WWII U-boat Successes

Ships hit by U-123

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Please note that in the table below you can find a 'Map' column. This helps to find that particular attack on the map below.

Date Commander Name of ship Tons Nat. ConvoyMap
6 Oct 1940Karl-Heinz Moehle Benlawers5,943brOB-221A
10 Oct 1940Karl-Heinz Moehle Graigwen3,697brSC-6B
19 Oct 1940Karl-Heinz Moehle Boekelo2,118nlSC-7C
19 Oct 1940Karl-Heinz Moehle Sedgepool5,556brSC-7D
19 Oct 1940Karl-Heinz Moehle Shekatika5,458brSC-7E
19 Oct 1940Karl-Heinz Moehle Clintonia3,106brSC-7F
22 Nov 1940Karl-Heinz Moehle Cree4,791brSL-53G
23 Nov 1940Karl-Heinz Moehle Oakcrest5,407brOB-244H
23 Nov 1940Karl-Heinz Moehle King Idwal5,115brOB-244I
23 Nov 1940Karl-Heinz Moehle Tymeric5,228brOB-244J
23 Nov 1940Karl-Heinz Moehle Anten5,135swOB-244K
24 Jan 1941Karl-Heinz Moehle Vespasian1,570nwOB-276L
4 Feb 1941Karl-Heinz Moehle Empire Engineer5,358brSC-20M
15 Feb 1941Karl-Heinz Moehle Holystone5,462brOB-284N
24 Feb 1941Karl-Heinz Moehle Grootekerk8,685nlO
17 Apr 1941Karl-Heinz Moehle Venezuela6,991swP
20 Jun 1941Reinhard Hardegen Ganda4,333ptQ
27 Jun 1941Reinhard Hardegen P.L.M. 225,646brSL-78R
27 Jun 1941Reinhard Hardegen Oberon1,996nlSL-78S
29 Jun 1941Reinhard Hardegen Rio Azul4,088brSL-78T
4 Jul 1941Reinhard Hardegen Auditor5,444brOB-337U
21 Oct 1941Reinhard Hardegen HMS Aurania (F 28) (d.)13,984brSL-89V
12 Jan 1942Reinhard Hardegen Cyclops9,076brW
14 Jan 1942Reinhard Hardegen Norness9,577paX
15 Jan 1942Reinhard Hardegen Coimbra6,768brY
19 Jan 1942Reinhard Hardegen Norvana2,677amZ
19 Jan 1942Reinhard Hardegen City of Atlanta5,269am
19 Jan 1942Reinhard Hardegen Malay (d.)8,206am
19 Jan 1942Reinhard Hardegen Ciltvaira3,779le
25 Jan 1942Reinhard Hardegen Culebra3,044brON-53
27 Jan 1942Reinhard Hardegen Pan Norway9,231nwON-56
22 Mar 1942Reinhard Hardegen Muskogee7,034am
24 Mar 1942Reinhard Hardegen Empire Steel8,138br
27 Mar 1942Reinhard Hardegen USS Atik (AK 101)3,209am
2 Apr 1942Reinhard Hardegen Liebre (d.)7,057am
8 Apr 1942Reinhard Hardegen Oklahoma (d.)9,264am
8 Apr 1942Reinhard Hardegen Esso Baton Rouge (d.)7,989am
9 Apr 1942Reinhard Hardegen Esparta3,365am
11 Apr 1942Reinhard Hardegen Gulfamerica8,081am
13 Apr 1942Reinhard Hardegen Leslie2,609am
13 Apr 1942Reinhard Hardegen Korsholm2,647sw
17 Apr 1942Reinhard Hardegen Alcoa Guide4,834am
29 Dec 1942Horst von Schroeter Baron Cochrane3,385brONS-154
29 Dec 1942Horst von Schroeter Empire Shackleton (d.)7,068brONS-154
8 Apr 1943Horst von Schroeter Castillo Montealegre3,972sp
18 Apr 1943Horst von Schroeter HMS P-615683br
18 Apr 1943Horst von Schroeter Empire Bruce7,459br
29 Apr 1943Horst von Schroeter Nanking5,931sw
5 May 1943Horst von Schroeter Holmbury4,566br
9 May 1943Horst von Schroeter Kanbe6,244brTS-38

44 ships sunk (222,705 tons) and 6 ships damaged (53,568 tons).

We have a picture of this vessel.
(d.) means the ship was damaged.

Note on map. U-123 sank or damaged 50 Allied ships. Our map markers only have 26 labels (A-Z) at this time. This is why some of the markers have no label but otherwise work just fine. The markers are sorted by date, the first 26 successes have labels. This only affects about 20 of the most successful U-boats.

In some cases the exact positions of losses are not known, those are not shown.
In other cases the posititions are too close and the markers overlap, not much we can do about that.

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