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DepartureArrival / FateDuration
29 Mar 1941Lorient2 Jul 1941Lorient96 days


Officers *

Kptlt. Günter Hessler

Oblt. Helmut Friedrich Witte

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29 Mar 1941. At 19:30 hrs on 29 March 1941 U-107 left Lorient, France under the command of Kptlt. Günther Hessler on what would become the most successful U-boat patrol of the entire war. She sailed with U-94, commanded by Kptlt. Kuppisch, but then U-107 turned south. Her area of operations was around the Canary Islands and nearby Freetown, where she sank 14 ships with a total of 86,699 tons. On 3 and 4 of May U-107 refuelled from the German supply ship Nordmark, together with U-105. Five days later U-107 transferred 14 torpedoes, food, water and more fuel from the supply ship Egerland. U-107 returned to Lorient on 2 July 1941. Kptlt. Hessler married Karl Dönitz's daughter Ursula in November 1937. At that time he was serving on torpedo boats, but he joined the U-boat force in April 1940. Because Hessler was his son-in-law, Dönitz felt uncomfortable about bestowing the Knights Cross his achievement entitled him to, and eventually Grand Admiral Raeder signed the papers.

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