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Gerard Callenburgh class

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The destroyer HNMS Isaac Sweers (G 83) of the Royal Dutch Navy. She was lost on 13 Nov 1942.

Technical information

Displacement2240 BRT 
Length106,3 m 
Complement180 men 
ArmamentOriginal design;
5 4.7" guns (2x2, 1x1)
4 40mm AA (2x2)
4 .5" MG AA (2x2)
8 21" torpedo tubes (2x4)
24 mines
1 aircraft (but no catapult)

HrMs Isaac Sweers after completion in England;
6 4" AA guns (3x2)
4 40mm AA (2x2)
2 20mm AA (2x1)
4 .5" MG AA (1x4)
8 21" torpedo tubes (2x4) 

Max speed36 knots
EnginesGeared turbines, 2 shafts 
Power45000 HP 
Notes on classFour ships were to be built to this design but only one eventually served in the Royal Netherlands Navy. The Isaac Sweers was towed to the U.K. in May 1940 and was completed there to a different design. Two were scuttled incomplete at Rotterdam. These were raised by the Germans and one of these was completed by the Kriegsmarine as ZH-1. The fourth ship was blown up on the slip after attempts to launch her (to be towed to the U.K. just like the Isaac Sweers) failed. 

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HNMS Gerard Callenburgh
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HNMS Isaac Sweers (G 83) Lost on 13 Nov 1942

1 Destroyers (4 names) of the Gerard Callenburgh class. 1 of them was lost.

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Gerard Callenburgh class ships hit by U-boats (1)

13 Nov 1942HNMS Isaac SweersSunkU-431

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