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Benson / Gleaves class

24 ships

The destroyer USS Ludlow (DD 438) of the US Navy.

Technical information

Displacement1620 BRT 
Length348 feet 
Complement276 men 
Armament5 5" guns
10 21" torpedo tubes 
Max speed37 knots
Notes on class

This class was an improvement on the previous Sims class. The Gleaves type vessels were identical apart from different shape of their smoke stacks. This class was had their machinery arranged in a way to increase the likelihood of surviving a torpedo hit.

US Navy destroyer classes during WWII:
Sampson - Caldwell - Wickes - Clemson - Farragut - Porter - Mahan - Gridley - Bagley - Somers - Benham - Sims - Benson / Gleaves - Fletcher - Allen M. Sumner - Gearing


US Navy US Navy ships of the Benson / Gleaves class

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USS Benson (DD 421)
USS Charles F. Hughes (DD 428)
USS Gleaves (DD 423)
USS Hilary P. Jones (DD 427)
USS Madison (DD 425)
USS Mayo (DD 422)
USS Niblack (DD 424)
USS Eberle (DD 430)
USS Edison (DD 439)
USS Ericsson (DD 440)
USS Grayson (DD 435)
USS Gwin (i) (DD 433) Lost on 13 Jul 1943
USS Ingraham (i) (DD 444) Lost on 22 Aug 1942
USS Kearny (DD 432)
USS Lansdale (DD 426) Lost on 20 Apr 1944
USS Livermore (DD 429)
USS Ludlow (DD 438)
USS Meredith (i) (DD 434) Lost on 15 Oct 1942
USS Monssen (i) (DD 436) Lost on 13 Nov 1942
USS Nicholson (DD 442)
USS Plunkett (DD 431)
USS Swanson (DD 443)
USS Wilkes (DD 441)
USS Woolsey (DD 437)

24 Destroyers of the Benson / Gleaves class. 5 of them were lost.

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Benson / Gleaves class ships hit by U-boats (1)

17 Oct 1941USS KearnyDamagedU-568

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