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Hunter-Killer Attack Sub of WWII

By Trumbull, Robert
1990, P.W. Knutson and Company, Chicago
Hardcover, 217 pages, 21 photos and 1 drawing

Descripton: The book Silversides was written in 1943. Due to security restrictions, it was not published until June of 1945. This edition was reprinted in 1990. The book covers the events occurring in the first four war patrols. Silversides subsequently made 10 more patrols for a total of 14 and established herself as one of the most outstanding submarines of WWII. She sank 31 ships, totalling over 100,000 tons. Silversides is still afloat at Muskegon, Michigan.

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Allied Warship Commanders. Burlingame
Allied Warships. USS Silversides

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