Italian submarines in World War Two

CB 7
CB 7

ClassCB (42) 
Laid down Caproni-Taliedo, Milan
Commissioned1 Aug 1943
End service9 Sep 1943
Loss date
Loss position
History Captured by the Germans at Pola in September 1943, cannibalized for spare parts


CommanderDate fromDate toCommand notes
Alfredo Perioli25 May 1943 1943

Ships hit

No ships hit by this submarine.

Patrols and events

 CommanderDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
21 Jun 19420845La Spezia21 Jun 19421150La SpeziaTrials.

21 Jun 19422100La Spezia21 Jun 19422348La SpeziaTrials.

25 Jun 19420700La Spezia25 Jun 1942Time?La SpeziaExercises.

9 Jul 19420905La Spezia9 Jul 1942Time?La SpeziaExercises.

10 Jan 1943Date???La Spezia10 Jan 1943PolaPassage La Spezia-Pola by train? It could not be determined if the move had been done by train or by sea.

6 Mar 1943Pola6 Mar 1943PolaFirst diving trials.

8 Mar 1943Pola8 Mar 1943PolaSatisfactory trials.

16 Mar 19430939Pola16 Mar 19431525PolaTrials.

25 Mar 19430845Pola25 Mar 19431120PolaTrials.

25 Mar 19431345Pola25 Mar 19431810PolaExercises.

1 Apr 19430850Pola1 Apr 19431415PolaExercises.

19 Apr 1943Pola19 Apr 19431415PolaTrials.

10 May 19430825Pola10 May 19431055PolaExercises.

10 May 19431525Pola10 May 19431810PolaExercises.

10 May 19432020Pola10 May 19432225PolaExercises.

11 May 19431520Pola11 May 19431725PolaExercises.

11 May 19432105Pola11 May 19432315PolaExercises.

12 May 19431446Pola12 May 19431650PolaExercises.

12 May 19432100Pola12 May 1943Date? Time?PolaExercises.

13 May 19430810Pola13 May 19431120PolaExercises.

13 May 19431445Pola13 May 19431655PolaExercises.

14 May 19430845Pola14 May 19431020PolaExercises.

14 May 19432105Pola14 May 19432225PolaExercises.

15 May 19431420Pola15 May 19431620PolaExercises.

15 May 19432120Pola15 May 19432305PolaExercises.

Perioli, Alfredo29 May 19430855Pola29 May 19431200PolaExercises.

Perioli, Alfredo4 Jun 19430910Pola4 Jun 19431135PolaExercises.

Perioli, Alfredo8 Jun 19430910Pola8 Jun 19431240PolaExercises.

Perioli, Alfredo9 Jun 19431440Pola9 Jun 19431720PolaExercises.

Perioli, Alfredo11 Jun 19430925Pola11 Jun 19431145PolaExercises.

Perioli, Alfredo12 Jun 19430840Pola12 Jun 19431225PolaExercises.

Perioli, Alfredo13 Jun 19430855Pola13 Jun 19431245PolaExercises.

14 Jun 19431445Pola14 Jun 19431855PolaExercises.

15 Jun 19431445Pola15 Jun 19431630PolaExercises.

19 Jun 19430835Pola19 Jun 19431210PolaExercises.

21 Jun 19430845Pola21 Jun 19431150PolaExercises.

21 Jun 19432100Pola21 Jun 19432348PolaExercises.

22 Jun 19431330Pola22 Jun 19431805PolaExercises.

23 Jun 19430910Pola23 Jun 19431440PolaExercises.

25 Jun 19430835Pola25 Jun 19431155PolaExercises.

26 Jun 19430845Pola26 Jun 19431110PolaExercises.

28 Jun 19430845Pola28 Jun 19431130PolaExercises.

30 Jun 19430845Pola30 Jun 19431105PolaExercises.

1 Jul 19430830Pola1 Jul 19431200PolaExercises.

2 Jul 19430845Pola2 Jul 19431135PolaExercises.

6 Jul 19431140Pola6 Jul 19431740PolaExercises.

8 Jul 19430850Pola8 Jul 19431200PolaExercises. Later reported to have been broken up to provide spare parts.

8 Sep 1943Pola8 Sep 1943PolaAt Pola. Being repaired after battery explosion and without periscope. Never operational again.

12 May 1944Pola12 May 1944Date???PolaAt Pola damaged by air attack, not repaired.
  12 May 1944
(0) At Pola.
The midget submarine came under air attack and was damaged. The date is approximate and could be earlier.

She was deemed not worth repairing.

49 entries. 49 total patrol entries (0 marked as war patrols) and 1 events.

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