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U-Boat Fact File

by Sharpe, Peter
Detailed Service Histories of the Submarines Operated by the Kriegsmarine 1935-1945
1988, Midland Publishing Limited
ISBN 1857800729
217 pages
A mine of close-printed information on the histories of the individual U-boats, covering Type; Builder; Laid Down; Launched; Commissioned; Commanders; Units; Patrols; Vessels Attacked/Sunk; Notes; and Fate. Appendices cover U-boat Types; Knight's Cross Recipients; Refueling/Resupply Operations; Kriegsmarine Map Quadrants; The U-boat Arm; U-boats Not Completed; and Operation Deadlight, plus a select bibliography.

Errata list

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14Re U-5: "lost with all 21 hands".In fact 21 men died on this boat, but 16 survived.
27Re U-47: "sunk by RN Destroyer Wolverine"This fate has been revised. More infor here.
38Re U-91: Said to have lost a man overboard on 27 May, 1943 during an air attack.The incident took place 2 months earlier, on 27 March, 1943.
47A man is reported to be lost from U-123 during a battle with the Q-Ship Atik on 26 March, 1942.This actually happened one day later, on 27 March, 1942.
52Re: U-147. First patrol said to have been started in Bergen on 9 Feb, 1941 and ended in Heligoland on 12 March.The boat left Bergen on 22 Feb, 1941 and arrived in Kiel on 12 March.
54One man is said to have been lost in a crash dive by U-154 on 13 July, 1942.The man was indeed lost overboard, but he was fished out of the sea after 20 minutes and survived.
642 men from U-209 are said to have been lost in a minefield on 9 July 1942.This is not true according to our sources.
67Re U-228: 2 men reported wounded on 3 June, 1943.This attack took place on 7 May, 1943.
68Re U-231: "damaged by ... aircraft" on 22 April, 1943.During this attack the boat was not damaged.
73Re U-268: "lost with all 45 crew".In fact 1 man had been lost earlier on the patrol and 44 died when the boat was sunk.
92Re U-404. Commander's name listed as Adolf SchönburgHis real name was Adolf Schönberg.
95Re U-425: "lost with all 52 hands".In fact there was one survivor from its 53-man crew (Herbert Lochner).
99Re U-446: no mention of loss of personnel.23 men perished with the boat and 18 survived.
99Re U-450: Commander's name listed as Kurt Bohme.His name was Kurt Böhme.
101Re U-457: Commander is listed as Karl BoddenburgKorvkpt. Karl Brandenburg commanded this boat during its career.
101Re U-460: "lost with all 62 hands".In fact 2 men survived this sinking while 62 men died.
105Re U-501: its captain is said to have chosen suicide to repatrition to Germany in early 1945.Kkpt Hugo Förster was repatriated in Jan 1945 and then took his own life on 27 Feb, 1945.
120Re U-578: Korvkpt. Ernst-August Rehwinkel is said to have been of Crew 20.He was a member of Crew 23.
120Re U-582: Kptlt. Werner Schulte is said to have been of Crew 37a.He was a member of Crew 31. It would have been impossible to rise to rank of Kptlt. in just over 2 years.
124Re U-603: "Builder: Blohm & Voss (Kiel)"The boat was built by Blohm & Voss in Hamburg.
132The commander name: Alfred DumreseHis correct name is: Adolf Dumrese.
154Re U-957: said to have collided with a German vessel.This is not true according to our sources.
155Re U-960: "19.05.45 bombed by ..."The boat was sunk one year earlier on 19 May, 1944 of course.
176Re U-2361: The boat is said to have belonged to the 4th Flotilla until June 1945.Her career with the 4th Flotilla ended on 8 May, 1945 when Germany surrendered.
205Re 18th Flotilla: said to have become operational in April in the Baltic.This is not true according to our sources. She was always (3 months) a training flotilla.
205Re 11th Flotilla: Fregkpt. Hans Cohausz is said to have left the Flotilla in Jan, 1945.He left in December 1944.
210In "U-boat Command - Wartime" Karl Dönitz is said to have become BdU on 17. Oct, 1939.The real date was on 19 Sept, 1939.

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