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Dead Reckoning

Special Force Orca

By Anthony Molloy
2012, Amazon Kindle
E Book Price 2.00
The book is a fiction

Descripton: June 1940 The World waited. Dunkirk was over, a third of a million allied troops snatched back from, in Churchill’s words, ‘death and shame’ in the largest sea-evacuation the world had ever seen. France, the British Empire's only ally, tottered on the brink of defeat. Italy had entered the war on the side of Germany. The World considered its future. If Britain was to be defeated and the world's largest Navy fell into the hands of the Nazis the Axis would dominate the seas and by definition the world. Churchill had an ace up his sleeve; the Royal Navy. Support Britain in her fight to the death, or risk the Royal Navy becoming part of a greater German Navy. This was the spectre that Churchill’s friends in America held over the heads of the appeasers and the isolationists. For America had, as of yet, given no practical help to Great Britain. In this sea of uncertainty and defeatism Churchill stood solid as a rock; the immovable platform from which victory could still be snatched. Only the Royal Navy, was ready to carry the fight to the enemy, undefeated it patrolled the seas carrying with it the hopes and the pride of the British people. The Special Operations Group, 'Orca', under its inspired and charismatic commander, Alexander Barr, are ordered to concentrate their efforts against the enemy U Boats based in occupied Norway… Their task to capture a German U Boat and to use it against the enemy in covert operations.