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Svensgrunnen 12. april 1943 - uskyldige måtte ofte lide

By Bratbak, Bjørn
(The Svensgrunnen April 12, 1943 - Innocents ofte were to suffern)
2000, Sjømilitære Samfund ved Norsk Tidsskrift for Sjøvesen
ISBN 8292217002
Hardcover, 135 pages, photos
book is in Norwegian language

Descripton: About the attack of the Soviet submarine K-21 on Norwegian fishermen at Svensgrunnen on April 12, 1943; and the K-21 crewman who fell overboard, was picked up by Norwegians, sent to prisoner of war camp in Tromsø, and his escape via Sweden to Russia.

- This book has been translated into other languages.