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Belgian steam merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Belgian steam merchant Persier.

Aboard Persier when hit on 11 Feb 1945

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NameAgeRankServed on
BelgianAlize, Louis, Merchant NavyAble SeamanPersier
BelgianAppels, Oscar, Merchant NavyAble SeamanLeopoldville, Persier
BelgianBerckmans, Jozef, Merchant NavyAssistant StewardLeopoldville, Persier
BelgianBrognion, Carl, Merchant NavySupernumerary Chief OfficerLeopoldville, Persier +
BelgianByl, Pierre, Merchant NavyCarpenterPersier
BelgianClaeys, Raymond, Merchant NavyAble SeamanLeopoldville, Persier
BelgianClayes, Eugène, Merchant NavyFourth Engineer OfficerPersier
BelgianCoremans, Constant, Merchant NavyDonkeymanPersier
BelgianDe Beucker, Jan, Merchant NavyFireman and TrimmerPersier
BelgianDe Bois, Armand, Merchant NavyStewardLeopoldville, Persier
BelgianDe Boye, Andre, Merchant NavyFireman and TrimmerPersier
BelgianDe Coninck, Emma, Merchant NavyStewardessPersier
BelgianDe Laet, François, Merchant NavyFireman and TrimmerPersier
BelgianDe Pierpont, Robert, Merchant NavySupernumerary Chief OfficerLeopoldville, Persier
BelgianDe Rooy, Louise, Merchant NavyStewardessPersier
BelgianDe Schepper, Andre, Merchant NavyFireman and TrimmerPersier
BelgianDe Wever, Frans, Merchant NavyFireman and TrimmerGandia, Emile Francqui, Persier
BelgianDe Winter, Grégoire, Merchant NavyAssistant CookLeopoldville, Persier
BelgianDebroux, Etienne, Merchant NavyDEMS gunnerPersier +
BelgianDeckers, Guillaume, Merchant NavySecond Engineer OfficerPersier
BritishDickson, John, RNDEMS gunnerPersier
BelgianDombrecht, Raymond, Merchant NavyChief CookLeopoldville, Persier +
BritishDoyle, George Robert, RNConvoy SignalmanPersier
BelgianDupont, Jacques, Merchant NavySecond Radio OfficerKasongo, Persier +
BelgianGorrebeeck, Louis, Merchant NavyBoatswain (Bosun)Persier
BelgianHeyninck, Jozef, Merchant NavyFireman and TrimmerPersier +
BelgianJacobs, Jan, Merchant NavyFireman and TrimmerPersier
BelgianJanssens, Theofiel, Merchant NavyFireman and TrimmerPersier
BelgianJonckheere, André, Merchant NavyAssistant CookLeopoldville, Persier
BelgianKiekens, Jan, Merchant NavySecond Cook and BakerLeopoldville, Persier
BelgianKloeck, Pieter, Merchant NavyThird Engineer OfficerLeopoldville, Persier +
BelgianLabaye, Joseph, Merchant NavyDEMS gunnerPersier
BelgianLardinoy, François, Merchant NavyChief OfficerLeopoldville, Persier
BelgianLaroye, Guy, Merchant NavySecond OfficerPersier
BelgianMathieu, Emile S., Merchant NavyMasterKasongo, Persier
BelgianMathysen, John, Merchant NavyChief Engineer OfficerPersier
BritishMcColl, James, RNDEMS gunnerPersier
BelgianMommen, Gérard, Merchant NavyDonkeymanPersier
BelgianNeyts, Constant, Merchant NavyAble SeamanPersier
BritishPhillips, John Uren, RN25Convoy SignalmanPersier +
BelgianPoppe, Frans, Merchant NavyFireman and TrimmerElisabeth van Belgie, Persier +
BelgianRogiers, Maria, Merchant NavyStewardessLeopoldville, Persier +
BelgianRousseau, François, Merchant NavyDEMS gunnerPersier
BelgianScheers, Julien, Merchant NavyDonkeymanMercier, Bruxelles, Persier
BelgianSere, Jan, Merchant NavyFireman and TrimmerPersier +
BelgianSottieaux, René, Merchant NavySecond StewardLeopoldville, Persier +
BelgianTayenne, Jules, Merchant NavyDEMS gunnerPersier +
BritishTaylor, Ernest, RNConvoy SignalmanPersier
BelgianVan Arkkels, Jozef, Merchant NavyAssistant CookLeopoldville, Persier +
BelgianVan Cleemput, Jozef, Merchant NavyAble SeamanPersier
BelgianVan De Parre, Henri, Merchant NavyAble SeamanPersier
BelgianVan Goey, René, Merchant NavyAssistant StewardLeopoldville, Persier +
BelgianVan Iseghem, Dominique, Merchant NavyAssistant StewardLeopoldville, Persier +
BelgianVan Langendonck, L., Merchant NavyFireman and TrimmerPersier +
BelgianVanbegin, Pieter, Merchant NavyAble SeamanPersier
BelgianVanderhaegen, Louise, Merchant NavyNurseLeopoldville, Persier +
BelgianVerboven, Victor, Merchant NavyDEMS gunnerPersier
BelgianVereecken, René, Merchant NavyFireman and TrimmerPersier +
BelgianVilain, Joseph, Merchant NavyAble SeamanLeopoldville, Persier
BritishWood, Edmund, RNR48Convoy Commodore (Commander)Persier +
BelgianWuyts, Louis, Merchant NavyFirst Radio OfficerLeopoldville, Persier +
BelgianYvens, Edmond, Merchant NavyAble SeamanPersier

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Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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