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Almeda Star

British steam passenger ship

Photo courtesy of State Library of New South Wales

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British steam passenger ship Almeda Star.

Aboard Almeda Star when hit on 17 Jan 1941

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NameAgeRankServed on
BritishAckland, Arthur Ernest, FAA21Passenger (Air Mechanic (E) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishAlderson, Gerald Aubrey, RNVR31Passenger (Lieutenant (A))Almeda Star +
BritishAldrich-Blake, Philip Geoffrey, RNVR32Passenger (Lieutenant (A))Almeda Star +
BritishAllen, Albert, Merchant Navy59DonkeymanAlmeda Star +
BritishAllen, Frederick Thomas, Merchant Navy58SurgeonAlmeda Star +
BritishAllen, George Hermitage, Merchant Navy28Assistant StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishAllen, Michael Hugh Neale, RNPassenger (Sub-Lieutenant (A))Almeda Star +
BritishAlton, Thomas Frederick, Merchant Navy46First Radio OfficerAlmeda Star +
BritishAnderson, Anthony Robert, Civilian3PassengerAlmeda Star +
BritishAnderson, Elsa Margaret, Civilian28PassengerAlmeda Star +
BritishAnderson, Robert William, RNVR35Passenger (Lieutenant (A))Almeda Star +
BritishAndrews, Stanley Eric, FAA34Passenger (Petty Officer Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishAnnaheim, Patrick Charles, FAA20Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishAriss, Alfred Frank, Merchant Navy18SailorAlmeda Star +
BritishAshwood, John Lucio, Merchant Navy25Third OfficerAlmeda Star +
BritishAskew, Furness, FAA23Passenger (Air Mechanic (A) 1st Class)Almeda Star +
BritishAylott, Gordon Victor, RN28Passenger (Lieutenant (A))Almeda Star +
BritishAyres, Ian, Civilian13PassengerAlmeda Star +
BritishBaggs, Archibald Arthur, Merchant Navy31GreaserAlmeda Star +
BritishBaggs, Frederick George, Merchant Navy41GreaserAlmeda Star +
BritishBaker, Noel Percy, FAA20Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishBaldwin, Oliver John, Merchant Navy41GreaserAlmeda Star +
BritishBarratt, Leslie Thomas, FAA24Passenger (Air Mechanic (E) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishBarrett, John Patrick, Merchant Navy16Kitchen BoyAlmeda Star +
BritishBates, Francis Arthur, FAA20Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishBath, Walter Sydney, FAA22Passenger (Petty Officer Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishBatt, Denis Owen Lancelot, FAA29Passenger (Air Mechanic (E) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishBettles, Arthur Thomas Edward, RFR38Passenger (Able Seaman)Almeda Star +
BritishBiggs, Cuthbert Vincent, RN22Passenger (Sick Berth Attendant)Almeda Star +
BritishBlagrove, Stanley, RAFVR23Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Almeda Star +
BritishBlakey, Frederick William, FAAPassenger (Air Mechanic (A) 1st Class)Almeda Star +
BritishBlatcher, Ronald Harry, Merchant Navy26SailorAlmeda Star +
BritishBoden, Henry, Merchant Navy28Junior Fifth Engineer OfficerAlmeda Star +
BritishBoucher, James Charles Bowman, RN28Passenger (Lieutenant)Almeda Star +
BritishBoyd, John Darrell, FAA23Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishBrassey, Harold, Merchant Navy18Assistant StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishBriegel, Joseph Conrad, Merchant Navy32StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishBriscoe, William Henry, RNAble Seaman (DEMS gunner)Almeda Star +
BritishBrookes, William James, Merchant Navy27Assistant StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishBrookling, Leonard Alfred, FAA20Passenger (Air Mechanic (E) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishBrown, Cecil Edward, Merchant Navy36Chief Refrigerator EngineerAlmeda Star +
BritishBrown, John Knox, Merchant Navy27ScullionAlmeda Star +
BritishBrown, Walter Samuel, FAA26Passenger (Air Mechanic (E) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishBruce, John Marshall, Merchant Navy31Carpenter's MateAlmeda Star +
BritishBudde, Henry John, Merchant Navy45StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishBurke, Patrick, Merchant Navy53Able SeamanAlmeda Star +
IrishCadogan, Patrick, Merchant Navy60WatchmanAlmeda Star +
BritishCampbell, Peter Turner, Merchant Navy26Third Engineer OfficerAlmeda Star +
BritishCane, Gurth Thomas, FAA19Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishCarr, John, RNVR33Passenger (Lieutenant (A))Almeda Star +
BritishCarter, Oliver Elston, Merchant Navy32Lamp TrimmerAlmeda Star +
BritishCavanna, John, Merchant Navy28CookAlmeda Star +
BritishCave, Stanley, FAA21Passenger (Air Mechanic (A) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishChapman, Henry John, Merchant Navy32Boatswain's MateAlmeda Star +
BritishClements, John Henry, FAA17Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishCockett, George Withers, Merchant Navy47GreaserAlmeda Star +
BritishCohen, Benjamin, Merchant Navy23Assistant StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishColes, Percival Edward Aubrey, FAA24Passenger (Air Mechanic (A) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishCook, Howard, FAAPassenger (Air Mechanic (A) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishCook, Ivor Harold, FAA23Passenger (Petty Officer Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishCooper, Denys Alan, FAA19Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishCornish, Alfred John, Merchant Navy43PurserAlmeda Star +
BritishCotterell, Richard Edwin, RFR32Passenger (Able Seaman)Almeda Star +
BritishCoucher, Leonard, FAA23Passenger (Air Mechanic (E) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishCox, Frederick Horace, FAA20Passenger (Air Mechanic (E) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishCrawford, Ninian George Rodney, RN34Passenger (Lieutenant-Commander)Almeda Star +
BritishCrosbie, John Nicholas, FAA19Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishCrown, George, Merchant Navy25QuartermasterAlmeda Star +
BritishDavies, Roy, FAA21Passenger (Naval Airman 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishDavis, Cyril James, RNVRPassenger (Sub-Lieutenant (A))Almeda Star +
BritishDavitt, James Reginald, FAA19Passenger (Air Fitter (O))Almeda Star +
BritishDawson, Robert Prince, FAA19Passenger (Air Mechanic (L) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishDawson, Rose Mary Helena, Merchant Navy38StewardessAlmeda Star +
BritishDayrell, Antony Wilfred Noel, RN27Passenger (Lieutenant)Almeda Star +
BritishDayrell, Julia, Civilian27PassengerAlmeda Star +
BritishDayrell, William Paul, Civilian1PassengerAlmeda Star +
BritishDennis, Fred Travers, Merchant Navy22PantrymanAlmeda Star +
BritishDennison, Walter, Merchant Navy30GreaserAlmeda Star +
BritishDicks, Alfred William, FAA36Passenger (Chief Petty Officer Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishDonati, Marcus David, RN25Passenger (Lieutenant (A))Almeda Star +
BritishDove, Edith Ellen, Merchant Navy48Shop AssistantAlmeda Star +
BritishDrew, John R., Merchant Navy17Ordinary SeamanAlmeda Star +
BritishDunston, Alan Geoffrey, FAA19Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
South AfricanElliott, Joseph Alexander, Merchant Navy28Second OfficerAlmeda Star +
BritishElliott, Leslie Dryden, FAA22Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishEvans, Bertram William, FAA23Passenger (Petty Officer Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishEvans, John Henry, Merchant Navy25Assistant StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishFindlay, Lewis Francis, RNVRPassenger (Lieutenant (A))Almeda Star +
BritishFinn, Charles, Merchant Navy54FiremanAlmeda Star +
BritishFleisher, Alan, Merchant Navy27Assistant BakerAlmeda Star +
BritishFlood, William Patrick, Merchant Navy19FiremanAlmeda Star +
BritishFord, Sidney Rex, FAA24Passenger (Air Mechanic (A) 1st Class)Almeda Star +
BritishForrest, Thomas, Merchant Navy23Junior Engineer OfficerAlmeda Star +
BritishFoster, Ronald Charles, FAA21Passenger (Air Fitter (L))Almeda Star +
BritishFreckelton, Alexander, Merchant Navy43Assistant StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishFrench, Raymond, FAA19Passenger (Air Mechanic (E) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishFriday, Harry Clifford, RNVR31Passenger (Lieutenant (A))Almeda Star +
BritishFulljames, Edward Charles, FAA19Passenger (Air Mechanic (A) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishGain, Edward, Merchant Navy44Assistant StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishGallagher, Patrick James, Merchant Navy15Steward's BoyAlmeda Star +
BritishGarrett, William Whately, FAA20Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishGeorge, Selwyn Allen, RNPassenger (Sick Berth Attendant)Almeda Star +
BritishGlassbrook, Frederick James, FAA20Passenger (Leading Air Mechanic (L))Almeda Star +
BritishGoatly, Percy Bernard, RAFVR26Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Almeda Star +
BritishGodley, James Albert, Merchant Navy27SailorAlmeda Star +
BritishGooch, Alan, FAA21Passenger (Air Mechanic (E) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishGoodchild, Charles William Edward, FAA21Passenger (Air Mechanic (E) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishGoodman, John Stirling, Merchant Navy19QuartermasterAlmeda Star +
BritishGoodman, Oliver, FAA23Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishGothard, Eric, FAA21Passenger (Air Mechanic (E) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishGrace, Benjamin, Merchant Navy19BoyAlmeda Star +
BritishGrace, Sidney, Merchant Navy24FiremanAlmeda Star +
BritishGraham, Ralph Norman, FAA21Passenger (Air Mechanic (O) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishGray, Archibald Douglas, Merchant Navy50Chief Engineer OfficerAlmeda Star +
IrishGray, James, Merchant Navy28Able SeamanAlmeda Star +
BritishGreening, Ronald Leslie, FAA20Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishGrestock, Harold, Merchant Navy42Able SeamanAlmeda Star +
BritishGriffiths, William Daniel, Merchant Navy25QuartermasterAlmeda Star +
BritishGriggs, Edwin, Merchant Navy38Second Engineer OfficerAlmeda Star +
BritishGrigor, James, Merchant Navy56CarpenterAlmeda Star +
BritishGroden, William Frank, RN31Passenger (Leading Sick Berth Attendant)Almeda Star +
BritishGunther, Charles Ernest, Merchant Navy49StorekeeperAlmeda Star +
BritishHaines, Frederick George, FAA20Passenger (Air Mechanic (L) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishHaizelden, Leonard, Merchant Navy43FiremanAlmeda Star +
BritishHale, Kenneth, FAA19Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishHall, Douglas Macdonald, FAA23Passenger (Air Mechanic (A) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishHammond, Thomas Henry, Merchant Navy19QuartermasterAlmeda Star +
BritishHancock, Ronald William, FAA21Passenger (Air Mechanic (E) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishHancock, William John Henry, FAA20Passenger (Air Mechanic (A) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishHanning, Richard Nathaniel, FAA19Passenger (Air Mechanic (C) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishHarbron, Norman, FAA21Passenger (Air Mechanic (A) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishHarding, Ronald Frederick, FAA21Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishHargreaves, John Charles Walker, FAA19Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishHarper, Arthur James Reginald, FAA24Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishHarris, George Albert William, FAA21Passenger (Air Mechanic (E) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishHarris, Harry Edward, Merchant Navy35Chief BakerAlmeda Star +
BritishHaslin, Christopher, Merchant Navy30Fourth Engineer OfficerAlmeda Star +
BritishHerbert, Stanley James, Merchant Navy32SailorAlmeda Star +
BritishHeyburn, Leonard Charles, Merchant Navy31QuartermasterAlmeda Star +
BritishHeys-Lewis, John Cecil, Merchant Navy35Chief OfficerAlmeda Star +
BritishHicks, Frank, FAA20Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
AustralianHilditch, Robert William Basil, Merchant Navy47DonkeymanAlmeda Star +
BritishHill, Frederic W., Merchant Navy17Steward's BoyAlmeda Star +
BritishHillary, Benjamin, FAA23Passenger (Leading Air Mechanic (E))Almeda Star +
BritishHoare, Richard George, FAA19Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishHobbs, William Joseph, RN47Passenger (Leading Seaman)Almeda Star +
BritishHolden, Harvey Raymond, FAA25Passenger (Air Mechanic (A) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishHolder, Ronald Frederick William, FAA20Passenger (Air Mechanic (E) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishHolmes, Thomas William, FAA22Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishHolt, Leonard Francis, Merchant Navy34Assistant StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishHoward, Harry Cecil, Merchant Navy61MasterAlmeda Star +
BritishHudson, Joseph, Merchant Navy18FiremanAlmeda Star +
BritishHudson, Richard William, Merchant Navy19Assistant StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishHughes, Alfred, Merchant Navy18SailorAlmeda Star +
BritishHughes, Frank, FAA22Passenger (Air Mechanic (E) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishHughes, Joseph, Merchant Navy33FiremanAlmeda Star +
BritishHughes, Robert Donald Redvers, FAA19Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishHunter, William Allan, Merchant Navy21Assistant StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishHutchinson, William Thomas, Merchant Navy17Steward's BoyAlmeda Star +
BritishHykin, Albert Edward, RN20Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Almeda Star +
BritishHynes, James, Merchant Navy23Assistant ButcherAlmeda Star +
BritishJackson, George Balfour Sydney, FAA19Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishJeffreys, William Glenmor, FAA22Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishJohnson, Guy Boris, FAA21Passenger (Air Mechanic (A) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishJohnson, Peter Edwin, FAA18Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishJohnston, Joseph James, Merchant Navy18SailorAlmeda Star +
BritishJones, Elias Henry, Merchant Navy18SailorAlmeda Star +
BritishJones, Eric, RN20Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Almeda Star +
BritishJones, Francis Thomas William, FAA21Passenger (Air Mechanic (A) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishJones, Harry, Merchant Navy46StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishKavanagh, Thomas, Merchant Navy15Steward's BoyAlmeda Star +
BritishKeeble, Owen Mortimer, RN18Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Almeda Star +
BritishKemp, Lionel George, FAA22Passenger (Air Mechanic (A) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishKendrew, Charles Henry, Merchant Navy38CookAlmeda Star +
BritishKirk, Arthur Alvan, FAA19Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishLamb, Ernest Murray, RNVR34Passenger (Lieutenant (A))Almeda Star +
BritishLangdon, James Lowdy, FAA24Passenger (Air Mechanic (A) 1st Class)Almeda Star +
BritishLatimer, Herbert Raymond, Merchant Navy18SailorAlmeda Star +
BritishLawrenson, Frederick Arthur, FAA22Passenger (Air Mechanic (A) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishLemon, Cecil Andrew Bailluel, Merchant Navy22Junior Engineer OfficerAlmeda Star +
BritishLester, Norman William, Merchant Navy26Linen KeeperAlmeda Star +
BritishLever, Aubrey Ernest, Merchant Navy33StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishLewis, John Cecil, Merchant Navy34Chief OfficerAlmeda Star +
BritishLewis, Thomas Orpheus, Merchant Navy28Chief ElectricianAlmeda Star +
BritishLitchfield, Edwin, FAA23Passenger (Leading Air Mechanic (A))Almeda Star +
BritishLocatelli, Peter Cyril Francis, Merchant Navy17CadetAlmeda Star +
BritishLogan, William, RNPassenger (Ordinary Seaman)Almeda Star +
BritishLong, Leonard Albert Cyril, RNPassenger (Ordinary Seaman)Almeda Star +
BritishLong, Lester Douglas James, FAA19Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishLongridge, Christopher Leigh-Mallory, FAA20Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishLouvet, Sidney Louis, FAA20Passenger (Air Mechanic (E) 1st Class)Almeda Star +
BritishLunn, Percy Arthur, Merchant Navy58StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishLyness, Henry Charles Richard, Merchant Navy25Assistant StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishMacDonald, Stanley Kenneth Scott, FAA22Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishMackie, Alan Hendrie, FAA25Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishMackie, John, Merchant Navy25StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishMaguire, Francis John, FAA21Passenger (Air Mechanic (A) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishMaguire, John, FAA24Passenger (Air Mechanic (A) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishMahoney, Jeremiah, Merchant Navy22Able SeamanAlmeda Star +
BritishManicom, Eric Charles, FAA20Passenger (Air Mechanic (E) 1st Class)Almeda Star +
BritishManuel, Malcolm Albert, RNVR22Passenger (Sub-Lieutenant (A))Almeda Star +
BritishMarshall, David B., Merchant Navy31Boatswain's MateAlmeda Star +
BritishMartin, Maurice Andrew, Merchant Navy22Assistant StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishMatthews, Frederick John Gordon, FAA20Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishMcBain, David Francis Alistair, RNVRPassenger (Sub-Lieutenant (A))Almeda Star +
BritishMcClellan, Edward, Merchant Navy34BarkeeperAlmeda Star +
BritishMcGuinness, Thomas, Merchant Navy55DonkeymanAlmeda Star +
BritishMcIver, John Joseph, RN18Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Almeda Star +
BritishMcLauchlan, Hugh Grant Stewart, FAA19Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishMcLauchlan, John, RN26Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Almeda Star +
BritishMcMillan, Reginald Oldham, Merchant Navy36GreaserAlmeda Star +
BritishMcNally, Thomas, RFR35Passenger (Able Seaman)Almeda Star +
BritishMead, Robert James, FAA19Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishMiles, Charles Richard, RN19Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Almeda Star +
BritishMilne, William, RN20Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Almeda Star +
BritishMilner, Charles Henry, FAA20Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishMitchell, Frederick Robert Andrew, Merchant Navy39Senior Assistant Engineer OfficerAlmeda Star +
IrishMobbs, Raymond, RN23Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Almeda Star +
BritishMole, William, RN20Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Almeda Star +
BritishMooney, James, Merchant Navy20FiremanAlmeda Star +
BritishMoore, George, Merchant Navy29ButcherAlmeda Star +
BritishMorey, Richard John, Merchant Navy48Chief StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishMoss, Leslie Hugh, RN23Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishMudkins, Albert Edward, Merchant Navy39CookAlmeda Star +
BritishMurphy, Henry, Merchant Navy25FiremanAlmeda Star +
BritishMurray, Arthur Meldrum, FAA20Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishMurtagh, Luke Joseph, RN40Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Almeda Star +
BritishNash, Robert Joseph, RAFVR25Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Almeda Star +
BritishNaughton, John Elliot, FAA28Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishNewnham, Stanley William Albert, FAA29Passenger (Air Mechanic (E) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishOldfield, George Selwyn, FAA20Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishOliver, John Richard, Merchant Navy23Able SeamanAlmeda Star +
BritishOlver, Jack Alfred William, FAA20Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishOrger, Charles W., Merchant Navy36Assistant StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishOutlaw, George Reginald, RNPassenger (Ordinary Seaman)Almeda Star +
BritishPage, Anthony Ivor, FAA20Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishPage, Claude Maurice, FAA22Passenger (Air Mechanic (E) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishPalmer, Joseph, Merchant Navy48QuartermasterAlmeda Star +
BritishPalmer, Robert Macaulay, FAA19Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishParker, Ernest Patrick, FAA21Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishPaskell, Edward George, FAA24Passenger (Petty Officer Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishPaterson, Malcolm William Brian, FAA22Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishPearce, Alfred, RN48Passenger (Petty Officer)Almeda Star +
BritishPearce, William John, FAA19Passenger (Air Mechanic (A) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishPearman, Frederick Ernest, Merchant Navy28Boatswain (Bosun)Almeda Star +
BritishPhillips, William Lewis, FAA25Passenger (Air Mechanic (A) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishPimlett, John, Merchant Navy20PlatemanAlmeda Star +
BritishPrickett, Eric Owen, Merchant Navy31First OfficerAlmeda Star +
BritishPriest, John Frederick, FAA19Passenger (Air Mechanic (A) 1st Class)Almeda Star +
BritishPringle, Robert, RM33Passenger (Marine)Almeda Star +
BritishPyke, John, Merchant Navy26FiremanAlmeda Star +
BritishRabinovitch, Phillip, Merchant Navy28ScullionAlmeda Star +
BritishRawlings, Joseph Ronald, Merchant Navy27ScullionAlmeda Star +
BritishRead, Harry, RAF35Passenger (Corporal)Almeda Star +
BritishReay, Thomas Bernard, Merchant Navy18SailorAlmeda Star +
BritishRichardson, Dolina Rose, Civilian29PassengerAlmeda Star +
BritishRichardson, Douglas, FAA20Passenger (Air Mechanic (A) 1st Class)Almeda Star +
BritishRichardson, Ronald Frederick, FAAPassenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishRichardson, William Antoine, RNVR32Passenger (Lieutenant (A))Almeda Star +
BritishRichmond, Douglas William, FAAPassenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishRivers, Frederick Alan, RAFVR23Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Almeda Star +
BritishRoberts, Jacob, Merchant Navy26Assistant StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishRoome, Donald Alfred William, FAA21Passenger (Air Mechanic (L) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishRosier, Alexandre, Merchant Navy54Chief CookAlmeda Star +
BritishRowson, Jack Smith, RNVR24Passenger (Sub-Lieutenant (A))Almeda Star +
BritishRyan, Christopher Robert, Merchant Navy23Assistant StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishScott, Robert Albert George, FAA19Passenger (Naval Airman 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishSears, Bernard George, RN21Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Almeda Star +
BritishShanahan, Austin Douglas, FAA19Passenger (Air Mechanic (L) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
IrishShannon, Robert, FAA25Passenger (Leading Air Mechanic (E))Almeda Star +
BritishSharp, David Mountford, RAFVR23Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Almeda Star +
BritishSkinner, Joseph Luke Henry, RNPassenger (Ordinary Seaman)Almeda Star +
BritishSmailes, Stephen Ross, FAA24Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishSmith, James, Merchant Navy28SailorAlmeda Star +
BritishSmith, James William, Merchant Navy17Deck BoyAlmeda Star +
BritishSmith, John Leslie, FAA19Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishSneap, Frederick Donald, FAA20Passenger (Air Mechanic (A) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishStacey, John, FAAPassenger (Air Mechanic (A) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishStanden, Charles William, Merchant Navy40StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishStephens, Frederick James, Merchant Navy25Assistant StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishStevenson, Peter Maurice, FAA20Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishStringer, Arthur Capel, FAA19Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishSullivan, John, Merchant Navy43Second Radio OfficerAlmeda Star +
BritishSummers, William Beasley, FAAPassenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishSutcliffe, Charles, Merchant Navy30Third Radio OfficerAlmeda Star +
BritishSwanson, Francis, Merchant Navy30StorekeeperAlmeda Star +
BritishSwanwich, Edmund Ralph, Merchant Navy23Assistant StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishTarrant, William Arthur, Merchant Navy22FiremanAlmeda Star +
BritishTattersall, George, RAF47Passenger (Sergeant)Almeda Star +
BritishThompson, Adam, Merchant Navy29Fourth Engineer OfficerAlmeda Star +
BritishTinniswood, Sidney Charles, Merchant Navy56Able SeamanAlmeda Star +
BritishTorrance, Alexander Kennedy Watt, FAA19Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishTout, Albert Ernest, FAA22Passenger (Air Mechanic (E) 2nd Class)Almeda Star +
BritishTrubridge, Thomas Hugo, RNVR20Passenger (Sub-Lieutenant (A))Almeda Star +
BritishTurner, Stanley Alan, Merchant Navy20FiremanAlmeda Star +
MalteseVella, Giuseppe, Merchant Navy59FiremanAlmeda Star +
BritishVincent, George, Merchant Navy61FiremanAlmeda Star +
BritishWagstaff, Victor Joseph, Merchant Navy38GreaserAlmeda Star +
BritishWaldron, John, Merchant Navy32Third Engineer OfficerAlmeda Star +
BritishWalmsley, Donald, Merchant Navy26Assistant CookAlmeda Star +
BritishWarburton, Guy Gordon John, FAA21Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishWatson, Cedric Francis Fairlie, FAA23Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishWebb, John, Merchant Navy28PrinterAlmeda Star +
BritishWebster, Joseph Vance, Merchant Navy29Assistant StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishWellbelove, John William, FAA24Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishWheatley, Anthony George, Merchant Navy17BoyAlmeda Star +
BritishWhitehead, Robert Marlborough, FAA20Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishWilletts, Frank, FAA18Passenger (Air Mechanic (E) 1st Class)Almeda Star +
BritishWilliams, Samuel, Merchant Navy18Assistant StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishWilliamson, George, RNVR33Passenger (Lieutenant (A))Almeda Star +
BritishWilson, Ronald James, Merchant Navy22Junior Engineer OfficerAlmeda Star +
BritishWinchester, Cyril Allan, RFRPassenger (Able Seaman)Almeda Star +
BritishWood, Harold Walton, FAA21Passenger (Leading Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishWoods, Bernard, Merchant Navy35Assistant StewardAlmeda Star +
BritishWorth, Victor George, Merchant Navy20Fourth OfficerAlmeda Star +
BritishWrightson, Mollie Eileen, Civilian31PassengerAlmeda Star +
BritishWrightson, Richard Verney, RNVR28Passenger (Lieutenant (A))Almeda Star +
BritishWynell-Sutherland, Desmond Arthur, FAA20Passenger (Petty Officer Airman)Almeda Star +
BritishZammit, Francesco, Merchant Navy61FiremanAlmeda Star +

319 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
If you wish to add a crewmember to the listing we would need most of this information: ship name, nationality, name, dob, place of birth, service (merchant marine, ...), rank or job on board. We have place for a photo as well if provided. You can e-mail us the information here.