U-boat Patrols

Patrols by U-123

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1Kptlt. Karl-Heinz Moehle21 Sep 1940  Kiel23 Oct 1940  Lorient33 days25,878 P View
2Kptlt. Karl-Heinz Moehle14 Nov 1940  Lorient28 Nov 1940  Lorient15 days25,676 P View
3Kptlt. Karl-Heinz Moehle14 Jan 1941  Lorient28 Feb 1941  Lorient46 days21,075 P View
4Kptlt. Karl-Heinz Moehle10 Apr 1941  Lorient11 May 1941  Lorient32 days6,991 P View
Kptlt. Reinhard Hardegen8 Jun 1941  Lorient12 Jun 1941  Lorient5 days 
5Kptlt. Reinhard Hardegen15 Jun 1941  Lorient23 Aug 1941  Lorient70 days21,507 P View
6Kptlt. Reinhard Hardegen14 Oct 1941  Lorient22 Nov 1941  Lorient40 days13,984 P View
7Kptlt. Reinhard Hardegen23 Dec 1941  Lorient9 Feb 1942  Lorient49 days57,627 P View
8Kptlt. Reinhard Hardegen2 Mar 1942  Lorient2 May 1942  Lorient62 days64,227 P View
Kptlt. Reinhard Hardegen16 May 1942  Lorient24 May 1942  Bergen9 days 
Kptlt. Reinhard Hardegen25 May 1942  Bergen26 May 1942  Kristiansand2 days 
Kptlt. Reinhard Hardegen26 May 1942  Kristiansand27 May 1942  Aarhus2 days 
Kptlt. Reinhard Hardegen28 May 1942  Aarhus29 May 1942  Kiel2 days 
Kptlt. Reinhard Hardegen3 Jun 1942  Kiel5 Jun 1942  Stettin3 days 
9Oblt. Horst von Schroeter5 Dec 1942  Kiel6 Feb 1943  Lorient64 days10,453 P View
10Oblt. Horst von Schroeter13 Mar 1943  Lorient8 Jun 1943  Lorient88 days28,855 P View
Oblt. Horst von Schroeter1 Aug 1943  Lorient5 Aug 1943  Lorient5 days 
11Oblt. Horst von Schroeter16 Aug 1943  Lorient7 Nov 1943  Lorient84 days P View
Oblt. Horst von Schroeter29 Dec 1943  Lorient30 Dec 1943  Lorient2 days 
12Oblt. Horst von Schroeter9 Jan 1944  Lorient24 Apr 1944  Lorient107 days P View
690 days276,273

12 War patrols (P) located. 690 days at sea during patrols (720 days at sea overall).
War patrols are shown with grey background.

Tons indicate tonnage of ships sunk or damaged during the patrol, if any. Warships are included.

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