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The Arctic Convoys 1941-1945

by Woodman, Richard
1994, John Murray, London
ISBN 0719557526
532 pages
Excellent and complete work, possibly the best book yet written on the Arctic convoys. Well written and fun to read and a mixture of historical facts and stories told by the men involved.

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19"But after the sinking of USS Kearny and USS Reuben James,"USS Kearny was, as referred to on page 15, only damaged by torpedo but not sunk.
38"...Americans who in August (1941) assumed the responsibility of garrisoning Iceland".U.S. Marines landed in Reykjavik, Icland on 7 July, 1941.
229"...the heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper flying the flag of Konteradmiral Miesel,"Admiral in question is Konteradmiral Wilhelm Meisel.
309On pages 309, 317, 333, and 339, the commander of the German Sixth Army is refferred to as ´von Paulus´.It is common misbelief that Friedrich Paulus was of noble origin and is often referred to as ´von Paulus´.
475Referring to five damaged U-boats on page 290, Reche's U-255 is listed twice.One boat is missing from the list.

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