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The list is divided by navy, then ordered by commissioned date of each class (oldest first).

No class name (1)1940 - 1940

Royal Navy

 Higgins 70 feet-type (12)1940 - 1941
 VTB-11 (former French) (2)1940 - 1940
 Fairmile C (24)1941 - 1941
 Elco 70 feet-type (12)1941 - 1941
 BPB 70 feet-type (ex: French) (5)1941 - 1941
 BPB 70 feet-type (4)1941 - 1941
 Fairmile D (47)1942 - 1943
 BPB 72 feet-type (34)1942 - 1943
 Camper&Nicholson-type (4)1942 - 1945
 Higgins 82 feet-type (15)1944 - 1944
 BPB 72 feet-type (1)1944 - 1944

Please note that we list the classes by navies that initiated/owned the class. Often vessels of certain classes were then built for other nations (or lent), those ships are not visible here but only through the navies pages or by looking into each class.

War losses: Motor Gun Boats



Royal NavyMar 1941HMS MGB 98 (MGB 98)VTB-11 (former French) 
Royal Navy16 Jul 1941HMS MGB 90 (ii) (MGB 90)Elco 70 feet-type 
Royal Navy16 Jul 1941HMS MGB 92 (ii) (MGB 92)Elco 70 feet-type 


Royal Navy28 Mar 1942HMS MGB 314 (MGB 314)Fairmile C 
Royal Navy21 Jul 1942HMS MGB 328 (MGB 328)Fairmile C 
Royal Navy24 Jul 1942HMS MGB 601 (MGB 601)Fairmile D 
Royal Navy27 Jul 1942HMS MGB 501 (MGB 501)Camper&Nicholson-type 
Royal Navy10 Sep 1942HMS MGB 335 (MGB 335)Fairmile C 
Royal Navy30 Sep 1942HMS MGB 18 (MGB 18)BPB 70 feet-type 
Royal Navy3 Oct 1942HMS MGB 78 (MGB 78)BPB 72 feet-type 
Royal Navy6 Oct 1942HMS MGB 76 (MGB 76)BPB 72 feet-type 
Royal Navy6 Nov 1942HMS MGB 19 (MGB 19)BPB 70 feet-type 


Royal Navy7 Feb 1943HMS MGB 109 (MGB 109)BPB 72 feet-type 
Royal Navy28 Feb 1943HMS MGB 79 (MGB 79)BPB 72 feet-type 
Royal Navy10 Mar 1943HMS MGB 622 (MGB 622)Fairmile D 
Royal Norwegian Navy14 Mar 1943HNoMS MGB 631 (MGB 631)Fairmile D 
Royal Navy28 Apr 1943HMS MGB 639 (MGB 639)Fairmile D 
Royal Navy29 May 1943HMS MGB 110 (MGB 110)BPB 72 feet-type 
Royal Navy14 Jun 1943HMS MGB 648 (MGB 648)Fairmile D 
Royal Navy26 Jun 1943HMS MGB 644 (MGB 644)Fairmile D 
Royal Navy14 Jul 1943HMS MGB 641 (MGB 641)Fairmile D 
Royal Navy8 Aug 1943HMS MGB 64 (MGB 64)BPB 70 feet-type (ex: French) 
Royal Navy15 Oct 1943HMS MGB 636 (MGB 636)Fairmile D 
Royal Navy4 Nov 1943HMS MGB 606 (MGB 606)Fairmile D 
Royal Norwegian Navy22 Nov 1943HNoMS MGB 626 (MGB 626)Fairmile D 


Royal Norwegian Navy8 Feb 1944HNoMS MGB 625 (MGB 625)Fairmile D 
Royal Navy27 Jun 1944HMS MGB 326 (MGB 326)Fairmile C 
Royal Navy27 Jun 1944HMS MGB 640 (MGB 640)Fairmile D 
Royal Navy9 Jul 1944HMS MGB 115 (MGB 115)BPB 72 feet-type 
Royal Navy16 Aug 1944HMS MGB 313 (MGB 313)Fairmile C 
Royal Navy10 Oct 1944HMS MGB 663 (MGB 663)Fairmile D 


Royal Navy7 Feb 1945HMS MGB 605 (MGB 605)Fairmile D 
Royal NavyApr 1945HMS MGB 99 (MGB 99)VTB-11 (former French) 

33 Motor Gun Boats lost. See all Allied Warship losses.

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