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Arandora Star

British steam passenger ship

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British steam passenger ship Arandora Star.

Aboard Arandora Star when hit on 2 Jul 1940

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NameAgeRankServed on
Abbott, Percival Frederick, Merchant Navy52Chief StewardArandora Star +
Abrahams, Abraham, Merchant Navy25Assistant StewardArandora Star +
Abrardo, Eraldo Giuseppe, Civilian48Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Abruzzese, Giocondino, Civilian64Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Adami, Paolo, Civilian31Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Affaticati, Riccardo, Civilian46Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Aglieri, Mario, Civilian53Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Agostini, Oliviero, Civilian36Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Albertella, Giovanni, Civilian47Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Albertelli, Carlo, Civilian41Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Alberti, Humbert, Civilian58Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Albertini, Constante, Civilian55Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Aldis, F., Merchant Navy25Assistant StewardArandora Star
Aldridge, T., Merchant Navy20Assistant StewardArandora Star
Allera, Lorenzo, Civilian39Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Alliata, Publio, Civilian55Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Amodeo, Tullio Edouard, Civilian57Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Andreassi, Giuseppe, Civilian60Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Angella, Emilio, Civilian44Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Angiolini, Domenico Giuseppe, Civilian40Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Anglin, John, Merchant Navy17Galley BoyArandora Star
Aniballi, Giuseppe, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Antoniazzi, Bartolomeo, Civilian32Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Anzani, Decio, Civilian57Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Arford, L., Merchant Navy32Assistant StewardArandora Star
Arnold, D., Merchant Navy15Deck BoyArandora Star
Arnoldi, Ercole, Civilian29Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Asquith, W., Merchant Navy27QuartermasterArandora Star
Avella, Alfonso, Civilian50Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Avignone, Giovanni, Civilian53Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Avignone-Rossa, Italo, Civilian32Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Avondoglio, Fortunato, Civilian51Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Azario, Efisio Remo Vitale, Civilian55Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Babini, Lorenzo, Civilian54Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Baccanello, Marco, Civilian42Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bache, Henry Lawrence, Merchant Navy59Assistant CookArandora Star +
Bagatta, Angelo, Civilian57Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bailey, C., Merchant Navy46Third ButcherArandora Star
Bailey, Erwin, Merchant Navy30Donkeyman and GreaserArandora Star
Baldieri, Armando, Civilian28Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Baldwin, C., Merchant Navy24ScullionArandora Star
Ballerini, Roberto, Civilian45Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Banino, Luigi, Civilian35Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Barone, Francesco, Civilian50Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Baroni, Alessandro, Civilian59Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Barrett, J., Merchant Navy43ScullionArandora Star
Basilico, Cesare, Civilian55Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Basini, Bartolomeo, Civilian31Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Battistini, Umberto, Civilian41Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bava, Claudio, Civilian53Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bell, George Lowrie, Merchant Navy57Refrigerating GreaserArandora Star +
Bell, H., Merchant Navy22ScullionArandora Star
Belli, Antonio, Civilian54Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bellini, Pietro, Civilian61Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Belmonte, Gaetano, Civilian63Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Belotti, Leone, Civilian36Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Beltrami, Alessandro, Civilian65Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Beltrami, Leandro, Civilian49Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Benigna, Pietro, Civilian35Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Benini, Giuseppe, Civilian59Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bentley, F.C., Merchant Navy44StoresArandora Star
Berigliano, Antonio, Civilian41Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Berni, Attilio, Civilian41Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Berra, Claudio Giacomo, Civilian49Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bersani, Carlo, Civilian51Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bertin, Antonio, Civilian38Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bertoia, Luigi, Civilian19Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bertolini, Vincenzo Silvio, Civilian64Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bertoncini, Pietro, Civilian52Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bertucci, Siro Celestino, Civilian55Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Beschizza, Anselmo, Civilian62Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Beschizza, Raffaele, Civilian29Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Biagi, Luigi, Civilian42Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Biagioni, Ferdinando, Civilian44Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Biagioni, Francesco, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Biagioni, Umberto, Civilian62Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Biagiotti, Carlo, Civilian63Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Biagiotti, Nello, Civilian47Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bich, Clement Daniele, Civilian52Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bigi, Mansueto, Civilian54Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bissolotti, Carlo, Civilian39Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bivogna, Giuseppe, Civilian39Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Blackhurst, A., Merchant Navy24Sailor Arandora Star
Bleasdale, Herbert Leslie, Merchant Navy32Assistant StewardArandora Star +
Boccassini, Altilio, Civilian49Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Boccasso, Magno, Civilian59Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bombelli, Mario, Civilian54Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bonaldi, Andrea Luigi, Civilian42Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bonati, Alfonso, Civilian47Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bonelli, Ugo Achille, CivilianPassenger (Internee)Arandora Star, Abosso
Bonetti, Giovanni, Civilian59Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bongiovanni, Pietro, Civilian49Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bono, Luigi, Civilian50Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Borgo, Carlo, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Borrelli, Federico, Civilian52Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Borsumato, Alessandro, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Botting, C., Merchant Navy48Saloon StewardArandora Star
Boyett, C., Merchant Navy22Galley ClerkArandora Star
Bragoli, Pietro, Civilian60Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bragoni, Ilario, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bravo, Francesco, Civilian48Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Breglia, Salvatore Gaetano, Civilian44Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Brindley, Joseph, Merchant Navy37Boatswain’s MateArandora Star +
Broggi, Vittorio, Civilian37Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Brook, Denis, Merchant Navy20WriterArandora Star +
Brown, Frederick Bertram, Merchant Navy38Chief OfficerArandora Star
Brugnoni, Mario Maximilian, Civilian35Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Bucchioni, Lorenzo, Civilian41Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Caldera, Carlo, Civilian44Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Calderan, Emilio, Civilian39Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Callegari, Luigi, Civilian41Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Camillo, Giuseppe, Civilian57Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Camozzi, Cesare, Civilian48Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Capella, Giuseppe, Civilian55Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Capitelli, Carlo, Civilian41Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Capitelli, Eduardo, Civilian57Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Cardani, Carlo, Civilian54Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Cardarelli, Quirino, Civilian51Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Cardellino, Giovanni, Civilian53Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Cardosi, Nello, Civilian38Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Cardosi, Valesco, Civilian29Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Carini, Francesco, Civilian46Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Carini, Giuseppe, Civilian42Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Carpanini, Giovanni, Civilian21Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Carpanini, Giuseppe, Civilian47Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Casali, Giuseppe, Civilian30Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Casson, A., Merchant Navy35Second ButcherArandora Star
Castell, William Ellis, Merchant Navy19Assistant PantrymanArandora Star +
Castelli, Antonio, Civilian45Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Castellotti, Giovanni, Civilian41Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Cattini, Giacobbe Pietro, Civilian22Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Cattini, Pietro, Civilian58Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Cattolico, Mario Federico, Civilian49Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Cavaciutti, Pietro, Civilian47Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Cavadini, Achille, Civilian49Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Cavalli, Giovanni, Civilian51Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Cavalli, Nicolas, Civilian48Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ceresa, Antonio, Civilian51Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ceresa, Eduardo, Civilian50Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ceresa, Stefano, Civilian40Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Chalmers, N., Merchant Navy42QuartermasterArandora Star
Chiappa, Emilio Domenico, Civilian39Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Chiappelli, Oraldo, Civilian20Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Chiarcossi, Giovanni, Civilian65Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Chietti, Emilio Ottavio, Civilian53Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Chiodi, Domenico, Civilian27Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ciampa, Salvatore, Civilian56Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ciarli, Vittorio, Civilian42Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Cimorelli, Giovanni, Civilian65Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Cini, Armando, Civilian54Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ciotti, Pasquale, Civilian49Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Clancy, J., Merchant Navy39SailorArandora Star
Clegg, F., Merchant Navy37Chief CookArandora Star
Clegg, Harold, Merchant Navy20ScullionArandora Star
Clegg, Harold, Merchant Navy42PurserArandora Star +
Colella, Vincenzo, Civilian45Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Coniola, Celeste, Civilian57Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Connell, Robert Gifford, Merchant Navy50Chief EngineerArandora Star
Connolly, N., Merchant Navy19ScullionArandora Star
Connor, C., Merchant Navy32Canteen BoyArandora Star
Connor, Christopher, Merchant Navy19Assistant StewardArandora Star
Conti, Abramo, Civilian45Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Conti, Giuseppe, Civilian42Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Conti, Guido, Civilian31Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Copolla, Philip, Civilian45Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Coppola, Paolo, Civilian61Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Cordree, M., Merchant Navy52Able SeamanArandora Star
Corrieri, Leonello Giuseppe, Civilian51Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Cortesio, Giuseppe, Civilian41Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Cosomini, Giovanni, CivilianPassenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Costa, Diamante, Civilian57Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Courtney, G., Merchant Navy25Main GreaserArandora Star
Cousins, Robert Charles, Merchant Navy59Glory Hole StewardArandora Star +
Crawford, F., Merchant Navy47Assistant StorekeeperArandora Star
Crisp, E., Merchant Navy40Chief Bedroom StewardArandora Star
Cristofoli, Domenico, Civilian35Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Cristofoli, Ettore, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Cristofoli, Renato, Civilian32Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Crolla, Alfonso, Civilian52Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Crolla, Donato, Civilian59Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Cronin, James, Merchant Navy30Second ElectricianArandora Star
Crook, A., Merchant Navy25Assistant StewardArandora Star
Cropper, C., Merchant Navy49FiremanArandora Star
Cummings, M., Merchant Navy43CarpenterArandora Star
D'Ambrosio, Francesco, Civilian60Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
D'Ambrosio, Silvestro, Civilian67Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
D'Annunzio, Antonio, Civilian34Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
D'Arcy, I., Merchant Navy52Assistant CookArandora Star
D'Inverno, Francesco, Civilian39Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Da Prato, Silvio, Civilian62Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Dalli, Pietro, Civilian46Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Dalton, Peter, Merchant Navy22SailorArandora Star
Danieli, Daniele, Civilian62Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Darracotte, B., Merchant Navy52FiremanArandora Star +
Davies, Henry, Merchant Navy18Pantry BoyArandora Star +
De Angeli, Mario, Civilian34Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
De Gasperis, Carlo, Civilian33Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
De Marco, Lorenzo, Civilian55Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
De Marco, Pasquale, Civilian42Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
De Rosa, Carlo, Civilian58Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Deeringer, J., Merchant Navy22Assistant PantrymanArandora Star
Del Grosso, Giuseppe, Civilian51Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Delicato, Carmine, Civilian40Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Delzi, Carlo, Civilian26Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Di Ciacca, Aristide, Civilian19Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Di Ciacca, Cesidio, Civilian48Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Di Cocco, Domenico, Civilian64Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Di Luca, Pietro, Civilian66Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Di Marco, Mariano, Civilian42Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Di Marco, Michele, Civilian50Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Di Vito, Giuseppe, Civilian65Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Doherty, C., Merchant Navy68FiremanArandora Star
Donelly, K., Merchant Navy22Mess Room StewardArandora Star
Dottori, Argilio, Civilian58Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Duffin, J., Merchant Navy59Second Engineer OfficerArandora Star
Eagles, Victor, Merchant Navy53SurgeonArandora Star
Edgecombe, Frederick John, Merchant Navy34Assistant StewardArandora Star +
Ellis, Thomas, Merchant Navy49Assistant StewardArandora Star +
Ermini, Armando, Civilian49Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Falco, Celestino, Civilian48Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Falconer, A., Merchant Navy21Assistant EngineerArandora Star
Fantini, Guglielmo, Civilian50Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Farnocchi, Francesco, Civilian34Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Farquhar, J., Merchant Navy20Assistant StewardArandora Star +
Fellini, Ettore, Civilian51Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Felloni, Giulio, Civilian35Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Feraboli, Ettore Innocente, Civilian55Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ferdenzi, Carlo, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ferdenzi, Giacomo, Civilian82Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ferdenzi, Giovanni, Civilian61Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ferdenzi, Giovanni, Civilian56Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ferrari, Francesco, Civilian40Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ferrari, Guido, Civilian46Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ferrari, Luigi, Civilian32Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ferrero, Bernardo, Civilian49Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ferri, Fiorentino, Civilian54Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ferri, Giovanni, Civilian55Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Filippi, Mario, Civilian30Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Filippi, Simone, Civilian61Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Finazzi, Annibale, Civilian37Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Fiorini, Clement, Civilian52Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Firth, J., Merchant Navy18Steward’s BoyArandora Star +
Fisanotti, Oreste, Civilian42Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Flandrak, Paul, CivilianPassenger (Internee)Arandora Star
Foglia, Claudio Silvo, Civilian49Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Fontana, Giovanni, Civilian47Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Forcey, Stanley, Merchant Navy38Second CookArandora Star
Formhals, Leslie, Merchant Navy26Assistant StewardArandora Star
Formhals, S., Merchant Navy48Smokeroom StewardArandora Star
Forte, Giuseppe, Civilian47Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Forte, Onorio, Civilian60Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Fossaluzza, Matteo, Civilian42Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Fracassi, Gaetano, Civilian64Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Franchi, Giacomo, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Franciscono, Nicola, Civilian55Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Frattcroli, Giacinto, Civilian39Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Freeborn, F., Merchant Navy24Assistant StewardArandora Star
Friggi, Egidio, Civilian53Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Frizzi, Carlo, Civilian66Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Frost, A.F., Merchant Navy39Assistant Smoke Room StewardArandora Star
Fulford, S., Merchant Navy32Main BarkeeperArandora Star
Fulgoni, Giacomo, Civilian45Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Fulgoni, Giovanni, Civilian39Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Fusco, Antonio, Civilian30Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Fusco, Giovanni Antonio, Civilian62Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Gabbini, Alfeo, Civilian42Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Gadeselli, Vincenzo, Civilian54Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Gagliardi, Battista, Civilian50Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Gallo, Emilio, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Gardner, G., Merchant Navy23Able SeamanArandora Star
Gargaro, Francesco, Civilian42Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Gazzi, Andrea, Civilian39Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Gazzi, Francesco, Civilian18Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Gazzi, Lino, Civilian59Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Gentile, Candido, Civilian45Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Gerla, Giuseppe, Civilian47Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ghiloni, Ncllo, Civilian30Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Giannandrea, Vincenzo, Civilian29Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Giannotti, Alfredo, Civilian54Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Giannotti, Ettore, Civilian30Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Giovanelli, Luigi, Civilian50Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Giraschi, Enrico, Civilian44Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Gonella, Francesco, Civilian55Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Gonzaga, Luigi, Civilian16Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Gorgone, Alfeo, Civilian30Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Grace, Hubert Henry, Merchant Navy51First OfficerArandora Star +
Gras, Davide, Civilian58Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Greco, Domenico, Civilian55Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Greco, Tullio, Civilian42Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Grego, Anthony, Civilian49Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Griffiths, R., Merchant Navy27Assistant StewardArandora Star
Guarnori, Antonio, Civilian56Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Guerri, Lino, Civilian25Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Gussoni, Ercole, Civilian38Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Gutkind, Curt Sigmar, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Hall, Leonard, Merchant Navy32Third Engineer OfficerArandora Star
Hallum, W., Merchant Navy19Sailor Arandora Star
Halson, Jack Almo, Merchant Navy19ScullionArandora Star +
Halson, William Thomas, Merchant Navy28Assistant Baker/ConfectionerArandora Star +
Hamilton, George, Merchant Navy57Donkeyman and GreaserArandora Star +
Harding, G.C., Merchant Navy19Assistant CookArandora Star
Harris, Charles, Merchant Navy46First Radio OfficerArandora Star +
Harris, Telfer, Merchant Navy36QuartermasterArandora Star
Haslam, William James, Merchant Navy20Assistant PantrymanArandora Star +
Hayles, Wilfred Ernest, Merchant Navy20Assistant StewardArandora Star +
Hayson, Leonard, Merchant Navy33SailorArandora Star
Henderson, C.J., Merchant Navy23Assistant StewardArandora Star
Hewson, J., Merchant Navy28Linen KeeperArandora Star
Hicks, W.G., Merchant Navy31Assistant StewardArandora Star
Hobden, Frank Emil William, Merchant Navy27Assistant StewardArandora Star +
Holohan, Francis Edward, Merchant Navy51Assistant StewardArandora Star +
House, A., Merchant Navy39DonkeymanArandora Star
Hudson, J., Merchant Navy24Main GreaserArandora Star
Huggett, E., Merchant Navy46Ship's Day CookArandora Star
Hughes, George Pinkerton, Merchant Navy26Assistant PurserArandora Star +
Hughes, John, Merchant Navy29Saloon Room BarkeeperArandora Star
Hunt, J., Merchant Navy21Assistant StewardArandora Star
Hutton, Alfred Charles, Merchant Navy34WriterArandora Star +
Iannetta, Ferdinando, Civilian50Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Iannetta, Orazio, Civilian38Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Iannetta, Vincenzo, Civilian37Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Iardella, Pietro, Civilian54Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Incerti, Rinaldo, Civilian56Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Jacobsen, Christian Laurits, Merchant Navy46Assistant StewardArandora Star +
Johnson, J., Merchant Navy37Assistant CookArandora Star
Jones, John Morris, Merchant Navy49Able SeamanArandora Star +
Jordaney, Giuseppe, Civilian52Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Kehoe, Richard, Merchant Navy52FiremanArandora Star +
Kelleher, David, Merchant Navy59Assistant StewardArandora Star +
Kendall, John, Merchant Navy21Assistant EngineerArandora Star
King, Leonard Ernest, Merchant Navy18SailorArandora Star +
Kirkham, Douglas Bernard, Merchant Navy28Second Radio OfficerArandora Star +
Kuhlmann, Hero, Merchant Navy45Boatswain (Bosun)Arandora Star, Andalucia Star
Kyte, John Joseph, Merchant Navy59Able SeamanArandora Star +
Lafferty, John, Merchant Navy33FiremanArandora Star
Landucci, Ernani, Civilian45Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Lanzi, Ugo, Civilian35Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Laurenson, James Thomas, Merchant Navy21QuartermasterArandora Star +
Leathley, T., Merchant Navy20SailorArandora Star
Leigh, J., Merchant Navy53Able SeamanArandora Star
Lepora, Reino, Civilian42Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Levi, John, Merchant Navy43Able SeamanArandora Star
Lewis, T., Merchant Navy27Chief ElectricianArandora Star
Leyden, J., Merchant Navy21QuartermasterArandora Star
Liddle, Ralph, Merchant Navy27Fourth OfficerArandora Star +
Longinotti, Giovanni, Civilian48Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Lucantoni, Amedeo, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Lucas, T., Merchant Navy21Assistant StewardArandora Star
Lucchesi, Pietro, Civilian46Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Luise, Raffaele, Civilian34Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Lusardi, Tommaso Angelo, Civilian31Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Lusardi, Vittorio, Civilian47Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Lynn, J., Merchant Navy29ScullionArandora Star
MacCallum, A., Merchant Navy21Main GreaserArandora Star
MacCallum, W., Merchant Navy19FiremanArandora Star
Maccariello, Elpidio, Civilian50Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Macdonald, Ronald, Merchant Navy35Assistant StewardArandora Star +
Maddalena, Marco Carlo, Civilian30Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Maggi, Cesare, Civilian53Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Maiuri, Guido, Civilian63Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Mancini, Antonio, Civilian54Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Mancini, Domenico, Civilian59Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Mancini, Umberto, Civilian49Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Mancini, Vittorio, Civilian41Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Manini, Cesare, Civilian36Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Marchesi, Charles Domenico, Civilian67Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Marchetto, Ugo, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Marello, Eugenio, Civilian47Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Marenghi, Giovanni, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Marenghi, Luigi, Civilian46Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Margetts, G., Merchant Navy36Assistant StewardArandora Star
Mariani, Amleto, Civilian53Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Mariani, Pietro, Civilian18Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Marini, Luigi, Civilian28Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Mariotti, Fulgenzio, Civilian54Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Marre, Carlo, Civilian59Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Marsella, Antonio, Civilian40Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Marsella, Filippo, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Marsella, Orlando, Civilian25Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Martis, Orazio, Civilian56Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Marzella, Antonio, Civilian41Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Massari, A., CivilianPassenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Mattci, Francesco, Civilian54Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Matteoda, Leopoldo, Civilian58Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
McCormack, W., Merchant Navy22SailorArandora Star
McGrane, Bernard, Merchant Navy28SailorArandora Star
McKay, Robert, Merchant Navy27ScullionArandora Star
McLeod, N., Merchant Navy41Lamp Trimmer and StoresArandora Star
McNally, Patrick Henry Pearse, Merchant Navy22Assistant StewardArandora Star +
McNamee, James, Merchant Navy57Refrigerating GreaserArandora Star +
Melaragni, Michelangelo, Civilian50Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Menozzi, Gioacchino, Civilian45Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Meriggi, Mario, Civilian47Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Merlo, Giuseppe, Civilian26Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Meschi, Oscar, Civilian19Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Meta, Pasqualino, Civilian41Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Miele, Natalino, Civilian41Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Miglio, Filippo Luigi, Civilian57Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Milani, Luigi, Civilian50Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Millward, A., Merchant Navy26FiremanArandora Star
Minetti, Giacomo, Civilian34Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Mittero, Antonio, Civilian31Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Moitie, William Charles, Merchant Navy60Night WatchmanArandora Star +
Molloy, William G., Merchant Navy25Assistant EngineerArandora Star
Monaghan, W., Merchant Navy32Assistant Second StewardArandora Star
Montagna, Giulio, Civilian51Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Monti, Giuseppe, Civilian51Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Moody, F., Merchant Navy44Chief PantrymanArandora Star
Moore, N.H., Merchant Navy25QuartermasterArandora Star
Morelli, Luigi, Civilian47Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Moretti, Giovanni, Civilian40Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Moruzzi, Ernesto, Civilian60Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Moruzzi, Peter, Civilian53Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Moruzzi, Pietro, Civilian22Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Moscardini, Santino, Civilian61Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Moulton, Edgar Wallace, Merchant Navy54MasterArandora Star +
Mowat, Alistair Richard, Merchant Navy31Assistant Engineer OfficerArandora Star +
Mulcahy, John Griffiths, Merchant Navy28Fourth Engineer OfficerArandora Star +
Mulvey, Gerald George, Merchant Navy25ScullionArandora Star +
Munro, J., Merchant Navy19ApprenticeArandora Star
Murphy, Edward, Merchant Navy53FiremanArandora Star +
Musetti, Lorenzo, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Musetti, Pietro, Civilian50Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Muzio, Enrico, Civilian47Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Nannini, Oreste, Civilian49Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Nardone, Antonio, Civilian57Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Newman, J., Merchant Navy31Night WatchmanArandora Star
Nichini, Giulio, Civilian44Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Nicholls, C., Merchant Navy18Deck BoyArandora Star
North, A., Merchant Navy54Saloon Silver StewardArandora Star
Notafalchi, Lorenzo, Civilian54Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Novelli, Vincenzo, Civilian46Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
O'Callaghan, J., Merchant Navy28SailorArandora Star
O'Connor, D.J., Merchant Navy19SailorArandora Star
O'Hara, A., Merchant Navy27Carpenter's MateArandora Star
Oldham, R., Merchant Navy40Assistant StewardArandora Star
Olivelli, A, CivilianPassenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Operti, Egidio Ferrucio, Civilian49Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Orman, G., Merchant Navy32Storekeeper and CellarmanArandora Star
Orsi, Giuseppe, Civilian50Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Orsi, Pietro, Civilian52Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ottolini, Giovanni, Civilian63Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Pacitti, Alfonso, Civilian52Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Pacitti, Carmine, Civilian64Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Pacitti, Gaetano, Civilian49Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Pacitto, Gactano Antonio, Civilian64Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Palleschi, Nicola, Civilian55Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Palumbo, Gioacchino, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Paolozzi, Alfonso Rodolfo, Civilian39Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Papa, Pictro, Civilian30Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Pardini, Agostino, Civilian38Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Parmigiani, Giuseppe, Civilian50Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Partington, Charles, British Army37Passenger (Corporal)Arandora Star
Pastecchi, Enrico, Civilian44Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Paulone, Arnadeo, Civilian55Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Pearson, G., Merchant Navy32ChefArandora Star
Pellegrini, Domenico, Civilian45Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Pelosi, Paul, Civilian58Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Pelucco, Francesco, Civilian58Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Perella, Luigi, Civilian46Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Peretti, Luigi, Civilian59Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Pettiglio, Carlo, Civilian62Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Piancastelli, Annino, Civilian45Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Picozzi, Carlo, Civilian50Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Pieri, Alfredo, Civilian41Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Pieroni, Giuseppe, Civilian51Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Pike, Frank, Merchant Navy16Pantry BoyArandora Star
Piloni, Battista, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Pinchera, Angelo Antonio, Civilian41Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Pinchiaroli, Luigi, Civilian45Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Pino, Antonio Cesare, Civilian50Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Piovano, Giacomo, Civilian48Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Piscina, Giovanni, Civilian56Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Plescia, Andrea, Civilian35Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Plescia, Baldassarc, Civilian25Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Poli, Amedeo, Civilian44Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Pollini, Manlio, Civilian57Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Pololi, Francesco, Civilian59Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Pompa, Ferdinando, Civilian63Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Pontone, Domenico, Civilian54Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Pontus, Karl, Merchant Navy22ScullionArandora Star +
Pozzo, Giacinto, Civilian34Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Prati, Carlo, Civilian62Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Pratt, D., Merchant Navy22Assistant StewardArandora Star
Previdi, Lodovico, Civilian45Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Prister, Camillo Flavio, Civilian50Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Puchoz, Marcello, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Pulitzer, Henry F., CivilianPassenger (Internee)Arandora Star
Pusinelli, Pietro, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Quagliozzi, Angelo, Civilian58Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Quaranta, Domenico, Civilian57Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Quinn, John Patrick, Merchant Navy39Assistant PantrymanArandora Star +
Rabaiotti, Antonio, Civilian54Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rabaiotti, Bartolomeo, Civilian59Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rabaiotti, Domenico, Civilian28Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rabaiotti, Francesco, Civilian46Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rabaiotti, Luigi, Civilian29Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Raffetti, Carlo, Civilian38Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Raggi, Luigi, Civilian59Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ranaldi, Antonio, Civilian56Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rance, F., Merchant Navy23SailorArandora Star
Ranson, Stanley, Merchant Navy41Second OfficerArandora Star +
Ravetto, Carlo, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ravina, Cristoforo, Civilian58Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ravina, Giuseppe, Civilian56Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Razzuoli, Enrico, Civilian30Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rea, Camillo, Civilian61Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rea, Domenico, Civilian40Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ressler, Lazarus, CivilianPassenger (Internee)Arandora Star, Waroonga +
Riani, Columbo, CivilianPassenger (Internee)Arandora Star, Abosso +
Ricaldone, Alessandro Angelo, Civilian47Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ricci, Lazzaro, Civilian49Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ridler, R., Merchant Navy31PrinterArandora Star
Rinaldi, Giovanni, Civilian57Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rivaldi, Patrocco, Civilian61Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rivett, W., Merchant Navy23Assistant StewardArandora Star
Robertson, D., Merchant Navy18Able SeamanArandora Star
Robson, Thomas Ferguson, Merchant Navy22PlumberArandora Star +
Roccantonio, Francesco, Civilian64Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rocchiccioli, Caesar, Civilian30Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Roffo, Ernesto, Civilian44Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rose, J.A., Merchant Navy26Assistant StewardArandora Star
Rosi, Guglielmo, Civilian46Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rosi, Luigi, Civilian53Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ross, A., Merchant Navy47Sailor Arandora Star
Rossetto, Ferdinando, Civilian52Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rossi, Emilio, Civilian51Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rossi, Eugenio, Civilian46Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rossi, Flavio, Civilian38Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rossi, Giovanni, Civilian16Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rossi, Luigi, Civilian31Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rossi, Mario, Civilian51Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rossi, Pietro, Civilian64Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rossi, Vitale, Civilian42Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rossotti, Carlo, Civilian41Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rota, Carlo, Civilian42Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ruffoni, Giovanni Battista, Civilian55Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Ruocchio, Michele Andrew, Civilian31Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Russo, Carmine, Civilian53Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Rustioni, Oreste, Civilian26Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Sagramati, Vilfrido, Civilian29Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Sala, Emilio, Civilian27Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Salerni, Pietro, CivilianPassenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Salsano, Luigi, Civilian19Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Sangalli, Gianetto, Civilian57Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Santarello, Ferruccio, Civilian47Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Santi, S., CivilianPassenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Santini, Quinto, Civilian59Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Santuz, Antonio, Civilian56Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Sartori, Luigi, Civilian55Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Savage, B., Merchant Navy31FiremanArandora Star
Scarabelli, Angelo Mario, Civilian48Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Schwengber, Oscar Oswald Otto, CivilianPassenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Scott, Gordon, Merchant Navy25FiremanArandora Star
Sebon, J., Merchant Navy42Chief Baker/ConfectionerArandora Star
Sharpe, Reginald Mathew, Merchant Navy36Second PantrymanArandora Star +
Sidoli, Giovanni, Civilian45Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Sidoli, Luigi, Civilian57Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Siliprandi, Olimpio, Civilian57Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Silva, Luigi Antonio Mario, Civilian46Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Silvestrini, Giovanni, Civilian46Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Simeone, Francesco, Civilian49Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Sinacola, Rocco, Merchant Navy23Main GreaserArandora Star +
Sinclair, W., Merchant Navy20Able SeamanArandora Star
Singleton, John, Merchant Navy44Assistant CookArandora Star
Sinnott, Edward Albert, Merchant Navy21Assistant EngineerArandora Star
Smith, Gilbert Lawton, Merchant Navy55Fifth CookArandora Star +
Sola, Carlo Federico, Civilian58Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Solari, Federico, Civilian25Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Solari, Luigi, Civilian52Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Sottocornola, Edmondo, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Sovrani, Giovanni Jean, Civilian57Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Spacagna, Giuseppe, Civilian59Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Spagna, Antonio, Civilian45Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Spelta, Giuseppe, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Speroni, Ermete, Civilian41Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Standing, Walter Varley, Merchant Navy49FiremanArandora Star +
Stellon, Giovanni Maria, Civilian48Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Sterlini, Giuseppe, Civilian40Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Sterlini, Marco, Civilian48Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Steward, Charles Gordon, Merchant Navy22Assistant PantrymanArandora Star +
Stewart, R., Merchant Navy46Able SeamanArandora Star
Storto, Giuseppe, Civilian39Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Stratta, Giacomo, Civilian46Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Strinati, Giovanni, Civilian60Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Sydell, John, Merchant Navy24Assistant BakerArandora Star
Taffurelli, Giuseppe, Civilian48Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Taglione, Benedetto, Civilian56Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Tambini, Giovanni, Civilian41Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Tapparo, Luigi, Civilian41Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Taylor, L., Merchant Navy16ScullionArandora Star
Tedesco, Raffaele, Civilian50Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Tempia, Giuseppe, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Tobin, James, Merchant Navy29Assistant StewardArandora Star
Todisco, Antonio, Civilian47Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Togneri, Giuseppe, Civilian51Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Torrible, E., Merchant Navy19Assistant StewardArandora Star
Torrible, William A., Merchant Navy23Assistant StewardArandora Star
Tortolano, Giuseppe, Civilian59Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Tramontin, Riccardo, Civilian49Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Traversa, Italo Vittorio, Civilian22Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Trematore, Severino, Civilian45Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Trombetta, Pietro, Civilian47Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Tulip, W.H., Merchant Navy29Third OfficerArandora Star
Tuzi, Pasquale, Civilian42Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Upton, A., Merchant Navy30Assistant StewardArandora Star
Vairo, Cesare, Civilian48Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Valente, Adolf, Civilian40Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Valli, Giovanni, Civilian38Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Valmaggia, Elio, Civilian43Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Valvona, Enrico, Civilian54Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Vercelli, Emilio Giacomo, Civilian45Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Verinder, Martin H., Merchant Navy18Assistant StewardArandora Star
Viccari, Antonio, Civilian50Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Viccari, Giulio, Civilian39Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Viccari, Pietro, Civilian50Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Virno, Giovanni Battista, Civilian51Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Walker, H., Merchant Navy28Sailor Arandora Star
Warren, Ernest Edward, RM44Marine (DEMS gunner)Arandora Star +
Watson, George Alan, Merchant Navy55Assistant BakerArandora Star +
Webb, John, British ArmyPassenger (Trooper)Arandora Star
Wiggins, Robert John, Merchant Navy24Senior Assistant Engineer OfficerArandora Star +
Wilee, T., Merchant Navy20Hospital StewardArandora Star
Wilkinson, J., Merchant Navy19Assistant StewardArandora Star
Williams, C., Merchant Navy40Boatswain's MateArandora Star
Williams, John Henry, Merchant Navy56Chief ButcherArandora Star +
Wilson, L.J., Merchant Navy30Assistant StewardArandora Star
Young, Albert Edward, Merchant Navy39Second StewardArandora Star +
Zambellini, Luigi, Civilian52Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Zanelli, Ettore, Civilian46Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Zanetti, Antonio, Civilian41Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Zangiacomi, Italo, Civilian61Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Zani, Guido, Civilian39Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Zanolli, Silvio, Civilian60Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Zavattoni, Ettore, Civilian57Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +
Zazzi, Luigi, Civilian45Passenger (Internee)Arandora Star +

636 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
If you wish to add a crewmember to the listing we would need most of this information: ship name, nationality, name, dob, place of birth, service (merchant marine, ...), rank or job on board. We have place for a photo as well if provided. You can e-mail us the information here.