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Warrior Queens

The Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth in World War II

By Butler, Daniel Allen
2002, Stackpole Books
ISBN 0811716457
Hardcover, 224 pages

Descripton: Converted from luxury liners to troopships at the outset of World War II, the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth logged over a million nautical miles and carried more than a million military personnel. Drawing from both published sources and Cunard's official archives, the archives and records of the British Admiralty and the U.S. Navy, and the firsthand recollections of soldiers, seamen, and war brides, author Daniel Allen Butler brings this unique aspect of World War II history to life by recounting the histories of the two Queens along with the stories of the soldiers and sailors who served or sailed on them.

From the review: This book deals with the sister ships Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth launched in 1936 and 1940 respectively, the largest and most impressive ocean liners ever built at the time. The pride of Britain, built to win the Blue Ribbon for fas ...
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