamanHMS LST-362 +
BritishScott, William, British Army32Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishSilverstein, Woolf, British Army20Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishSlaughter, G., British ArmyPassenger (Private)HMS LST-362
BritishSmith, A.W, British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishSmith, Albert James Francis, RNLeading Motor MechanicHMS LST-362 +
BritishSmith, L.F., British ArmyPassenger (Lieutenant)HMS LST-362
BritishSpiller, B.J., British ArmyPassenger (Captain)HMS LST-362
BritishStamp, Robert Owen, British Army30Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishStanley, Eric Arthur, RN24Able SeamanHMS LST-362 +
BritishSteele, Charles Henry, British Army30Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishStevens, W., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishStewart, A., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishStone, A., British ArmyPassenger (Serjeant)HMS LST-362
BritishStone, Leonard, British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishStoneley, James, British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishStreet, Charles H., RNLeading TelegraphistHMS LST-362
BritishSunderland, Norman Leslie, British Army36Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishThurlow, Walter William, British Army30Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishTurner, Edward, British Army23Passenger (Private)HMS LST-362 +
BritishTweedly, E., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishWade, J.V., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishWagstaff, Edward Bernard, British Army39Passenger (Corporal)HMS LST-362 +
BritishWalton, George, British Army29Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishWard, Albert William, British Army31Passenger (Corporal)HMS LST-362 +
BritishWatts, H., British ArmyPassenger (Driver)HMS LST-362
BritishWhite, Clarence, British Army22Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
New ZealandWhite, Thomas Hugh Nairn, RNZVRLieutenantHMS LST-362
BritishWickins, Harry, British Army32Passenger (Private)HMS LST-362 +
BritishWilliams, E., British ArmyPassenger (Lance Corporal)HMS LST-362
BritishWilliams, Thomas C., RNSignalmanHMS LST-362
BritishWilson, Archibald, British Army29Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishWoolley, Ronald Sidney, British Army24Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishWright, Ronald, British Army21Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +
BritishYates, George Edward, British Army22Passenger (Driver)HMS LST-362 +

148 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
If you wish to add a crewmember to the listing we would need most of this information: ship name, nationality, name, dob, place of birth, service (merchant marine, ...), rank or job on board. We have place for a photo as well if provided. You can e-mail us the information here.