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Aldo Andolfi

Born  26 Jan 1916?


  S.T.V.Sottotenente di Vascello
  T.V.Tenente di Vascello


Career information

VETTOR PISANI (S.T.V. C.O.): from 28.11.1943 to 15.07.1944.
Promoted to T.V. in June 1944.
PLATINO (T.V. C.O.): from 31.07.1944 to 24.11.1944?
CIRO MENOTTI (T.V. C.O.): from 01.12.1944 to 15.08.1945.

Commands listed for Aldo Andolfi

Submarine Type Rank From To
Vettor Pisani (PN)Ocean goingS.T.V.28 Nov 194315 Jul 1944
Platino (PT)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.31 Jul 194424 Nov 1944
Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)Ocean goingT.V.1 Dec 194415 Aug 1945

Ships hit by Aldo Andolfi

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Aldo Andolfi

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Vettor Pisani (PN)1 Dec 19431050Naples2 Dec 19430800Naples4Passage Naples-Castellammare di Stabia with the submarine Onice, but then towed back due to defects first by Onice, then by an Italian tug. Attempted on board repairs before finally returning to harbour. Then repairs and refit.

Vettor Pisani (PN)18 Mar 19440720Naples19 Mar 19441445Augusta271Passage Naples-Augusta. Could not dive used as power supply.

Vettor Pisani (PN)22 Mar 19440716Augusta24 Mar 19440730Taranto295Passage Augusta-Taranto. Then refit.

Vettor Pisani (PN)13 May 19440630Taranto13 May 19441710Taranto55Trials.

Vettor Pisani (PN)20 May 19440625Taranto20 May 19441355Taranto34A/S exercises with the torpedo boat Aretusa.

Vettor Pisani (PN)25 May 19440805Taranto25 May 19441420Taranto7Gyrocompass tests.

Vettor Pisani (PN)27 May 19440637Taranto27 May 19441437Taranto40A/S exercises with the torpedo boat Aretusa, the corvette Folga and the auxiliary Regina Elena.

Vettor Pisani (PN)3 Jun 19440617Taranto3 Jun 19441500Taranto42,2A/S exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)6 Jun 19440800Taranto6 Jun 19441741Taranto23Escorted submarine Giovanni Da Procida.

Vettor Pisani (PN)8 Jun 19440600Taranto8 Jun 19441415Taranto41,6A/S exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)10 Jun 19440610Taranto10 Jun 19441610Taranto46,1A/S exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)13 Jun 19440615Taranto13 Jun 19441355Taranto39A/S exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)17 Jun 19440617Taranto17 Jun 19441325Taranto49A/S exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)20 Jun 19440620Taranto20 Jun 19441329Taranto46A/S exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)22 Jun 19440640Taranto22 Jun 19441315Taranto43,5A/S exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)27 Jun 19440632Taranto27 Jun 19441340Taranto50A/S exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)29 Jun 19440640Taranto29 Jun 19441315Taranto42A/S exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)4 Jul 19440621Taranto4 Jul 19441337Taranto38Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)6 Jul 19440703Taranto6 Jul 19441324Taranto32Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)11 Jul 19440638Taranto11 Jul 19441221Taranto32Exercises.

Vettor Pisani (PN)13 Jul 19440635Taranto13 Jul 19441450Taranto34,3Exercises.

Platino (PT)3 Aug 19440840Brindisi3 Aug 19441704Brindisi37,4Exercises.

Platino (PT)10 Aug 19441515Brindisi10 Aug 19441811Brindisi2Exercises.

Platino (PT)14 Aug 19440800Brindisi14 Aug 19441717Brindisi7Exercises.

Platino (PT)19 Aug 19440800Brindisi19 Aug 19441437Brindisi19Exercises.

Platino (PT)24 Aug 19440800Brindisi24 Aug 19441455Brindisi18,3Exercises.

Platino (PT)30 Aug 19440812Brindisi30 Aug 19441553Brindisi20Exercises.

Platino (PT)6 Sep 19440832Brindisi6 Sep 19441347Brindisi28,5Exercises.

Platino (PT)18 Sep 19440811Brindisi18 Sep 19441527Brindisi27,5Exercises.

Platino (PT)13 Oct 19440904Brindisi14 Oct 19440908Taranto164Passage Brindisi-Taranto.

Platino (PT)16 Oct 19440842Taranto16 Oct 19441712Taranto45Exercises.

Platino (PT)18 Oct 19440802Taranto18 Oct 19442300Taranto56Exercises. Then refit.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)3 Dec 19440630Taranto3 Dec 19441615Taranto58Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)4 Dec 19441530Taranto8 Dec 19441141Alexandria950Passage Taranto-Alexandria, escorted by the destroyer Granatiere. The submarine broke down and had to be towed by the destroyer.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)10 Dec 19440642Alexandria11 Dec 19441036Haifa300Passage Alexandria-Haifa.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)16 Dec 19441424Haifa20 Dec 19441755Tobruk745Passage Haifa-Tobruk with Zoea, towed by Granatiere. Later joined off Port Said by Yugoslav submarine Nebojsa (which broke down the next day and had to be towed by Zoea then by Granatiere).

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)21 Dec 19440932Tobruk25 Dec 19441151MessinaPassage Tobruk-Messina with Zoea escorted by the destroyer Granatiere.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)8 Jan 19450640Messina9 Jan 19451743Taranto243Passage Messina-Taranto towed by the destroyer Granatiere, in company with Zoea who was towed by the tug Nereo.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)27 Apr 19450645Taranto27 Apr 19451350Taranto36Trials.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)7 May 19450645Taranto7 May 19451615Taranto57Trials.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)18 May 19451428Taranto18 May 19452325Taranto48Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)17 Jun 19450755Taranto17 Jun 19451720Taranto64Trials.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)19 Jun 19451332Taranto19 Jun 19451808Taranto40Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)26 Jun 19451706Taranto27 Jun 19450956Brindisi153,5Passage Taranto-Brindisi.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)10 Aug 19450710Brindisi10 Aug 19451540Brindisi37,5Transfer of command.

45 entries. 45 total patrol entries (0 marked as war patrols) and 0 events.

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