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U-boote: 1939-1945

by Dalli├Ęs-Labourdette, Jean-Philippe
1996, Motorbooks International
ISBN 2908182424
This book contains many excellently reproduced photographs, many of which were new to me, including some good shots of U-boat pens. There are also some pretty good U-boat color profiles, several pages of U-boat and Flotilla insignia (all in color), and a very nice full-color 8-page section on German war art featuring U-boats and U-boat men. Also included are a full-color photo feature on U-bootwaffe uniforms and equipment, and a section on U-boats in the movies. While this book is overall a very good value, is a good read for the most part, and offers many excellent photos and illustrations, it does suffer from poor editing. There is an inexcusable number of typographical errors, misspellings, and incorrect English.

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10States the Type IA was introduced in 1932 The only two of this type (U-25 and U-26) were built in 1935/1936.
10Lists Type IA as displacing 800t.Correct displacement figures for Type IA are 862 (sf); 983 (sm); 1200 (total).
10Lists U-25 as sunk on 3 August, 1940.U-25 was sunk on 1 August.
10Lists U-25 as having a 50-man crew.U-25 had a crew of 49.
10States that the Type IA had a 43-man crew, even though just above the book (also erroneously) states that U-25, a boat of this type, had a 50-man crew.On their final missions, U-25 had a crew of 49, and U-26 had a crew of 48.
11Type IIB statistics show maximum diving depth as 80m.Actual maximum diving depth for this type was 150m.
11The text stating how many of each Type II boat were built reads "A total of 50 Type II units were built, including six Type IIAs, 20 IIBs, eight IICs and IIDs." Either the number for IID was left out, or it is meant that 8 each of IIC and IID were built.Sixteen IIDs were built.
11Vesikko is incorrectly spelled as Visikko.Correct spelling is Vesikko.
11Gives statistics for "Type II" as if Types IIA, IIB, IIC and IID were identical. For example, statistics for speed and length actually differ among all types, but are given in the caption as identical for all four. Of course the subtypes of Type II differ one from another in several specifications.
11States the Type II carried 6 torpedoes.All Type II boats carried 5 torpedoes.
11States the IID could carry up to 8 mines, making it sound as if it was the only one of the four that carried mines. Every boat of this type could carry mines; also, the maximum was 12, not 8.
11Range for Type IIB given as 2,700 miles.The Type IIB's range was 3,100 miles.
11Gives the range for Type IID as 4,400 miles.The Type IID's range was 5,650 miles.

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