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German U-Boat Crews 1914-45

by Williamson, Gordon
Osprey Military Elite Series, No. 60
1996, Reed International Books Ltd.
ISBN 1855325454
64 pages, color photos
Topics include organization and command structure, uniforms, weapons, badges and insignia.

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18The Pea Jacket: "Early pea jackets had six pairs of buttons; the change to five was made in 1933." This is an inversion error; early pea jackets had five pairs, post-1933 pea jackets had six pairs of buttons. For both pea jackets, the topmost pair of buttons are hidden by the collar, thus the pre-1933 pea jacket shows four, the post-1933 jacket shows five pairs of buttons in virtually all photos of German seamen wearing their "Collani" peacoats.
18Color Plate A, "2: Leutnant zur See" Color plate A, #2 shows an illustration of an officer with the rank of Kapitänleutnant, two wide gilt braid sleeve rings in the Kaiserliche Navy. The illustration should be recaptioned or it should be modified to show an officer with only one narrow gilt braid sleeve ring.
18Color Plate B, "2: U-Boat officer" Illustration of #2 depicts non-existing sleeve ring pattern (prior to June 3, 1919) Depicted pattern was not adopted until June 3, 1919. A Kapitanleutnant of that era was denoted by two wide gilt braid sleeve rings.
50A2, "This Leutnant zur See...". "His rank is denoted by the two rings of wide gilt braid on each sleeve."If the Page A illustration is simply recaptioned to label #2 as a Kapitänleutnant, the text for page 50, A2, will have to be changed to match, substituting "Kapitänleutnant" for Leutnant zur See. If the illustration is altered to depict one ring of narrow gilt braid on each sleeve, then the page 50, A2 text needs to be changed to read "His rank is denoted by the one ring of narrow gilt braid on each sleeve".
51"His reefer jacket...displays the sleeve-rings of the rank of Kapitanleutnant - one narrow ring sandwiched between two broader rings..."The text needs to be changed to correctly describe the rank depiction of a Kapitänleutnant; two rings of wide gilt braid on each sleeve.

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