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Dutch steam merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Dutch steam merchant Bodegraven.

Aboard Bodegraven when hit on 2 Jul 1944

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NameAgeRankServed on
Anderson, Robert W., Merchant Navy19Third Radio OfficerBodegraven
Assersohn, Olive Rose, Civilian23PassengerBodegraven +
Banks, D.T., Merchant NavyStewardBodegraven
Bassett, Lavinia A., Civilian36PassengerBodegraven
Brencher, Billy, Merchant Navy18Assistant StewardBodegraven
Brody-Mills, Dorothy, Civilian53PassengerBodegraven
Brown, V., DEMS gunnerBodegraven
Bujoli, E., CivilianPassengerBodegraven
Burgerhout, Theodorus Wilhelmus, Merchant Navy35StewardColombia, Bodegraven
Butcher, G., DEMS gunnerBodegraven
Caldicott, Anthony Charles E., Civilian18PassengerBodegraven
Caspel, Albertus Willem van, Merchant Navy26Third OfficerBodegraven
Clarinda, Niceforo Alejandro, Merchant Navy27TrimmerBodegraven
Collins, E.L., CivilianPassengerBodegraven
Collins, Mrs., CivilianPassengerBodegraven
Colthurst, Cyril John Beadon, RN50Passenger (Captain (E))Bodegraven
Crossland, Arthur, Merchant NavyApprenticeBodegraven
Derwent, Ian P., CivilianPassengerBodegraven
Derwent, Jessie E., Civilian34PassengerBodegraven
Derwent, Peter J., Civilian4PassengerBodegraven
Derwent, Rosemary, Civilian9PassengerBodegraven
Dixon, Henry, Merchant Navy20Assistant FiremanBodegraven
Dixon, Vernon K., Civilian29PassengerBodegraven
Douglas, Marion, Civilian31PassengerBodegraven
Duinker, Gijsbert, Merchant Navy47Chief OfficerBodegraven
Duinker, Jacoba, Merchant Navy52StewardessVolendam, Bodegraven
Dunbar, J.H.W., CivilianPassengerBodegraven
Erftemeyer, Nicolaas Gerardus Maria, Merchant Navy33Chief CookBodegraven
Finnegan, George G., Civilian29PassengerBodegraven
Friedel, Dirk, Merchant Navy32StewardBodegraven
Gastel, Theodorus Johannes van, Merchant Navy27Second OfficerAchilles, Bodegraven
Gesser, Harry Hugo Walther, Merchant Navy46GreaserBodegraven +
Greeff, Ferdinand Campbell, Merchant Navy20Galley BoyBodegraven
Hakim, Mohd Sharif, Merchant Navy31PhysicianBodegraven
Haldane, Anne, Civilian68PassengerBodegraven
Halenbeek, Gerrit Hendrik, Merchant Navy49StewardBodegraven
Halliwell, Elsie, Civilian44PassengerBodegraven +
Ham, Evert, Merchant Navy45Able SeamanBodegraven
Harte, Franciscus van, Merchant Navy29Able SeamanBodegraven
Hogg, Rednall, Civilian45PassengerBodegraven
Huisman, Klaas Cornelis, Merchant Navy35First Radio OfficerBodegraven
Humby, Mary Rosina, Civilian62PassengerBodegraven +
Jager, Dirk de, Merchant Navy21StewardBodegraven
Johnson-Hall, Hector Stanley, Civilian66PassengerBodegraven +
Johnson-Hall, Violet Maud, Civilian65PassengerBodegraven +
Keulen, Ferdinand, Merchant Navy25Able SeamanBodegraven
Kingswood, Percy Frank, RN38Passenger (Senior Master)Bodegraven
Kok, Pieter Renzo, Merchant Navy22Second CookBodegraven
Kuiper, Ment Floris, Merchant Navy55Able SeamanColombia, Bodegraven
Kuyt, Nicolaas, Merchant Navy38Able SeamanBodegraven
Langham, Philip, Merchant Navy19BoyBodegraven
Lanser, Aziel G., Civilian32PassengerBodegraven
Lanser, Joan, Civilian3PassengerBodegraven
Lanser, Peter, Civilian6PassengerBodegraven
Lanser, Shirley, Civilian10PassengerBodegraven
Latooy, Eduard, Merchant Navy47FiremanBodegraven
Leeuw, R., Merchant NavyGalley BoyBodegraven
Leslie, David D., Civilian17PassengerBodegraven
Leslie, Sheila D., Civilian20PassengerBodegraven
Londo, Dirk Christiaan, Merchant Navy28StewardBodegraven
Macanda, Frederick, Merchant Navy28FiremanSuriname, Bodegraven +
Macfarland, John, Civilian50PassengerBodegraven
Mackay, Dr. C.W.F., CivilianPassengerBodegraven
Mackay, Mrs., CivilianPassengerBodegraven
Maggs, Florence P., Civilian28PassengerBodegraven
Mahon, I., DEMS gunnerBodegraven
Maxwell, Muriel L., Civilian45PassengerBodegraven
Maxwell, Ronald M., Civilian28PassengerBodegraven
Maynard, Robert Stanley Lingard, RN31DEMS gunnerBodegraven
Meulenbelt, Frederik, Merchant Navy40Third Engineer OfficerBodegraven
Mills, Reginald, Merchant Navy19StewardBodegraven
Molenaar, Barend Adriaan, Merchant Navy53MasterBodegraven
Nayler, A., DEMS gunnerBodegraven
Neate, Clarice, Civilian63PassengerBodegraven
Neate, Ernest P., Civilian66PassengerBodegraven
Niet, Cornelis Johannes de, Merchant Navy27Able SeamanBodegraven
Offenbeek, Gerardus van, Merchant Navy36Second Engineer OfficerBodegraven
Perkes, John, Merchant Navy23Ordinary SeamanBodegraven
Pomeroy, Freda M., Civilian46PassengerBodegraven
Pomeroy, John P., Civilian50PassengerBodegraven
Ponit, David Jacques Johannes, Merchant Navy31FiremanBodegraven
Reekum, Hendrik Pieter van, Merchant Navy37StewardBodegraven
Reitsma, Hille, Merchant Navy45Able SeamanMijdrecht, Bodegraven
Richards, Maud O., Civilian28PassengerBodegraven
Richmond, Ian A., Merchant Navy17Second Radio OfficerBodegraven
Robinson, J., DEMS gunnerBodegraven
Ronson, John J., RNPassenger (Captain (E))Bodegraven
Sargent, F., DEMS gunnerBodegraven
Schrage, Petrus Jacobus, Merchant Navy30StewardBodegraven
Schrijver, Jan, Merchant Navy34GreaserYselhaven, Bodegraven
Shires, Muriel, Civilian22PassengerBodegraven
Shuker, Thomas, Merchant Navy23StewardBodegraven
Simmons, Douglas, Merchant Navy18Assistant StewardBodegraven
Sluis, Harm van der, Merchant Navy39StorekeeperBodegraven
Soeren, Casper Adam van, Merchant Navy26Assistant EngineerAbbekerk, Bodegraven
Sowray, E., RNPassenger (Lieutenant)Bodegraven
Starfield, Sybil, Civilian31PassengerBodegraven +
Steen, Albert Karel Hendrik, Merchant Navy31CarpenterBodegraven
Steenhuis, Christof, Merchant Navy26PassengerBodegraven
Stouthart, Bertus, Merchant Navy25Fourth Engineer OfficerSpar, Alderamin, Bodegraven +
Taal, Arie, Merchant Navy39Boatswain (Bosun)Bodegraven
Tuton, A., DEMS gunnerBodegraven
Velzen, Petrus Antonius van, Merchant Navy44Chief Engineer OfficerBodegraven
Vries, Jacob de, Merchant Navy45Chief StewardBodegraven
Walker, B., CivilianPassengerBodegraven
Walker, Mrs., CivilianPassengerBodegraven
Wijker, Cornelis, Merchant Navy25Able SeamanBodegraven
Wilkinson, John, Civilian48PassengerBodegraven
Willems, Johannes C., Merchant Navy40GreaserBodegraven
Wou Sjan Yen, , Merchant NavyAble SeamanBodegraven
Zundert, Johannes Cornelis van, Merchant Navy24Able SeamanBodegraven

111 persons found.

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