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by Jordan, David
The U-boat war and the Allied Counter-Attack, 1939-1945
2002, Spellmount, Staplehurst
ISBN 1862271585
Hardcover, 176 pages
From the publisher: Hitler's U-boat arm formed the backbone of the German war effort at sea. This study describes the evolution, design, construction, strategy and technology of these mighty oceanic submarines.

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88Photo of U 110.Photo shows a type VIIC U-boat.
142Photo Shows USS Benson ablaze after colliding with USS TrippePhoto shows a burning tanker, USS Benson was a Benson-Livermore Class Destroyer
153Photo caption: "The crew of a type VII U-boat take to their dinghies after their submarine has been crippled by an attack"Picture shows the RN boarding party approaching the U-boat.
160Photo caption: Albert Speer and Karl Dönitz.Generaloberst Alfred Jodl and Karl Dönitz.

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