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DepartureArrival / FateDuration
23 Mar 1944Konstanza31 Mar 1944Feodosia9 days
31 Mar 1944Feodosia2 Apr 1944Sevastopol3 days
5 Apr 1944Sewastopol6 Apr 1944Konstanza2 days
14 days
Sometimes patrols were split into several 'legs', for resupply and other matters.


Officers *

Oblt. (R) Martin Landt-Hayen

Patrol description

Patrol in the Black Sea off Poti. On 30 Mar, the boat entered Feodosia to refuel and land an ill crewman. The next day, U-9 was damaged in a Soviet air attack on the harbour and the commander Oblt. Klapdor was wounded and taken to a hospital. The I.WO LT. Dehrmann took over the command.

The boat was transferred after repairs in Sevastopol to Konstanza as part of convoy Aida.

On 31 March, the boat had been damaged and the commander Oblt. Klapdor wounded in a Soviet air attack on Feodosia. The I.WO Lt. Dehrmann took over the command and brought U-9 via Yalta to Sevastopol for repairs.

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Departure from Konstanza on 23 Mar 1944.
24 Mar 1944 - 25 Mar 1944 - 26 Mar 1944 - 27 Mar 1944 - 28 Mar 1944 - 29 Mar 1944 - 30 Mar 1944 - 31 Mar 1944 - 1 Apr 1944 -
Arrival at Sewastopol on 2 Apr 1944.

Departure from Sewastopol on 5 Apr 1944.

Arrival at Konstanza on 6 Apr 1944.

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Attacks on U-9 during this patrol

31 Mar 1944
U-9 was lying in Feodosia to refuel when the harbor was attacked by 18 Il-2 ground attack aircraft. The boat was damaged by strafing and a bomb hit made a dent in the pressure hull on port side aft, also wounding the commander by splinters who operated the 20mm AA gun himself. The gunners claimed hits on two aircraft that were seen to crash.

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