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U-Boote gegen England

by Showell, Jak P. Mallmann
(U-boats against England)
Kampf und Untergang der deutschen U- Boot- Waffe 1939-1945
1987, Motorbuch Verlag, Stuttgart
ISBN 3613010097
189 pages, maps and drawings
An incredible amount of information crammed within rather few pages. Extensive bibliography, list of all U-boats in service and their fates, technical data on all types, good glossary, and many interesting photos. Recommended to all U-boat buffs!
The author's father was lost while on patrol with U-377 in January, 1944.

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161U-309 Oblt z.S. Geissler, sunk on 5 July 1944.U-309, Oblt z.S. H.G. Mahrholz, left Brest on 7 August and reached La Pallice 12 August 1944.
163U-256 left Brest on September 3, 1944, and passed through the Channel to reach Bergen.U-256 left Brest on September 4, 1944, and went up through the Denmark Straits, which accounts for the length of the journey. With the four forward torpedo tubes removed and the torpedo doors sealed up, to pass through the Channel would have amounted to suicide at the time.

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