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Dönitz and the Wolf Packs

by Edwards, Bernard
The U-boats at War
1999, Cassell Academic
ISBN 0304352039
Paperback, 240 pages
The U-boat story, from early victory to final defeat. Originally published 1996.

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0Throughout the book, most of the time, but not all of the time, the author refers to U-boat commanders by their terminal rank, rather than by their rank at the time of the event being discussed, which is misleading. In a few cases, a commander is referred to by terminal rank on one page, and rank contemporary with the event described on another. For example: On page 23, which deals with Convoy SC 2, September 1940, Otto Kretschmer's rank is given as Korvettenkapitän. On page 35, in a description of an event one month later, Kretschmer's rank is given as Kapitänleutnant.
138Commander of U-435 is indicated as "Siegfried Stretlow".Commander's name is Strelow.

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