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French motor passenger ship

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the French motor passenger ship Brazza.

Aboard Brazza when hit on 28 May 1940

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NameAgeRankServed on
FrenchAsnar, Raymond Henri, French Navy27Passenger (Quartier Maître Mécanicien)Brazza +
FrenchAubard, Eugène, French NavyPassenger (Second Maître Fusilier)Brazza
FrenchBegue, Marcellin Auguste, French Navy30Passenger (Matelot Secrétaire)Brazza +
FrenchBercegeay, Joseph, Merchant Navy42Crew memberBrazza +
FrenchBoisson, Joseph, Merchant Navy30FiremanBrazza +
FrenchBuannec, François Marie, French Navy31Passenger (Maître Fusilier)Brazza +
FrenchCalmejeane, Claude Louis, French Navy26Passenger (Quartier Maître Radiotélégraphiste)Brazza +
FrenchCariou, Pierre Louis Marie, French Navy28Passenger (Quartier Maître Manœuvre)Brazza +
FrenchCarpier, Alexandre, Merchant NavySecond OfficerBrazza
FrenchChaubit, Georges, Merchant NavyGreaserBrazza +
FrenchCornec, Jean, French Navy31Passenger (Matelot Secrétaire)Brazza +
FrenchCoville, René Jules Jérôme, French Navy31Passenger (Matelot Secrétaire)Brazza +
FrenchDamestoy, Marie Emile, Merchant Navy33SailorBrazza +
FrenchDapzol, André, French Navy31Passenger (Matelot Secrétaire)Brazza +
FrenchDohal, Julien Pascal Germain, French Navy20Passenger (Matelot Tailleur)Brazza +
FrenchDumas, Martin, Merchant NavyGreaserBrazza +
FrenchGallet, Marcel Joseph Alexis, French Navy31Passenger (Matelot Secrétaire)Brazza +
FrenchGiraud, Philippe, French Navy18Passenger (Quartier Maître Radiotélégraphiste)Brazza +
FrenchGobaud, Lucien, French Navy31Passenger (Matelot Secrétaire)Brazza +
FrenchJullien, Roger Henri, French Navy31Passenger (Matelot Secrétaire)Brazza +
FrenchKerdavid, Yves Joseph Marie, French Navy33Passenger (Matelot)Brazza +
FrenchKerveillant, Jean Guillaume Marie, French Navy40Passenger (Quartier Maître Timonier)Brazza +
FrenchLagarde, Gabriel Elie, Merchant Navy18WaiterBrazza +
FrenchLe Cann, Joseph Marie, French Navy34Passenger (Matelot Gabier)Brazza +
FrenchLe Parc, Emile, French Navy28Passenger (Matelot Gabier)Brazza +
FrenchLucas, Charles Auguste, French Navy29Passenger (Matelot Secrétaire)Brazza +
FrenchMeudal, Samson, French Navy22Passenger (Matelot Gabier)Brazza +
FrenchMoallic, Marcel Aimé, French Navy26Passenger (Matelot Gabier)Brazza +
FrenchPoiraud, Raymond Jean, French Navy30Passenger (Quartier Maître Manœuvre)Brazza +
FrenchQueff, Jean Marie, French Navy25Passenger (Second Maître Secrétaire)Brazza +
FrenchRaclot, Jean Marie, French Army37Passenger (Lieutenant)Brazza +
FrenchRébillard, François Pierre Marie, Merchant Navy51MasterBrazza +
FrenchRecune, Marc Louis Marie, French Navy28Passenger (Second Maître Manœuvre)Brazza +
FrenchSenechal, Jean Auguste, French Navy21Passenger (Matelot Gabier)Brazza +
FrenchToumelin, Armand Jean, French Navy19Passenger (Quartier Maître Mécanicien)Brazza +
FrenchVallee, Roland Julien Louis, French Navy30Passenger (Matelot Secrétaire)Brazza +
FrenchVidou, Jean Rémy, Merchant Navy35Crew memberBrazza +

37 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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