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Ville de Hasselt

Belgian steam passenger ship

Ville de Hasselt under her former name American Trader. Photo courtesy of Belgian ships archive vzw

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Belgian steam passenger ship Ville de Hasselt.

Aboard Ville de Hasselt when hit on 31 Aug 1940

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NameAgeRankServed on
Abdulla, I., Merchant NavyFiremanVille de Hasselt
Bouffard, V., Merchant NavyBoatswainVille de Hasselt
BritishCardwell, Samuel Roy, Merchant Navy67Chief StewardVille de Hasselt
Carmichael, N., Merchant NavyFirst Assistant EngineerVille de Hasselt
Cartledge, T., Merchant NavyChief StewardVille de Hasselt
Costalas, J., Merchant NavyOilerVille de Hasselt
PolishDampc, Kazimierz, Merchant Navy18UtilityVille de Hasselt
DutchDipten, Marinus Willem Van, Merchant Navy17ApprenticeVille de Hasselt
FinnishForsell, Erik Eugen, Merchant Navy19SeamanVille de Hasselt
Foy, G., Merchant NavyMasterVille de Hasselt
Frey, K., Merchant NavyChief OfficerVille de Hasselt
Gibb, J., Merchant NavySecond Assistant EngineerVille de Hasselt
Jones, S., Merchant NavyMessmanVille de Hasselt
PolishKosinski, Andrzej, Merchant Navy17UtilityVille de Hasselt
BritishPeracchio, Frank, Merchant Navy34MessmanVille de Hasselt
DanishSvendsen, Knud Axel Otto, Merchant Navy21Able SeamanVille de Hasselt
DanishSvensson, Holger Svend, Merchant Navy24Able SeamanVille de Hasselt
Thompson, Store J., Merchant NavyChief EngineerVille de Hasselt

18 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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