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Dutch motor merchant

Berhala under her former name Rheinland. Photo courtesy of Marien Lindenborn Collection

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Dutch motor merchant Berhala.

Aboard Berhala when hit on 23 May 1941

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NameAgeRankServed on
Ah Tim, , Merchant NavyCookBerhala
Akoen, , Merchant NavyLaundrymanBerhala, Sitoebondo +
Alphen, Armand Louis van, Merchant Navy25Third OfficerBerhala
Au Kam Fook, , Merchant NavyMotor DriverBerhala
Bergmans, Eduard Johannes, Merchant Navy25Fifth Engineer OfficerBerhala
Brons, Jacobus, Merchant Navy39Third Engineer OfficerBerhala +
Cham King, , Merchant NavyCassabBerhala
Chan Dai, , Merchant NavyQuartermasterBerhala
Chan Kau, , Merchant NavyNo. 1 FiremanBerhala +
Chan Lin, , Merchant NavyFiremanBerhala
Chan Ming, , Merchant NavyStewardBerhala
Chan Ying, , Merchant NavyCook's MateBerhala
Chen Tai King, , Merchant NavyAble SeamanBerhala
Cheong Fook, , Merchant NavyFiremanBerhala
Cheung You, , Merchant NavyCarpenterBerhala
Chow Nuan, , Merchant NavyAble SeamanBerhala
Chow Poy, , Merchant NavyNo. 2 FiremanBerhala
Fung Kam Sing, , Merchant NavyAble SeamanBerhala
Hage, Hugo H., Merchant Navy25Radio OperatorBerhala
Ho Fook, , Merchant NavyQuartermasterBerhala
Ho Wing, , Merchant NavyAble SeamanBerhala
Ho Wing, , Merchant NavyFireman's CookBerhala
Kan King, , Merchant NavyNo. 3 FiremanBerhala
Lai Sing, , Merchant NavyAble SeamanBerhala
Lam Wan, , Merchant NavyFitterBerhala
Lee Cheung, , Merchant NavyFitterBerhala
Lee Soi, , Merchant NavyNo. 4 FiremanBerhala
Lee Wah, , Merchant NavyAble SeamanBerhala
Leung Hoi, , Merchant NavyStorekeeperBerhala
Leung Pak, , Merchant NavyQuartermasterBerhala
Leung Sai, , Merchant NavyAble SeamanBerhala
Leung Wing, , Merchant NavyAble SeamanBerhala
Li Sai Lo, , Merchant NavyBoatswain (Bosun)Berhala
Loo Bing, , Merchant NavyQuartermasterBerhala
Loo Lai, , Merchant NavyMotor DriverBerhala
Maning, , Merchant NavyLaundrymanBerhala, Sitoebondo
Manuhutu, Jacob, Merchant Navy28Fifth Engineer OfficerBerhala +
Meijers, Jacobus Johannes, Merchant Navy41Chief Engineer OfficerBerhala
Mochtar, , Merchant NavyStewardBerhala
Muir, J., DEMS gunnerBerhala
Muller Kobold, Frans Gerard, Merchant Navy35Second Engineer OfficerBerhala
Nang Cheung, , Merchant NavyBakerBerhala
Ng Chu, , Merchant NavyCook's MateBerhala
Ouwerkerk, Mattheus Roelof van, Merchant Navy33Chief StewardBerhala
Pang Bo, , Merchant NavyStewardBerhala
Potharst, Cornelis, Merchant Navy42Chief OfficerBerhala
Romein, Johannes, Merchant Navy38Third Engineer OfficerBerhala
Smit, Simon, Merchant Navy47ElectricianBerhala
Swoll, Hessel van, Merchant Navy34Third OfficerBerhala
Tang Ha, , Merchant NavyAble SeamanBerhala
Tang Wa, , Merchant NavyFitterBerhala
Tijmons, Lieuwe Jan, Merchant Navy48MasterBerhala
Tsan Wah, , Merchant NavyPainterBerhala
Tse Chung, , Merchant NavyFiremanBerhala
Tse King, , Merchant NavyFiremanBerhala
Tsing Loong, , Merchant NavyStewardBerhala
Vliet, Johannes Pieter van, Merchant Navy53Second OfficerBerhala
Wah Sing, , Merchant NavyFiremanBerhala
Wong Kwan, , Merchant NavyStewardBerhala
Wong Som, , Merchant NavyFiremanBerhala
Yeung Fook, , Merchant NavyStewardBerhala
Yeung Wing, , Merchant NavyAble SeamanBerhala

62 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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