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U-Boat Warfare

by Showell, Jak Mallmann
The Evolution of the Wolf Pack
2002, Ian Allan, London
ISBN 0711028877
Hardcover, 160 pages, 150 photos
From the publisher: Drawing upon original records from the U-Boat command, from Royal Navy reports and special intelligence from Bletchley Park, U-Boat Warfare: the Evolution of the Wolf Pack is a detailed study into the strategy and tactics of the U-boat fleet during World War 2. The book explores how and why the U-boat command planned the attacks, how the Wolf Packs were set up, how much Special Intelligence was contributed by Bletchley Park towards their defeat, what Britain did to combat the Wolf Packs and what actually happened on the seas. Supplemented by some 150 photographs, many of which are previously unpublished, along with maps, the narrative represents a remarkable exploration into one of the most critical campaigns of the war.

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75It says: On 17 October U568 (Kptlt Georg Preuss) started a delicate international incident by torpedoing the United States destroyer Kearny ...Correct should be Joachim Preuss. Georg Preuss was not a commander until 2 years later, when he commanded U-1224.

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