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The Invasion Before Normandy

The Secret Battle of Slapton Sands

By Hoyt, Edwin Palmer
1999, Scarborough House
ISBN 0812885627

Descripton: The first full account of a major disaster deliberately concealed during the Allied preparation for D-Day. Operation Tiger on Slapton Sands was one of the giant military exercises off the Devonshire coast conducted by the Allied armed forces in preparation for D-day. When part of the training force was surprised by nine German E-boats with heavy loss of life extraordinary measures where taken. Over 700 Americans were hastily buried and news of the attack was concealed. Security for the whole D-Day mission was threatened and confidence that Britain and America could successfully co-operate in such a complex plan was shaken. For the first time Edwin P. Hoyt brings together the details of Operation Tiger and assess its importance both in the history of Anglo-American relations and in the military lessons which were learnt in readiness for D-Day.

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