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Husarenstück in Scapa Flow

Die Versenkung der Royal Oak durch Günther Prien

By Snyder, Gerald S.
(The Royal Oak Disaster)
1981, Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, München
ISBN 3453013972
Paperback, 317 pages, 41 photos, 5 appendices, 1 map
book is in German language

Descripton: "The first complete account of the most controversial tragedy in the Royal Navy's History - the Scapa Flow Raid of U-47." Reconstructs the raid from planning stage to execution. Includes many interviews with survivors from both sides. Some good photos. A few technical mistakes in describing the U-boat. (My favorites: stating that the electric motors were used on the surface and the diesels underwater; and that the VIIC carried 4 torpedoes in the stern and one in the bow.) But the interesting part of course is the survivor interviews.

- This book has been translated from another language.