Italian submarines in World War Two

Italian Commanders

Ugo Gelli

Born  6 May 1907Catanisetta


  T.V.Tenente di Vascello
  C.C.Capitano di Corvetta


18 Dec 1947 Medaglia d'argento al valore militare

Career information

ASCIANGHI (T.V. C.O.): from 17.07.1938 to 28.04.1941.
Promoted to C.C. in September 1940.
CIRO MENOTTI (C.C. C.O.): from 04.05.1941 to 04.11.1942.
CIRO MENOTTI (C.C. C.O.): from 04.02.1943 to 07.04.1943.
SERPENTE (C.C. C.O.): from 14.04.1943 to 22.6.1943.
ANTONIO BAJAMONTI (C.C. C.O.): from 22.06.1943 to 09.09.1943?

Commands listed for Ugo Gelli

Submarine Type Rank From To
Ascianghi (AS)Coastal / Sea goingT.V.17 Jul 193828 Apr 1941
Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)Ocean goingC.C.4 May 19414 Nov 1942
Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)Ocean goingC.C.4 Feb 19437 Apr 1943
Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)Coastal / Sea goingC.C.14 Apr 194322 Jun 1943
Antonio Bajamonti (ex-N.2, ex-Smeli) (BM)C.C.22 Jun 19439 Sep 1943

Ships hit by Ugo Gelli

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Ugo Gelli

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Ascianghi (AS)11 Jun 19400100La Maddalena11 Jun 19401630Cagliari177Passage La Maddalena-Cagliari.

1.Ascianghi (AS)17 Jun 19402350Cagliari30 Jun 19401245Cagliari1458Patrolled between 38°20'N and 39°00'N, and between 00°10'E and 01°00'E. off Balearic Islands between Cape San Antonio and Fermentara Island. Sighted many neutral ships.
  19 Jun 1940035238° 30'N, 3° 30'E
(0) Italian Grid 1664.
At 0352 hours, five cruisers were sighted at a distance of 10,000 metres, steering 020°, 20 knots. Ascianghi could not close within attacking range.
  22 Jun 19400130
0055 (e)

(0) Near Cape San Antonio (Balearic Islands).
At 0125 hours, a darkened 15,000-ton steamer was sighted.

At 0130 hours, four torpedoes (three 533mm, one 450mm) were fired in quick succession from the bow tubes, at a range of 1,700 metres. They all missed.

This was the British Ashcrest (5,645 GRT, built 1920).

Ascianghi then opened fire, claiming hits with her second and third salvoes. The enemy vessel turned sharply to starboard and replied very accurately with its gun, immediately straddling the submarine. Ascianghi had to crash-dive and the vessel escaped.
  25 Jun 19400125
(0) Italian Grid 1422/3.
At 0125 hours, four large enemy warships were sighted, steering 180°, 22 knots. They passed out of range.
  25 Jun 19400125
(0) Near Italian Grid 1422/3.
At 0125 hours, dark shapes were sighted at a distance of 10,000 metres. Aradam closed to 8-9,000 metres and recognised four large warships believed to be cruisers. They passed out of range and the submarine made an enemy report.
  25 Jun 19400223
(0) Near Italian Grid 1422/3.
At 0223 hours, a destroyer was sighted. It was suspected to have located the submarine after she had sent an enemy report for the four warships sighted earlier. Aradam dived to 74 metres, then returned to 35 metres and used the Rovetto apparatus to remain motionless until the warship went away.
  25 Jun 19401748
(0) Near Italian Grid 1422/3.
At 1748 hours, a large tanker of the MÉKONG class was sighted at a distance of 8-9,000 metres. It was then observed to be escorted by a destroyer of the AUDACIEUX class. They passed out of range.
  26 Jun 19401625At 1625 hours, a merchant ship was sighted, but the attack was aborted when she was recognised as Greek.
  26 Jun 19401940At 1940 hours, four merchant ships, two of them Yugoslav, one Panamian and the fourth not displaying any flag but suspected to be French. The submarine proceeded to attack the latter. The attack was aborted as Ascianghi could not close the range.

Shortly after, a light cruiser of the PERTH or BERTIN class was sighted at a distance of 4-5,000 metres. Again, the target passed out of range.
  29 Jun 19401615At 1615 hours, a large submarine, probably Italian, was sighted at a distance of 7,000 metres moving away, steering 110° at 15-16 knots.
  30 Jun 19400605
(0) Near Cagliari.
At 0605 hours, the Italian torpedo-boat Vega was met and informed Ascianghi that the points of approach to Cagliari C and E were dangerous because of suspected mines.

2.Ascianghi (AS)9 Jul 19400045Cagliari12 Jul 19400920Cagliari316Patrolled near Sardinia in 37°30'N, 09°40'E, on a barrage line with Turchese.

Ascianghi (AS)28 Jul 19402015Cagliari29 Jul 19401315La Maddalena177Passage Cagliari-La Maddalena.

3.Ascianghi (AS)2 Aug 19402230La Maddalena19 Aug 19400815La Maddalena1913Patrolled off Alboran, between Cape Quilates and Cape de Gata on parallel 36°00'N, on a barrage line with Marcello. Sighted vessels only at long range.

Ascianghi (AS)5 Sep 19401345La Maddalena5 Sep 19401955La Maddalena48,5Trials.

Ascianghi (AS)28 Sep 19401400La Maddalena28 Sep 19401740La Maddalena14Trials.

Ascianghi (AS)30 Sep 19400930La Maddalena30 Sep 19401240La Maddalena8Trials.

Ascianghi (AS)1 Oct 19401930La Maddalena2 Oct 19401415Cagliari180Passage La Maddalena-Cagliari.

Ascianghi (AS)7 Oct 19402355Cagliari9 Oct 19400850Messina336Passage Cagliari-Messina.

4.Ascianghi (AS)13 Oct 19400040Messina25 Oct 19401330Augusta1952Patrolled between meridians 25°35'E and 26°40'E, and between 32°30'N and points 20 miles and 12 miles from the coast respectively for each meridian, on a barrage line with Toti, Anfitrite, Topazio and Speri.

Ascianghi (AS)5 Nov 19400700Augusta7 Nov 19401235La Spezia566Passage Augusta-La Spezia.

Ascianghi (AS)11 Dec 19400900La Spezia11 Dec 19401040La Spezia6Trials.

Ascianghi (AS)14 Dec 19400850La Spezia14 Dec 19401800La Spezia60Trials.

Ascianghi (AS)21 Dec 19400815La Spezia21 Dec 19401200La Spezia18Trials.

Ascianghi (AS)11 Jan 19411305La Spezia11 Jan 19411823La Spezia43Trials.

Ascianghi (AS)14 Jan 19410835La Spezia14 Jan 19411458La Spezia46,6Trials.

Ascianghi (AS)15 Jan 19411250La Spezia15 Jan 19411745La Spezia35Trials.

5.Ascianghi (AS)2 Feb 19411920La Spezia5 Feb 19411310La Spezia426Patrolled in Gulf of Genoa from 43°50'N, 08°30'E, in a line 180° - 20 miles and a line 240° - 20 miles, on a barrage line with Scirè. Uneventful.

6.Ascianghi (AS)16 Feb 19412200La Spezia18 Feb 19411805La Spezia200Patrolled in Gulf of Genoa, between 43°20'N and between 43°50'N, and between 08°50'E and 09°00'E. Uneventful.

Ascianghi (AS)28 Feb 19411115La Spezia28 Feb 19411635La Spezia46Tests.

7.Ascianghi (AS)10 Mar 19412230La Spezia12 Mar 19411333La Spezia232Patrolled in Gulf of Genoa, from 44°12'N, 09°00'E, on a line 5 miles SW, on a barrage line with Colonna. Uneventful.

Ascianghi (AS)14 Mar 19411555La Spezia16 Mar 19411415Messina488Passage La Spezia-Messina.

8.Ascianghi (AS)19 Mar 19411700Messina5 Apr 19411720Messina1225Patrolled between Alexandria and Cape Krio, on a patrol line 20 miles SW and NE from 32°40'N, 27°20'E.
  22 Mar 19410055At 0055 hours, a small vessel was sighted at a range of 3,000 metres steering 280° at fast speed.
  26 Mar 19410230At 0230 hours, a vessel believed to be a destroyer was sighted at a distance of 1,000 metres.proceeding at 25 knots. Ascianghi did not have time to carry out an attack.

At 1355 hours, explosions were heard very near (perhaps bombs as the hydrophones did not detect anything).

Ascianghi (AS)22 Apr 19410815Messina22 Apr 19411700Messina65Trials with the auxiliary Castiglia.

Ascianghi (AS)24 Apr 19410935Messina24 Apr 19411745Messina47Trials.

9.Ascianghi (AS)25 Apr 19412050Messina26 Apr 19411210Messina147,7Defensive patrol following a report of an enemy naval force from the east. Recalled very quickly.

Ascianghi (AS)28 Apr 19410825Messina28 Apr 19411450Messina44Exercises escorted by R.D.57.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)6 May 19410910Taranto6 May 19411645Taranto59Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)12 May 19410830Taranto12 May 19411425Taranto48Exercises.

10.Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)18 May 19412200Taranto28 May 19411300Taranto941,7Patrolled south of Zante, within 20 miles from 37°20'N, 20°40'E on a EW axis (or between 36°04'N, and 37°40'N and 20°00'E and 21°20'E?), following a report of 12 May of an enemy submarine operating in this area. The report appears to have been bogus.
  20 May 19412320An unknown vessel was sighted at a distance of 3-4,000 metres, making 15 knots. The submarine tried, in vain, to close the range but had to abandon the chase.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)18 Oct 19410924Taranto18 Oct 19411800Taranto28,5Exercises with the submarine Uarsciek, escorted by MAS 3D.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)23 Oct 19410900Taranto23 Oct 19411835Taranto88,5Exercises with MAS 8/D.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)4 Nov 19411300Taranto4 Nov 19411815Taranto46Trials, escorted by MAS 3/D.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)8 Nov 19410815Taranto8 Nov 19411545Taranto96Trials.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)10 Nov 19410840Taranto10 Nov 19411635Taranto74,5Trials.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)17 Nov 19410837Taranto17 Nov 19411645Taranto81Trials.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)24 Nov 1941084Taranto24 Nov 19411720Taranto88,5Trials.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)28 Nov 19411245Taranto28 Nov 19411815Taranto35Exercises.

11.Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)1 Dec 19411155Taranto4 Dec 19411700BardiaSupply mission to Bardia (surface passage) with 14 tons of foodstuff. Uneventful.

12.Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)4 Dec 19412010Bardia8 Dec 19411210Taranto1508Return trip from supply mission with fourteen British PoWs. Uneventful [mileage is for round trip].

13.Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)14 Dec 19411415Taranto16 Dec 19411440BenghaziSupply mission to Benghazi (45 tons of lubricating oil, 8.6 tons of provisions and 6.4 tons of various stores). Uneventful. Probably sighted by HMS P 34 at 0700 hours on 15th December.

14.Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)16 Dec 19411825Benghazi20 Dec 19411410Taranto1309Return trip from supply mission to Benghaz with fourteen PoWs [mileage is for round trip].
  20 Dec 1941012038° 38'N, 17° 44'EAn unknown submarine, similar to the Italian 600 ton type, was observed. Ciro Menotti made a signal reporting its presence.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)10 Jan 19420845Taranto10 Jan 19421810Taranto42,5Exercises.

15.Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)13 Jan 19421340Taranto18 Jan 19421350TripoliSupply mission to Tripoli (37 tons of assorted supplies). Uneventful.

16.Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)19 Jan 19421500Tripoli21 Jan 19421030Augusta1282Return trip from supply mission to Tripoli [mileage is for round trip].
  20 Jan 1942161535° 05'N, 17° 05'EThe submarine sighted a derelict mine but took no action.
  21 Jan 1942024336° 30'N, 16° 30'EAn unknown submarine, steering 120°, was observed. This was Malachite who had sailed from Augusta the previous evening for a patrol off Cyrenaica.
  21 Jan 19420737?
0737 (e)

(e) 36° 55'N, 15° 38'E
As she was returning to Augusta, Menotti was attacked by HMS Unique (Lt. A.F. Collett, DSC, RN). The British submarine fired four torpedoes from a range of 2,000 yards. They all missed. The attack was not observed from the Italian side.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)25 Jan 19420920Augusta25 Jan 19421150Augusta13Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)3 Feb 19420845Augusta3 Feb 19421305Augusta26Exercises.

17.Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)8 Feb 19421810Augusta26 Feb 19420815Augusta2550,5Patrolled north of Cyrenaica within 8 miles from 34°10'N, 21°20'E on a patrol line with Platino to attack Malta traffic. On the evening of 15th February, she was instructed to shift patrol 098° - 148 miles.
  16 Feb 1942063034° 00'N, 23° 44'EAn unknown submarine was sighted at a distance of 4,000 metres. This was possibly Platino who was operating in the vicinity. Ciro Menotti turned away.
  22 Feb 1942064533° 52'N, 24° 25'EA derelict mine was sunk by machine gun and musket fire.
  23 Feb 1942203033° 52'N, 24° 03'EA derelict mine was seen but no action was taken.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)5 Mar 19421500Augusta7 Mar 19421030Pola760Passage Augusta-Pola.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)10 Mar 19421350Pola10 Mar 19421950Pola37Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)12 Mar 19420845Pola12 Mar 19421445Pola31Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)14 Mar 19421240Pola14 Mar 19421900Pola30Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)17 Mar 19420813Pola17 Mar 19421420Pola32,5Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)1 Apr 19421250Pola1 Apr 19421913Pola45,5Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)3 Apr 19420815Pola3 Apr 19421353Pola26,5Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)17 Apr 19421245Pola17 Apr 19421850Pola32Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)18 Apr 19420820Pola18 Apr 19421439Pola35Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)23 Apr 19421250Pola23 Apr 19422010Pola48Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)25 Apr 19420810Pola25 Apr 19421307Pola31Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)27 Apr 19420825Pola27 Apr 19421453Pola34Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)28 Apr 19421335Pola29 Apr 19420005Pola102Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)5 May 19421315Pola5 May 19421938Pola31,5Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)6 May 19421420Pola7 May 19420155Pola112Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)7 May 19421412Pola7 May 19421924Pola36,5Exercises.

18.Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)14 May 19421600Pola15 May 19421620Pola209Hydrophone watch in northern Adriatic. Uneventful.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)18 May 19420625Pola18 May 19421130Fiume65Exercises with the submarine Serpente, escorted by the Insidioso.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)18 May 19421330Fiume19 May 19420220Fiume92,5Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)20 May 19421340Fiume21 May 19420221Fiume77Exercises with the submarine Manara, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)22 May 19421410Fiume22 May 19422145Fiume34Exercises with the submarine Manara, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)25 May 19421413Fiume26 May 19420115Fiume43,5Exercises, escorted by the auxiliary San Giorgio.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)27 May 19420900Fiume28 May 19420157Fiume76,5Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)29 May 19421338Fiume30 May 19420046Fiume68Exercises, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)1 Jun 19421420Fiume2 Jun 19420112Fiume69,2Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)3 Jun 19421408Fiume4 Jun 19420200Fiume97Exercises with the submarines Manara and Ascianghi, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)5 Jun 19421405Fiume6 Jun 19420323Fiume73,2Exercises with the submarine Manara, escorted by the torpedo boat Insidioso.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)8 Jun 19421445Fiume9 Jun 19420100Fiume70Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)11 Jun 19421005Fiume12 Jun 19420220Fiume92,5Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)13 Jun 19420830Fiume13 Jun 19422200Fiume80Exercises with the submarine Manara, escorted by the auxiliaries San Giorgio and Trau.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)16 Jun 19421430Fiume16 Jun 19422310Fiume49Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)18 Jun 19421215Fiume18 Jun 19421850Fiume39Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)22 Jun 19421413Fiume22 Jun 19422100Fiume50,5Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)23 Jun 19421425Fiume23 Jun 19422000Fiume39Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)24 Jun 19421415Fiume24 Jun 19421940Fiume33Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)26 Jun 19421430Fiume27 Jun 19420045Fiume83Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)29 Jun 19421430Fiume30 Jun 19420115Fiume85Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)1 Jul 19421555Fiume2 Jul 19420156Fiume65Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)3 Jul 19421525Fiume3 Jul 19422110Fiume28Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)6 Jul 19421415Fiume7 Jul 19420219Fiume74Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)8 Jul 19421425Fiume9 Jul 19420209Fiume66Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)10 Jul 19420953Fiume10 Jul 19421814Fiume30Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)14 Jul 19421417Fiume15 Jul 19420124Fiume78Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)15 Jul 19420910Fiume15 Jul 19421430Pola68Passage Fiume-Pola.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)16 Jul 19421325Pola16 Jul 19421903Pola20,5Exercises.

19.Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)17 Jul 19421800Pola18 Jul 19421030Pola115Hydrophone watch in northern Adriatic. Uneventful.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)20 Jul 19420813Pola20 Jul 19421410Pola20Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)21 Jul 19421310Pola21 Jul 19421900Pola19,5Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)23 Jul 19420804Pola23 Jul 19422315Pola52,5Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)29 Jul 19421407Pola29 Jul 19421915Pola20,5Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)30 Jul 19420838Pola30 Jul 19422315Pola48Exercises.

20.Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)4 Aug 19421930Pola5 Aug 19421000Pola112Hydrophone watch in northern Adriatic. Uneventful.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)6 Aug 19420830Pola6 Aug 19421208Pola25,5Exercises.

21.Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)8 Aug 19421935Pola9 Aug 19420810Pola84Hydrophone watch in northern Adriatic. Uneventful.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)10 Aug 19420930Pola10 Aug 19421710Pola44,5Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)12 Aug 19421435Pola12 Aug 19421840Pola28Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)13 Aug 19421420Pola13 Aug 19421945Pola24Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)14 Aug 19420815Pola14 Aug 19421130Pola25,5Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)17 Aug 19421405Pola17 Aug 19421935Pola24Exercises.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)18 Aug 19420830Pola18 Aug 19421050Pola21Exercises.

22.Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)18 Aug 19421812Pola19 Aug 19421746Pola87Hydrophone watch in northern Adriatic. Uneventful.

23.Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)20 Aug 19421415Pola21 Aug 19420845Venice95,5Hydrophone watch in northern Adriatic. Uneventful. Also reported as Special Mission.

24.Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)23 Aug 19420105Venice23 Aug 19420900Pola91Passage Venice-Pola also reported as Special Mission. Uneventful. Then long refit?

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)4 Nov 19420710Pola4 Nov 19421750Pola69,5Trials.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)4 Feb 19431625Taranto6 Feb 19430656Augusta355Passage Taranto-Augusta.

25.Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)8 Feb 19431600Augusta10 Feb 19431925LampedusaSupply mission to Lampedusa with 45.4 tons of petrol, 10 tons of provisions and 0.6 ton of assorted stores. Uneventful. Sighted only distant aircraft.

26.Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)11 Feb 19430510Lampedusa13 Feb 19430845Augusta586Return trip from supply mission to Lampedusa. Uneventful[mileage is for round trip].

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)17 Feb 19431600Augusta18 Feb 19431100TrapaniPassage Augusta-Trapani to pick up supplies for Lampedusa. Uneventful.

27.Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)24 Feb 19431100Trapani25 Feb 19431920LampedusaSupply mission to Lampedusa. A shock was felt at 1945 hours on the 24th, but the cause was not identified.

28.Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)26 Feb 19430440Lampedusa28 Feb 19430835Augusta680Return trip from supply mission to Lampedusa. Uneventful [mileage is from 17th February].

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)15 Mar 19430800Augusta15 Mar 19431225Augusta25,5Trials.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)23 Mar 19431000Augusta23 Mar 19431150Augusta6Trials.

Ciro Menotti (ME, N.66)7 Apr 19431430Augusta7 Apr 19431645Augusta7Transfer of command.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)14 Apr 19431655Fiume14 Apr 19432045Fiume17Trials.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)15 Apr 19431420Fiume15 Apr 19431700Fiume9Sonar trials.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)16 Apr 19431010Fiume16 Apr 19431430Fiume16,5Sonar trials.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)17 Apr 19430815Fiume17 Apr 19431200Fiume5Gyrocompass tests.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)18 Apr 19430000Fiume18 Apr 19430530Pola59Passage Fiume-Pola.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)23 Apr 19430900Pola23 Apr 19431305Pola16,5Sonar trials.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)27 Apr 19430830Pola27 Apr 19431030Pola16Gyrocompass tests.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)28 Apr 19430920Pola28 Apr 19431620Pola16Torpedo trials.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)29 Apr 19430850Pola29 Apr 19431110Pola3Torpedo trials.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)30 Apr 19430845Pola30 Apr 19431125Pola3Torpedo trials.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)1 May 19430830Pola1 May 19431010Pola3Gyrocompass tests.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)2 May 19430830Pola2 May 19431040Pola3Gyrocompass tests.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)3 May 19430830Pola3 May 19431040Pola3Gyrocompass tests.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)4 May 19430840Pola4 May 19431915Pola22Exercises.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)7 May 19430845Pola7 May 19431100Pola24Sonar exercises with the torpedo boat San Martino, the auxiliary Aurora and the tugs Parenzo and No.90.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)8 May 19430845Pola8 May 19431100Pola6Gyrocompass tests.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)9 May 19430840Pola9 May 19431100Pola6Gyrocompass tests.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)11 May 19430915Pola11 May 19431130Pola6Demagnetization.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)12 May 19430615Pola12 May 19431045Pola22Hydrophone tests.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)14 May 19430850Pola14 May 19431525Pola22Gyrocompass tests.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)16 May 19430030Pola16 May 19430615Fiume (Susak)60Passage Pola-Fiume.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)17 May 19430930Susak17 May 19431200Susak15Exercises.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)18 May 19431215Susak19 May 19430215Susak60Exercises.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)20 May 19431220Susak21 May 19430245Susak68Exercises.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)22 May 19431500Susak22 May 19432200Susak44Exercises.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)25 May 19431200Susak26 May 19430247Susak71Exercises.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)27 May 19431230Susak28 May 19430045Susak59Exercises.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)29 May 19431242Susak30 May 19430050Susak64Exercises.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)1 Jun 19431340Susak2 Jun 19430145Susak51Night torpedo attack exercises.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)3 Jun 19431115Susak3 Jun 19431700Susak27Torpedo attack exercises.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)6 Jun 19431100Susak7 Jun 19430103Susak42Night torpedo attack exercises.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)8 Jun 19431114Susak9 Jun 19430100Susak40Night torpedo attack exercises.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)11 Jun 19431310Susak12 Jun 19430055Fiume39Night simulated torpedo attack exercises.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)16 Jun 19431400Fiume16 Jun 19431935Fiume3Entered dock.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)18 Jun 19431550Fiume18 Jun 19431635Susak3Left dock.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)20 Jun 19430710Susak20 Jun 19431315Susak27Sonar exercises.

Serpente (ex-Nautilus) (SE)21 Jun 19430310Susak21 Jun 19430650Susak20Sonar exercises.

Antonio Bajamonti (ex-N.2, ex-Smeli) (BM)22 Jun 1943La SpeziaLa SpeziaAt La Spezia for refit until 8 August 1943.

Antonio Bajamonti (ex-N.2, ex-Smeli) (BM)4 Jul 1943La Spezia4 Jul 1943La SpeziaTrials System L.S.B. (?)

Antonio Bajamonti (ex-N.2, ex-Smeli) (BM)5 Jul 1943La Spezia5 Jul 1943La SpeziaTrials.

Antonio Bajamonti (ex-N.2, ex-Smeli) (BM)6 Jul 1943La Spezia6 Jul 1943La SpeziaTrials.

Antonio Bajamonti (ex-N.2, ex-Smeli) (BM)14 Jul 1943La Spezia14 Jul 1943La SpeziaTorpedo firing exercises.

Antonio Bajamonti (ex-N.2, ex-Smeli) (BM)19 Jul 1943La Spezia19 Jul 1943La SpeziaSonar exercises.

Antonio Bajamonti (ex-N.2, ex-Smeli) (BM)25 Jul 1943La Spezia25 Jul 1943La SpeziaTrials of periscopic radio antenna.

Antonio Bajamonti (ex-N.2, ex-Smeli) (BM)28 Jul 1943La Spezia28 Jul 1943La SpeziaA/S exercises.

Antonio Bajamonti (ex-N.2, ex-Smeli) (BM)30 Jul 1943La Spezia30 Jul 1943La Spezia139,8A/S exercises (mileage is for whole month of July).

29.Antonio Bajamonti (ex-N.2, ex-Smeli) (BM)16 Aug 19432045La Spezia17 Aug 19430645La SpeziaHydrophone watch.

Antonio Bajamonti (ex-N.2, ex-Smeli) (BM)6 Sep 19430805La Spezia6 Sep 19431600La SpeziaExercises.

Antonio Bajamonti (ex-N.2, ex-Smeli) (BM)9 Sep 1943La Spezia9 Sep 19430900ScuttledScuttled.

185 entries. 171 total patrol entries (29 marked as war patrols) and 20 events.

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